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Michael's domination over Adrian

by D.M.

Michael and Adrian


Adrian was just walking up toward the gym for his daily workout. Walking into the gym Adrain shows his gym pass to the manager at the front desk. The manager nods his head and Adrian continues down the hall to the weight lifting room. As Adrian enters the room he notices another man in the room. Adrian always goes to the gym late at night and is usually the only one in the weight lifting room. The man was shirtless and was bench pressing in the far back corner of the room. He had a well defined 6 pack, and had the looks to back them up. Adrian wasn't so different himself. He had a well defined 6 pack of his own. Both Adrian and the man in the room were both latin. Adrian had a buzz cut head. The man bench pressing also had a buzz cut head. Both were very attractive young men.

Adrian couldn't help himself and walked over to the guy. "Hey, what's your name man?" "Michael, and yours?" "Adrian." Adrian had asked Michael how often he comes to the gym. Michael simply states that he only came this late at night because it's much more quite and not so noisy like it is during the day. Adrian begins to look up and down at Michaels abs. Michael looks at Adrian and begins to understand why Adrain is so curious with his eys. "Are you into any fetishes? Maybe gutpunching", Michael says. Adrian says I sure am. Michael says it's nice to finally find someone that looks worthy of taking a beating. Michael asks if Adrian is a puncher or punchee. Adrian states that he is a punchee. Michael smiles happily and asks Adrian if he would like to come with him to his place and let work over his abs. Adrian agrees and they both leave the gym.

Michael and Adrian both arrive and head inside. Michael guides Adrian to the matt room. Adrian takes off his shirt revealing his amazing body to Michael. <ichael looks down at his own pants to see a boner beginning to grow. Michael asks Adrian how far he is willing to go with the pain. Adrian says punch as hard, deep, and as long as you can. Don't take anything to heart. Pretend I killed your closest friend or something.
Michael pushed Adrian into the wall and with a hard thrust threw his first punch into Adrians mid section. Adrian didn't resist at all, nore did he flex his abs to reduce the pain. Michael's fist sank deep into the bowls of Adrian's inner being. Adrian growned from the first initial blow to the stomach. Michael pulled his fist out from within Adrian's gut and began to rub his abs getting a good feel of the surface. With another hard thrust Michael threw another hard punch into Adran's navel. He pushed, twisted, grinded his fist as deep as he could possibly go. Harder and harder. Michael couldn't get far enough to reach his spine. Adrian's abs were still tough and needed to be worked over alot more.
Michael grabbed Adrian and knocked him on his back. Michael pinned both Adrian's arms down with both his knees and began wailing on his abs. One punch after another each sinking further into his abs. Michael moved one of his knees from Adrian's arm to his navel. Michael set his knee on top of his navel and began standing on his one knee. Michael weighed atleast 230 pounds. Adrian began to cry in pain as he felt Michael's knee crushing his spine. michael had finally reached Adrian's spine. Now the real pain comes. Looking down on Adrian's weakened stomach, he began pushing his fist down into Adrian's mid section as hard as he could pushing all his weight into that one spot. Michael could feel Adrian's spine and thus began to push down on it.
Adrian looked down toward his abs. He couldn't see Michael's fist up to his rist. It was deep in his gut. Adrian began pulsing for air. But Michael wasn't about to let him breath just yet. He began to do a fist stand on top of Adrians gut. Finally Adrian begins to grab and scratch at Michael arm signaling him that he needed air. Michael took his fist out of Adrian's already beaten gut. Adrian took 3 deep breaths before Michael raised his fist and dropped it like an anvil on Adrian's navel crushing his spine again. Michael punched over and over again left and right. Each punch left it's mark reaching Adrian's spine. Michael got up and jumped up in the air folding his legs and landing one knee like a bomb straight into Adrian's mid section. Michael put his hands on both Adrian's man handles and bgan pulling up on Adrian's body all the while pushing his knee deeper and deeper into Adrian's abs.
Michael got back up and lift Adrian off the grou and placed him up against the brick wall. With and upper thrust he landed a full fledged blow right into Adrian's midsection. This time he didn't go for the spine. he pushed his fist uo into Adrian's guts and bbegan to move his fist around in his gut. Adrian began to scream in pain grabbing at Michael's fist trying to get him to take his fist out. The pain was overwhelming. Michael took his fist out allowing Adrian to catch his breath again. Michael stated you made my night tonight and for that I thankyou. Now as a reward, I would like for you to show my gut how much you hate it.