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Pedro's abs, a slave to Carl's fists

by Derek Morris

Carl and Pedro


Carl is walking down the street days after meeting another guy online who had been looking for a gutpunching partner. Luckily the guy online named Pedro lived in the city of Miami. is a fit 26 year old latino with the face of a male super model. Buzzed hair and a nice goatee. Nice light skin and an excellent six pack and stands 6 feet up. Pedro is another 24 year old hot latino standing 5'7', with light skin buzzed hair and bear face with of course an excellent set of abs. As Carl walks along the down the sidewalk he comes across the house address 5623 Bronx Street. The address of Pedro's house. Carl knocks on the door and is respectully greeted by Pedro. Pedro has Carl sit down on the couch in the living room while Pedro went to put on something more suiting for what was about to become a painful experience for him.
Pedro comes out in a pair of addidas shorts and no shirt. Carl was amazed at how stunning Pedro was. Pedro and carl went into the upstairs den where Pedro had a large blue mat lying down on the floor. Carl then takes his shirt off showing off his 6 pack to Pedro. Pedro then agrees that he is to be the punchee for the day and that Carl could do whatever he wished to Pedro's abs. Pedro explained to Carl to not take anything to heart, if Pedro says stop, please stop. Anything for that matter to ignore it and keep going. Carl agrees as he places bothe hands one on Pedro's left shoulder and the other on his right. Carl pushes Pedro up against a nearby wall and rams his knee right into Pedro's midsection. Pedro groaned in pain as he looked down watching Carl's knee go deeper and deeper into his washboard abs. Carl took his knee out of Pedro's gut to let him catch a breath of air. As Pedro caught the first bit of breath, Carl ramed his knee straight into Pedro's navel. Pushing deeper and deeper. Taking his knee out Carl procedes y shoving his fist into Pedro's mid section over and over again. Each blow slammed Pedro up against the wall.
After about 15 blows to Pedro's midsection, Carl placed his fist against Pedro's navel and began to push his fist in as hard and as deep as he could. Pedro's face grew red as he watched Carl's fist sink deeper and depper stretching the sking over his abs. Carl got far enough to where he could feel Pedro's spine with his knuckles. But that didn't stop Carl from pushing further. Pedro could feel his spine pushing against the skin on is back. He could feel his spine as it rubbed against the wall behind him. Carl twisted, pushed, and even attempted to open his hand a bit while in Pedro's gut but became a bit difficult due to Pedro having a strong set of abs holding Carl's fist together. Carl took his fist out of Pedro's gut and left him get some air back into his system.
After about 3 breaths Carl grabbed Pedro by his right arm and slung him to the ground. Pedro landed with his back facing up at Carl. Carl placed his foot under Pedro and lifted him up from the side and kicked him over exposing his beaten red abs. Carl then jumped up in the air and folded both kness. Carl came down with force landing one knee directly into Pedro's midsection. Carl moved his knee around pushing it deeper into Pedro's gut. Carl placed both hands around Pedro's sides. Left hand on Pedro's left side and right hand on Pedro's right side. Carl began pulling Pedro up as hard as he could as Carl's knee sunk deeper and deeper in Pedro's gut. Again, with his knee instead of his fist Carl reached Pedro's spine again. Pedro grew red in the face again and moaned and groaned in utter pain.
Carl got up and then stood on top of Carl. Carl's heels started to sink into Pedro's gut. Carl got back down over Pedro pinning him down with his knees. One knee on one arm. With Pedro's abs exposed once again, Carl began dropping his fists like bombs into the bowels of his gut. Each fist going in so deep that you couldn't even see his fists. Dropping another punch Carl left his fist in Pedro's gut. Carl put a grasp around his wrist and begane pushing into Pedro's navel. What most would call this "digging for oil". Carl pushed and pushed and pushed looking at Pedro as he gagged. Carl reached Pedro's spine and began to grab at it. Pedro began to yell in pain trying to break his arms free from Carl's knees. But Carl kept him in place and continued to torture Pedro's spine pushing down on it. Then out of no where Pedro passed out due to loss of breath.
Carl looked down on Pedro and smiled. "Don't worry, I am all yours tomorrow". That being said, Carl layed down next to Pedro and set his hand over Pedro's beaten abs. Carl began rubbing his abs as he fell asleep next to Pedro.