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by Jake


I can remember back in my primary school days when I was only 11 or 12yrs old, we saw WWF wrestling for the first time on TV. The likes of Hulk Hogan, Bret Hitman Hart, Kevin Nash, the Rock and Goldberg used to be very popular. In just a few years I became so obsessed with it that I would hire the videos and watch it over and over again AND try the moves with my friends at home. This is roughly 10 years back, and at that time they didn't use to warn us with the phrase "don't try it at home"
But then I couldn't understand why I used to love getting hit on my body specially my stomach. I would let punches, elbows and even knees rip through my young body which infact made me very "excited". I just loved to get my tummy worked over and over again. And if I was fighting Jonathan I would make special effort to punch his stomach as much as I could. At the age of 14, Jonathan had such a nice hard flat stomach. It wasn't like a 6pac abs thing but it was well defined and not soft like the others. He was good in most sports and the best swimmer in our class and I was so glad that he liked wrestling with me. We are both 24 now but I hardly get to see him anymore. We had the best of time back in University days. I have many fight experiences to recollect but my favourite to this day remains to be that one fight that Jonathan and I actually watched before fighting ourselves. It was a fight between Jonathan's brother Brody and my cousin Joshua.

Brody and Joshua

Josh was 16 and Brody 15 when we decided to let them join us for our routine fun fights. It was agreed that we would let them have a go at each other until one of them gives up then they could join us in a tag team match. I thought Josh would do just fine for his first fight but little did I know that Jonathan had been training Brody for the last few months. However Josh was quite fit being a enthusiastic surfer and swimmer. I thought he had a strong set of abs, with good biceps and lot of stamina. He had the surfers look going on for him with his blond hair and tan. Brody wasn't quite bad either. Most would say that he had a stronger looking stomach but I just thought Josh's abs were more defined. Brody was slightly shorter than Josh in height but Brody was hiding all his strength in his arms, legs and chest being a good football player in his school.
When I looked at Brody and knowing he was into football I got a little worried for Joshua, but then Josh showed some confidence telling me that he had the better reach and his abs were definitely stronger than his opponents. When Josh told me that he had a few fights in school and he could handle the likes of Brody I decided to let the boys have a go at each other. Both of them decided to take of their shirts and fight in their boxer shorts. They shook hands and went straight at each other to secure a hold ending up on the floor grappling with all their energy. I was impressed to see Josh get on top of Brody every now and then which was totally frustrating Brody by now. Joshua's upper body strength and height was getting too much for Brody to handle in the grappling match up. He was getting pissed off at Josh's quickness and decided to get off the floor to fight him with his fist. But Josh was having fun out wrestling Brody so he went for another hold locking his legs with Brody trying to tackle him down. Brody tried to counter it but ended up on the floor with Joshua's legs wrapped around his waist in a body scissor hold. In a minute Brody was moaning as and when Josh tightened the body scissor hold. But Brody wasn't going to let Josh destroy his stomach this easily so he started punching Josh's legs to make him break the hold and soon josh had to let him go but instead Josh pinned Brody on the floor by smacking his knees on Brody's chest. I though Josh had the fight well under control now but Brody turned on Joshua and lashed a right cross into his face causing him to stagger back mouth open wide. Following up Brody stung Joshua with a jab to the cheek, then a left and right jab to his chin.

Josh instinctively raised his guard to protect his face from more punishment, but couldn't stop Brody from smashing two further crosses into it, opening up a cut high on his left cheek, and splitting his lower lip. The blows left Joshua groggy and opened him up nicely. Brody stepped in to him and went to work close in, sending short punishing hooks into his opponents body. I watched as Brody moved in closer and clearly heard the thuds as his clenched fists smacked into Joshua's stomach. Try as he might to defend himself Joshua could not prevent Brody's fists from finding their targets. I was spellbound as I saw this younger guy hammer a series of punches into his taller opponents toned flesh. I was shouting for Josh to fight back but Brody gradually beat Joshua back until his back was flat against the wall. He hit Josh twice more in his exposed abs. It was like hitting a slab of meat against a wall. Moving his feet slightly Brody opened his shoulders and began to punch Joshua's body against the solid wall, fists thudding into the other boys stomach muscles.
"How do you like this mate?" Brody taunted him as another punch drove into Joshua's stomach.
"I'm not done yet dickface!" replied Josh bravely, managing to block a couple of punches with his arms.
Brody stepped back a little then charged forward instantly smashing a punch low into Joshua's abdomen just an inch or so above the top of his boxer shorts. The blow really hurt Joshua, and he could not prevent himself from crumpling forward onto his knees groaning with pain. Brody took him by his hair and dragged him back to the wall. Positioning him with his back flat against the wall, Brody began hammering his fists into the 16 year old's stomach. Joshua mewled in pain as he was beaten, but somehow managed to stay on his feet. It may have been better for him to have fallen to the mat and maybe benefited from a few moments respite, but he glumly stayed upright with his back braced against the wall. A hard right handed punch smashed into the left side of his ribcage, a left followed into his weakening abdomen.
I watched in shock as Brody's fists worked over my cousins torso, pummeling the boy's ribs, upper abdomen and lower belly. Whenever Josh tried to block his stomach from punches, Brody would go straight for his face but josh couldn't take any more hits to his face so he chose to keep his guard up. I shouted out to Josh asking if he wanted to quit and he just shook his head. Joshua's stunning body was being systematically softened up.
"Oh matey am I hurting you?" asked Brody as he delivered a gut wrenching right hook into Joshua's navel, with all his body weight behind it.
"Uuuuuuuummmpphhhh" Joshua cried out as his head went forward and he folded over down to his knees.
"Haha does someone have a soft spot there" Broady said pinning Josh flat on his back and pushing his fist into Joshua's belly button making the blonde kid try to push his tormentor away from him. But Brody wasn't going anywhere as he sat on Josh's hips and sent a right jab all the way into Josh's navel.
"Uuuuuuummmppphhhh" groaned Joshua, as his legs shot up from the effect of the punch and I could see that he wanted to curl over in pain but Brody wasn't letting him go anywhere.

He moved further up and sat firmly on Joshua's chest with his back to Joshua's face and his legs pinning down Josh's arms. Josh struggled to push his younger opponent off him without any success and as soon as he stopped struggling Brody let through a series of non stop jabs and elbows all over Joshua's hurting stomach. When he stopped punching he sank his elbow deep into Josh's mid section, just inches above his belly button making the surfer boy moan and groan.
By now Josh was struggling to push Brody off him as he couldn't take any more pain so Brody got up and before Josh could stand up Brody dropped his knees into Josh's lower belly making him curl over with immense pain. Josh tried to turn over but as he did Brody started smacking his elbows on Josh's lower back with so much force that Josh cried out and turned around to face this ferocious fighter once again. Brody jumped onto Josh's much softer tummy and sat on it with all his body weight making Josh moan and breath heavily. "You give up now" he asked Josh, but Josh only shook his head. So Brody lifted himself a few inches and then sat down with more force right into Josh's battered abs. Josh let out a weak cry as he closed his eyes and shook his head, indicating that he wasn't going to give up.
As Brody saw Josh close his eyes he sprang up with lightening speed standing right above Josh's fallen down body and he jumped in mid air and dropped with his right knee aimed for Josh's navel. Josh never saw it coming and when Brody's knee sank into Joshua's belly button he let out such a painful cry that both me and Jonathan ran towards Brody to stop him but Josh was already pleading to his opponent. As Brody's knee sank deeper into the 16 year old boys battered tummy, Josh cried out "I give, I give" and Brody smiled as he realized that he had just beat a older boy who was claiming to have the better body.


Writer's Note:
I hope to share some more of my experience with Jonathan, Brody and Josh, in here but you are more than welcome to contact me on yahoo messenger to share any likewise incidents as well. My yahoo id is