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Glenn and the nameless Gut Punchers

After is second gut punching on the beach, Glenn have liked the idea with the night punching, but he have promise to his parents that he is at home at evenig time, so that when they phone to him that they know all is okay and so he could only say that he would have a next gut punching time and give his new friends his phone number and was walking home.

One week later

Glenn have finish his workout, as he hear the telephon ring and he hope that his new friends call him for new action but it was one of his other friends Tom, same age like him not muscular and he have to much weight on his body, and he eat all what he found, and he likes muscles and different way to test them, and he still have Glenn ask for long time if he would like allow to meet him at his home and talk about muscles and so Glenn says to Tom that he is welcome and so one hour later Tom was there.

The first thing was Tom ask was, if he could have something to eat and drink and Glenn laugh and bring him was he wish.

"Yeah, thanks man, this summer will be the last i eat all what is there to eat, because i have no girlfriend and most of them think i´m to fat and i would like to have a body like yours. Do you have a girl friend, Glenn ?"

"No, the girls still like my body and touch them, but i still search for the right girl"
"You search for the big love, he he did you ever get hard from touching ?"

"Only one girl have make me real hard" Glenn answer with a grin on his face.
"Oh man lets hear the storie, come on, let me know what was happend"

"Well i was swimming in a swimming pool and have meat there a girl and she still ask me if she could touch my muscles and so i felx them, she was touching my arms, chest and abs and than she ask me if she could see if i´m a real boy and i have no idea what she mean and so i flex my muscles again for her under the water and with a smile on her face she put his hand on my speedos and slip her hand inside ! Hell that was a feeling, my dick gets hard as a rock, and than without a word, only with a grin on hear face she leave me and i meat her never again"

"Oh fuck what a storie" Tom answer. And so they talk about the diffrent girls for the next 20 min, than Glenn tells Tom about his new mucles test the gut punching, and Tom have like the two stories very much.

"Well and thats why i´m here, Glenn. Last month you have let me take some pictures from you muscles, you know ?"

"Yeah still know, think it would be time to make some new, what you think ?"

"That would be great thanks, but listen what i have to say. Last week i have meet a guy and his two older friends, they are not from here, and they did not tell me from where they are. They have ask me, if in our village are some strong guys to work over and so i show them one day later the pictures from you, do you angry ?"

"No, since the gut punching on the beach i would try to find out how much my muslce can take from defferent guys, lets hear what have they say about my pictures ?"

"The say, that it would be nice to beat that boy ! I have ask them if you say yes if i could be there and maybe record them on tape, and they say that would be okay but there is something ....."

" A tape from me with gut punching ? That would be great Tom, we could make snapshots from the video on my pc, still like the idea, but what is there something ?"

"Two of them are 17 and one 18 and i think they have a little more muscles like you ...."

"I see no problem, was that all ? "

"no, they would work over your body, when you - and tom get red on his face and start to sweat - only in ck pants, no others clothes, also no socks too, than they allow me to record the tape"

With a grin on his face, Glenn remove his socks, his jeans and T-Shirt and stand in front of Tom only in his ckpants and make a double bicep pose and says " I have no fear to do this !"

Tom was speechless, as he see Glenn in one of his best pose and he say

"your looking hot, it would be great to see the guys working over you"

And so Tom have make the deal with the guys on the same day perfect and tells Glenn that the action start on Friday night, and so Glenn tells his parents that he would be at Tom house on Friday and call them back on Saturday.

"Well than you have max 4 days to train as hard as you could" Tom means.
"Where will the action start ? At your house ? "

"No, one of the guys still drive a car, they would bring us, to a secret place, they not have tell me, this part feels a little strange, but i think the guys are okay and we can trust them "

"We will see" Glenn answers.

Friday night at Toms house :
The two boys still waiting for the 3 guys …than a car comes along the street and stopped, a window goes down a bit and a voice ask " Are you Tom and your friend ?"
"Yes, are you the …. ?"

"We are nameless for you, and we want not talk much words, we would have only the action and the body from your friend as ours, to work over him and make him finish, so come on, don´t talk much things and let us drive and begin"

And so Tom and Glenn get in the car with a strange feeling. They drive ca. 30 min outside from the village and drive to a old farm building, they drive to the back side from the building, and hold in front of the barn.

The five guys walk inside the barn. Tom notice that Glenn looks between the nameless smaller and perhaps a little weaker ….

They stand in the center of the building as one guy start to tell Glenn about the rules and what he have to do.

"My two friends and I are the three nameless gut punchers, and in our free time we working over Muscleboys like you, and what we want to see is your beaten body and we will all do, to make your strong body weak. The pictures from you are impressive, but I think its time to show us your body in real"

And so Glenn first remove his shoes, than his socks and his jeans and at last his Sweatshirt. Tom still do record at this time. One of the nameless gut punchers take the clothes away and then it was time for the guys to check Glenns body out, and so Glenn have to do a double bicep pose.

Now Tom was zoom the cam to Glenns right flex bicep at the moment as strong hand comes over that bicep ball and start to squeeze them, and Tom could it not belive, but the bicpe ball give way, piece by piece and make a good visible dent into it and same at the left bicep and the same time, from one point Tom could it not belive, because he know how hard Glenns biceps are, but to see this tow hard bicpes beaten by this guys looks real hot.

Than they touched Glenns chest and abs, and one guy grab the waistband from Glenns pants and dent it outside and take a short look inside to the boys manhood and than put the pants waistband a little down so that the complete abs are visible.

The Punching - Part 1 :

Now Glenn was holding from two of the guys and the third start with the punching with a hard punch to the solar plexus but with no effect to Glenn, than he punch him into the center and below the navel but nothing he do, did hurt the Teenageboys gut, after 10 minutes of punching, glenns abs are still red and the boy was start to sweat, than the first puncher take Glenn into a full nelson, and the boy know that the first puncher have only prepare the abs for the real hard punching.

The Punching - Part 2 :

The next 20 minutes one of the puncher work on Glenns solar pelxus, thump thump, whomp, thud and all again, again and again ….

The other one work under the navel, humph, thud, whom, thump and again, again and again, both harder and harder, faster and faster and Glenn was sweating more and more …

The third guy behind Glenn notice that the boys make not loud grunts and he know the the others have reach the a point where they slowly start to hurt that boys abs amor and so he give the comand to use elbows to hurt the abs, and so for the next 10 min one guy work over Glenns abs from the solar plexus till under the navel and he works most on the last two rows of the sixpack and the grunts are still going a bit louder.

Tom still record and record, while the other is working with his elbow over the abs, the other use the time to ask Tom if he enjoy it.

"Yeah, great. He is real tough !"
"Yeah but not for long, his abs are still going to be soft and weak, and I think its time to punch his abs a bit deeper"

The Punching Part 3

And so the gut puncher walk back to the other puncher and let them make a short break, and than he start to give him 8 hard groin punches and Glenn was never punched on this area and its hurts him because hes grunts are louder than before, than he works again over the solar pelxus, the navel and last to rows of abs, thud, thud, thump, whomp and again and again and again, and Glenn was coverd with sweat, the skin of his stomach are deep red, and the puncher give him more punches two right three left and again and again for 12 minutes, and Glenn still feel, that his abs slowly going to be soft, and he like that feeling because all the time it makes him excite and now he gets hard with every punch more and more …

The nameless gut puncher could see what is going on with the Teenageboy, and than he push his right knee into Glenns balls …..

"Argh, my balls" Glenn yelled …..

And before he know what happened a punch to his unflex abs press the air from his loungs, Oufff, ouch and thud whomp, thud and Glenn was unable to flex his abs, and with the zoom from his cam, Tom could see how the punches are going trough the muscles and drive with every punch deeper into Glenns abs and now the big strong Teenagemuscles are soft and week and the boy was real helplees, he want to double over, but the other one hold him still in positon and they like the sound of moan and groan from that Teenage Muscle boy.

"Please" Glenn moans, "my abs, I can not take any more, you have beat me I give " and Glenn hope that at this point that the gut punching is finsih, but the guys do not stop and the guy from behind wisper into Glenns ear that he still have to take some more punches from him, and that the final round comes next and than Glenn let out a loud ARGH, because one of the punchers have give to punches direct into Glenns balls, and than the third guy let him free and the boy falls to the floor and hold his balls and abs.

But the two other guys till held him up and hold his arms and strech the boys muslcuar body and even more than that one guy have do. But it looks that Glenn maybe could not long stand longer because the hard punches have make him weaker than never before and than he have to take over 10 minutes punches to his soft solar plexus, to his soft last to rows of abs and some elbows too and all the time he moan louder and louder, the punches from this guy are not real hard, because he was a not strong puncher but into a soft gut, every punch hurts.

The fight end, as Glenns could not stand longer, and the namless gut punchers know that they have punch that Teeanger to his real limit and it have takes 1 hour.

They than start to massage Glenns abs a bit and help him to take his clothes on and than they have to wait till Glenn could get up and walking around, Glenn needs 15 minutes for that.

Than they drive to a small local and still eat and drink there.

"Your still a nice looking guy, and your abs are so hot for punching, think you have do a god ab-work-out" on of the guys say.

"Thanks and you are still real hard punchers, I never have must take so much hard punches "

Than they talk about lot of things and after one hour they drive the two boys to Toms hous, and after some friendly words they drive away.

One Week later, Glenn still was able to do his workouts and his abs still waiting for the next fists that would make him doubel over and perhaps someone is out there and start to write about it, it would be nice to read a Glenn storie that is not write from my hand now look at this abs, they still wait for working over, let your phantasie come true and write what you want to do with that abs, come on !!!