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Jason's Beatdown...second time! by R.H.


A couple of days had passed since Austin and I beat up on Jason. Word quickly spread amongst our classmates about what we did to Jason. I made sure to tell everyone that I had come up with the plan and Austin was merely my helper. Some of the kids were happy and now thought that Austin and I were the Kings. But others still sided with Jason since they heard it wasn't a fair fight. Even Jason was still acting pretty cocky despite being sore all over his body from the pounding we gave him. I knew that we were going to have to do it again to make sure no one could ever think that Jason was the toughest, coolest kid at school. But Austin had a slightly different idea. Austin wanted to be the top dog. He didn't want to be known as my sidekick. So he decided that he was going to face Jason one on one. He figured with Jason still hurting from the other day that he could beat the stud by himself. So Austin challenged Jason to meet him back out in the same spot in the woods. Jason accepted the challenge. So that afternoon, the two of them went out into the woods. Austin planned on beating up Jason by himself so he would become the new leader of the school. Jason planned on getting some revenge. I didn't like either idea. So I secretly followed both out into the woods.
Austin and Jason stared intensely at each other.

Austin was slightly taller, but not as well defined as Jason. Jason had a great body. Firm, tight, well-proportioned. Even though Austin was a pretty tough guy, there was little doubt that if Jason was 100 percent that he would win. I watched quietly from a safe distance away.
Austin threw the first punch. It was a hard right hand right in the middle of Jason's gut. It was such a strong punch that it lifted Jason off his feet a little.

Wow, he really hit him hard, I thought. Quickly, Austin pulled back and fired off another right that landed in the middle of his chest.

Finally, a third massive gut punch dropped Jason to his knees.

You could hear the slapping sound of Austin's fist connecting to Jason's gut. I've never seen Jason go down so quickly.
Austin was smiling that confident smile now. He thought Jason was going to go down to defeat easily. But no matter how much Jason was still hurting from the other day, he was not one that would quit without a fight. As he started to stand up, he lunged a hard right hand into an unsuspecting Austin. Jason's fist penetrated deep into Austin's gut.

He followed it up with a left that landed just as hard into Austin's belly. From where I was watching, I could hear Austin gasp from both punches. It looked like the tide was turning in Jason's favor.

Now it was Jason who was smiling. His cocky self-centered smile always annoyed me. God, I hated Jason. But I was also pissed at Austin for trying to steal my glory by fighting Jason on his own. I was starting to think they should both lose.
Austin started to catch his breath. Jason was getting all cocky and over confident. Jason looked at Austin and said, "Go ahead. Take a free shot".
Jason tightened up his abs. Austin fired off a punch.


It had virtually no effect. Wow. Even though he has to be sore, Jason could still take Austin's best shot when he was ready for it. Not to be outdone, Austin let Jason take a free shot.


To my amazement, Austin was able to absorb Jason's punch too!

They did it again. First Austin drilled Jason, then Jason drilled Austin. They exchanged several blows to each others gut. I was amazed they could stand there and take each other's punishment. But neither one wanted to give in. Neither wanted to be the first to flinch. But after several exchanges, you could see that one of them was starting to weaken. Austin fired another hard shot into Jason's awaiting tight abdomen. It still had little or no effect.

But the look on Austin's face was telling the story that he was getting discouraged that he couldn't break Jason's abs and that his own stomach was starting to crumble. It was Jason's turn now. He wound up and delivered a thunderous blow to Austin's belly. You could see Austin grimace as he doubled over just a little. But it was a sign that Jason was about to take over and win this stand-off. Jason got that cocky smirk on his face again. Austin took another swing, but it was like his fist was hitting a wall. Jason was still standing strong. It was Jason's turn again and this time you could see that Jason's punch hurt Austin badly. Austin doubled over a little more.

I thought that Austin might quit. But even from where I was hiding, I could hear him say to Jason that he wasn't going to quit. It was Austin's turn now. But instead of going to the gut, Austin launched a left hand right across Jason's face.

He followed it up with another punch to the lower abs. It wasn't really a low blow, but it was below where Jason's abs would have offered any protection. Austin was back in control.

This time, he took full advantage. He pushed Jason back against a tree and put one hand up around his throat.

Holding him in place, Austin unleashed a flurry of punches. A series of lefts....first to Jason's weakening stomach,

then more lefts across Jason's face.

Holy crap, Austin really is going to be able to win this fight.
It looked like Jason was in deep trouble. Austin let go of his throat. He wound up and started pounding on the bricks that Jason had for abs. This time, the punches were doing some damage. The blows to the head had dazed Jason enough that he couldn't focus his energy on tightening his abs like before. Austin was getting excited. I could see from where I was that he was getting an erection. The thrill of the moment, the adrenaline rush, and just being able to pound on a beautiful body like Jason's was too much for Austin and his raging hormones. He had a full on boner as he continued his assault on Jason. He alternated his punches.....right, left, right, left, right, left. Slowly, Jason started slumping down against the tree.

His once proud and strong ab wall was being demolished. This fight was going to be over soon. But there was no way I was going to let that happen. There was no way I was going to let Austin get credit for being the one to kick Jason's ass one on one. There was no way I was going to let Austin become the new hero and leader of the school. As much as I hated Jason and loved seeing him get beat up, there was still no way I was going to let Austin get the credit.
I walked out of my hiding place. Austin saw me right away. He got a big grin on his face. He thought I'd be happy with what he had just done to Jason. In a way, I was. But at the same time, I figured Austin needed to be taught a lesson. He needed to know that I was the one calling the shots. I smiled as I approached, but I was thinking evil thoughts. Jason was still slumped against the tree. Austin pointed at him and said, "Look what I've done to him! I'm beating the crap out of him".
Jason was starting to get up. Austin chuckled and said, "I better finish him off". He turned towards Jason, turning his back to me. That's when I grabbed Austin's arms. I pulled them tightly behind his back. I whispered in his ear... "You shouldn't have tried to steal my glory. Jason's mine. Maybe you need to be taught a lesson too".
I held Austin's arms behind his back. He was a little tired from trying to break Jason's abs, so it was easier than I thought it would be to hold on. Meanwhile, Jason had gotten up. You could tell he was in pain. He was also surprised to see me holding Austin. In his condition, he knew he better not question the situation. He knew he needed to take advantage of Austin being defenseless. So the first thing he did was fire off a wicked right hook to the side of Austin's head.. Austin's head snapped to the side from the impact of the blow. Jason followed it with a nasty left uppercut into Austin's vulnerable gut. What followed was an impressive display of speed as Jason started rapid- firing off lefts and rights to Austin's body. That's when I saw that cocky gleam in Jason's eye as he snapped off an elbow shot to Austin's temple.

Austin was groggy. I let go of him and he fell to the ground. Jason looked me square in the eye at that point. This was it. The moment had arrived. It was Jason and I ready to do battle.
In the back of my mind, I knew he was stronger than I was. But I also knew after the beating we gave him the other day and the pounding Austin was able to give him, he had to be hurting and in pain..... Regardless of how cocky and confident he was acting right now. In a way, the cockier he acted, the sweeter this victory was going to be. I knew I couldn't wait. I had to make the first move. That move was a wicked left hook into Jason's stomach .

Oh yeah. That was sweet. My fist bashed against his stomach and it wasn't anywhere near as hard and solid as it was a couple of days ago when we started fighting. My confidence soared. Next I swung hard and connected with a right hand across the pretty bois face.

Fuck man, I rocked him good. I can do this. I can beat him! He may be the guy that can get any girl or guy he wants with his pretty face and his hot body. But right here and right now, I own him. His hot toned body is going to pay a severe price. I started swing hard and pounding fist after fist into is softening ab wall. Each punch breaking his ab wall a little more. A left followed by a right. Then another left and another right .


And another left that sunk in deep and hard. This was a great feeling. The feeling of superiority over someone that no one thought I could ever beat. I was just a couple of punches away from achieving total domination over this guy. I balled up my right hand into the tightest fist I could. This was when I had to summon all my strength and crack this superstar athlete so hard that he would feel it for a week.


3 hard right hands to his head. There was some swelling. He'd have a black eye tomorrow for sure. I was loving this. So I did the same thing to his body.


Yeah. That hurt him bad. Really bad. I knew I was the man and I was the one calling the shots from now on. But I was not done with Jason. I still wanted to make him pay and I still wanted to make him suffer.

It was then that I saw Austin getting up. I actually felt bad having to teach him a lesson like I did. But it had to be done. Now, he knew that I had the power over him too. He knew I could turn the tables on him anytime I wanted. So he better follow me and do as I say. But...yeah...I still felt bad. So I thought I'd give him a chance to put more of a hurting on Jason, the conquered hero.

I put Jason in a full-nelson. Clamped it on hard. Jason's body was stretched and vulnerable for an attack. Austin was ready to give him one even though he was still a bit dazed.

Austin started with a blow across Jason's face. He wanted to mess up the pretty boy. He continued with an assault to Jason's body.


Austin used what strength he had left to throw a series of punches to Jason's weak gut.

Austin didn't have a lot of power left behind those punches, but they still had some effect since Jason was as weak and hurt as he was. I told Austin to quit being such a pussy.

"Hit him harder", I demanded!

So Austin tried driving a knee into Jason's body.

OK, it was a nice effort. But it just didn't have the devastating effect I wanted to see. Austin Just didn't have the power or strength left to give Jason the beating I wanted him to get.

I told Austin it was time to switch places. Hopefully, Austin wasn't so weak that he couldn't handle the simple task of holding Jason! Austin grasped Jason's arms.

"This is how it's done", I told Austin.

I drove a knee right in the middle of Jason's chest.

Damn, I have to admit, his chest is solid and well defined. Then, it was another knee. This one straight to his battered abdomen.

Jason doubled over instantly. Austin had a hard time holding onto him. I stood back and laughed. There he was. The school jock. All bent over and hurting. His perfect body in such pain he could barely stand. I knew I had won. Yet, I didn't want this to end. I was so pumped up I wanted to give Jason an epic beating that he would never forget and maybe never recover from.
That's when Austin actually had an idea that was useful!. He suggested that we drag Jason back to the tree and work him over. Brilliant! We each grabbed an arm and started to pull Jason back to the tree. He tried to resist. But he was severely drained by this point. He couldn't put up much of a fight. But each time he did, Austin and I would drill him to remind him who was in charge. We hit him in the face and in the body.

Fuck, Jason was seriously injured by now and neither of us cared. All that mattered was continuing the ass whooping we were laying on him.
We got to the tree. I grabbed Jason's arms again and stretched them back behind the tree. Damn, Jason's body was still hot as hell no matter how much we beat on it. Seeing Jason's body held tight and stretched out gave Austin a surge of energy. Austin wound up and repeatedly drove his left fist into Jason's bruised ab wall.

Damn, it was hot to hear Austin's fist smack against the soft, warm skin that was once a solid piece of flesh that was once Jason's hard gut.

By this point, I wanted to administer more of the beat down too. But Austin didn't want to stop either. So we just leaned Jason up with his back against the tree. He had no fight left in him. It was like he had given up. He stood there. Beaten and defeated. Dazed and hurt. Unable to do a thing. It truly was the one thing both Austin and I had been waiting for. That moment when we knew Jason was a beaten bitch boi and we were the ones that accomplished it. But we still wanted more! So we took turns punching Jason. Stomach, face, it didn't matter anymore. We were enjoying the moment.

. That's when Austin whipped a knee into Jason's gut that I thought was going to break him in half!


Holy crap. Jason starting wheezing and coughing. I thought he was going to pass out. It was awesome. Jason's stomach was totally destroyed. Austin and I looked at each other. We smiled at each other. We knew the final blows had to be together. So at the same time, we unleashed our hardest punches straight into the crumbled ab wall of the beaten super jock. Both our fists sunk deep inside his body. It mat have been the hottest, best moment in our lives. We checked each other out. We were both rock hard from the adrenaline rush and the thrill of beating up Jason so bad. We knew we had to do it again! One more time, we wound up as hard as we could and delivered the hardest blows we could into that defenseless gut of the loser that Jason had become.

Jason sunk to the ground. If it wasn't for a weak sounding cough I wouldn't have been sure he was still breathing. Our victory was thorough.
(If this part is too suggestive, go ahead and edit it out) I looked down at the defeated jock. I have to admit I loved seeing his hot body all bruised and beaten. Austin was close to getting off on it too. I told Austin we needed to make Jason a total bitch. We had to humiliate him so bad that he'd never fight back ever! So I picked up Jason's beaten body up and threw him up over my shoulders. I carried him back to Austin's house.

I tossed him down on Austin's bed. You can imagine what happened next. But we left no doubt that we were the winners and Jason was the loser.