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Derek Comes Home by RH

Hey, it's me, Jeremy. It's the start of Summer. I just turned 18. I just graduated High School. I'm pretty excited because my brother Derek is coming home from college today. I've missed him. We get along great sometimes. But we also have a few fights like any brothers do. It's cool because even though I'm a year younger then he is, we've always been about the same size. I haven't seen him since he left for school. He couldn't even make it home for Christmas. But now, after 9 months, he's going to be home and he's bringing his roommate, Mikey, with him.
The phone rang around 2pm. It was Derek. He and Mikey were pulling into town. It had been a long drive and they thought that since it was such a nice day that they'd stop at the beach before coming home.

"Why don't you join us?", Derek asked.

"Sure", I said. An afternoon at the beach sounded perfect.

I hurried down to the beach. Despite being a hot day, it was still early in the season and there weren't a lot of people around. When I got there, I saw Derek and Mikey. Mikey was in dark blue shorts and was a little taller and heavier than I was. I wouldn't say he was fat or anything, but he had some good size to him. Then, I got a good look at my brother Derek. Holy shit. He used to be the same size. We were always both pretty ripped but rather skinny. Derek had changed. He must have put 20 pounds of pure muscle on his frame. He was big, thick, ripped and a total hard body. With his glasses on he kind of looked like a body-building Harry Potter. Even though he was my brother, I couldn't help but think that he was still a hot looking guy. The question was, how did he do it? How did he put on so much muscle mass over the past school year? The only answer I could come up with was he must be using steroids.

Derek came over in his light tan shorts. Mine were a little darker gray. He introduced me to his roomie Mikey before Mikey went off to look around. That left me and Derek staring at each other.
"You've changed.", I said.
Derek let out a little nervous laugh. "Yeah, I've been working out really hard all year. It's paid off", he said.
"Paid off", I responded? "There's no way that just working out made you that big".
"What are you saying, Jeremy? Are you accusing me of something? You'd better be careful what you say to me".
I was glaring deep into his eyes. I could see the rage building in him. It confirmed what I already knew. Derek wasn't the same guy he was 9 months ago. Now he was a guy filled with the rage you get from taking steroids. And he had the steroid body to match. That was not good news for me. Before, we'd have some even fights. But now, there was no doubt that he would have the advantage. Even though I knew it wasn't the smart thing to do, I had to say exactly what was on my mind.
"I'm don't have to accuse you of anything. It's easy to see that you have turned into a steroid using freak".
As I uttered those words I knew that I had to make the first move and throw the first punch if I was going to have any chance against Derek. I threw a right that connected to the side of his head

and quickly followed it up with a left to his stomach.

As the left slammed into his gut, I realized that I was going to be in real trouble. I hit him pretty hard. He didn't flinch at all. His body was solid. Way more solid than it had ever been before. I could see in his eyes that he was really pissed off now. I knew I was going to take a beating at the hands of my brother.

One second later, Derek launched a right fist to my jaw.

My head snapped back and I fell right to the ground. I was seeing stars already.
Derek waited for me to get up. As soon as I got back to my feet, he slammed a right directly into my stomach.

Man, I could feel that one. He was hitting harder than he ever hit before. He followed it up with a left hand that sunk deep into my gut.

I was in serious trouble. He was way stronger and faster than I was.

Derek gave me a second to catch my breath. He was enjoying this. Then, just as I was feeling a little better, he wound up and nailed me with a big left hook that sent me down to the ground again.

I could hear him laughing as I was sprawled out on the ground. I got up again just to have him nail me in the stomach one more time with a thunderous right.

I dropped back down on my knees. I had no intention of getting up this time. With Derek so juiced up on the steroids or whatever he was taking, it was pointless for me to continue trying to fight him. But Derek had other ideas.

"Mikey......Come here", I heard Derek yell. Mikey came jogging back over by us. He could see what had been going on.

Mikey asked, "Beating up your little brother?"

"Yeah", replied Derek. "But it seems he needs a little help getting back him. Why don't you help him stay up so I can finish this"

With that request, Mikey grabbed me under my arms from behind and pulled me up to my feet.

The rest, is a blur. I remember Derek starting to unload several rights to my head and body.

I don't remember how many. All I knew was I had no choice but to try to survive every vicious blow that Derek gave me.

Finally, I heard Mikey say "I think he's had enough". Derek smiled as he delivered one last left fist into my tenderized gut.

As Mikey let me go, I sank to the ground. Thoroughly beaten and defeated by my older brother.