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Jason's Beatdown by R.H.

I was so tired of Jason. He's everybody's best friend. He's the coolest guy at school. Yet, with his cocky, egotistical attitude, I'm sure everybody wanted to knock him down a notch or two. I know I wanted to. I dreamed of being the one that put him in his place and knocked him off his pedestal. The problem was I was pretty sure I couldn't beat him up like I wanted too. At least not in a fair fight. So I needed a plan. A plan that would guarantee my victory and make sure none of his friends would be around to stop it.

It was finally a nice hot day. The perfect day for my plan. It was the day I was waiting for. I called Jason and asked him if he wanted to go swimming over at Austin's house. He quickly accepted my invitation. It would be great to cool off in the pool, he thought. But what he didn't know is that Austin and I had no intentions of him ever making it to the pool. You see, Austin was like me. Sick and tired of Jason being the King of everything. So the plan was for Jason and I to cut through the woods....and I was going to try to beat him up. If I couldn't do it alone, then Austin was going to be hiding and ready to help me out. One way or another, Jason was going to get the licking he deserved.

It was a little after noon when Jason and I met up and started heading over to Austin's. I told Jason I knew a short cut, so we started heading through the wooded area. We were both dressed for swimming, I was in my red trunks, he was in his blue flower print shorts. I must admit, he was looking good. His body was so well proportioned and his muscles were lean and tight. I was starting to get excited in more ways than one as we approached the part of the woods where I knew Austin was hiding and I could make my surprise attack.
I let Jason get a step ahead of me as we I awaited the perfect moment to strike...As he got near the lone tree in the clearing, I made my move. From behind I grabbed his shoulders and rammed him into the tree.

Then I drove a left hand straight into his kidney.

Before he knew what was happening, I spun him around and smacked him with a hard right hand across his face. I followed that up with a left hand directly into his stomach.

I could tell by his expression that he was shocked and still hadn't quite figured out what was going on. But I was ready to lay a smackdown on him. Grabbing his shoulders again, I pulled him towards me as I lifted my knee hard into his gut. The force doubled him over. Again, I drove the knee into his solid gut, knocking him back against the tree. Yeah. Now I can get some extra leverage! As I drove the third straight knee into his stomach, the tree helped hold his body in place so my knee could drive deeper into his gut. I was liking this a lot. I'm going to beat up the cocky jock.
But Jason wasn't as hurt as I thought he was. After that third knee, he pushed me backwards. "What the Fuck?" he yelled at me. He had figured out that I was serious about fighting him. I charged at him. But he grabbed onto me, spinning me around and slamming my back against the tree.
He started unloading a flurry of punches.

First a couple to my face, then a couple into my body.

He hit fast and hard. It was obvious he was getting the advantage. My body is not as solid as his. His punches had an instant effect of softening up my gut and knocking the air out of me.

He looked at me and grinned that cocky grin of his. "There's a reason why people don't mess with me," he said. "It's because I don't lose at anything". With that, he drove another hard right into my stomach. I coughed and wheezed trying desperately to catch my breath....and wondering where Austin was.

I dropped down to one knee after Jason's last punch. He stood over me, shaking his head. He was looking down on me as if I was some poor misguided bastard. You could see in his eyes that he was supremely confident in himself and always thought guys like me were nothing but pathetic losers. But as I looked up at him, I could see that things were about to change. Because there was Austin. Dressed in his blue shorts and slowly sneaking up on Jason. As he got closer he moved even slower as he didn't want to make a sound. It was then I knew I better do something to keep Jason's attention so he wouldn't sense that Austin was silently approaching.
"You think I'm a loser, don't you?" I asked. "You think that you're so much better than everyone at school. You think you can do anything and get away with everything, don't you?" I continued. "But you're going to get it. You're going to get it good.", I yelled.
Jason chuckled that self-serving stuck-up chuckle that I was so sick of hearing. Jason said "Oh, and who's going to get me you little baby? You?" he laughed.
"Not me.....but we"
I lunged forward and punched Jason as hard as I could squarely in the balls. He doubled over instantly.

It was at that moment that Austin made his presence felt.


Austin struck. Using a rock he had picked up, Austin smacked the back of Jason's head as hard as he could. Jason went down face first. He was all but knocked out. Austin dropped the rock and smiled. I stood up. Austin and I high-fived in celebration. But we both knew we had to move fast. Jason was already starting to wake up and was moaning and starting to move on the ground.

I grabbed Jason by the hair and pulled him to his feet. He was very wobbly. "Hold him", I yelled at Austin as I pushed Jason back towards him. Austin Grabbed Jason's arms, pulled them behind him and held on tight.

I was excited. I was going to get some clean shots at the stud's body. I stepped towards him and delivered a hard side kick with my right foot.

You could hear the smack of my sandal slapping against Jason's hard, tight ab muscles. I took another step back so I could get more momentum.....SMACK....another hard right footed kick connected squarely in the middle of his gut. I did it a third, then a fourth time. Each kick softening up that solid stomach of his. Yeah, Jason was still in a bit of a daze and me pounding on his gut with my foot wasn't making him feel any better!

Austin was still holding on tight. I came in close. I wanted to feel how soft Jason's gut was getting. I wound up and slammed a right hand directly on his navel.

I could feel his slabs of ab muscles. They were still hard and firm like before, but the resistance I felt earlier was gone. My fist started sinking in to the jock's stomach. I could feel those muscles being pushed into his body. It felt good to me.

The excitement of the situation was getting to me. The rush of adrenaline that was pumping through my body was giving me a boner that was pretty noticeable. I stepped back.
"Who's the Man now, Jason?", I yelled. "Who's the Man now?" I reached down and grabbed my crotch making sure he could see how pumped up I was. "This is what a man looks like."

I approached him again. I told Austin to hang on tight. I started driving fist after fist into Jason's exposed belly. Left, right, left, right, left, right. Each punch driving in a little deeper. Each punch slamming against the beautiful ab muscles. Each punch bruising those muscles a little more. This is what I had dreamed of.... and it was coming true. I must have thrown about 20 punches with each hand. Jason was trying to double over, but Austin held him up to make sure I always had a good target.

I was sweating by now and I admit, I was getting a bit tired. But there was no way I was done destroying the cocky jock. But it was time to let Austin have a turn. "Pull him up against the tree", I instructed Austin. Once there, I got behind Jason and the tree and pulled his arms back tight around the narrow trunk. I locked my arms around his. There was no escape for him now. Jason's chest and stomach were stretched out to their limits making a very inviting target for Austin to aim at.... and Austin let him have it!


Austin starting unloading punches into Jason's gut. The smacking sound of skin on skin echoed throughout the woods. Austin's fist was connecting solidly against Jason's weakened abs. It was a sweat sound. It was the sound of victory for us and defeat for the jock. Austin continued his assault as I continued to hold Jason's arms tightly behind the tree. Rights and lefts. First to the stomach, then to the chest and then a flurry back and forth across Jason's face.

Austin was battering him all over. Jason would moan and gasp once in a while, but you could tell we had drained him of all his energy. Austin continued with some knees into Jason's vulnerable gut. Austin chuckled as he felt his knee sink all the way into Jason's once strong ab wall. It was truly a glorious moment as Austin wound up one last time and clobbered Jason across the face. I let go of him and he collapsed to the ground.

It was then I thought that we should have brought a camera. How hot would it be to take pictures of the defeated jock and be able to show them to all his friends? We could show everybody that Jason was nothing more than our bitch. I told Austin to run home and grab his camera. As he took off through the woods, I looked down and the fallen stud. Yeah, it was pretty sweet what we did to him. I wondered how soft his gut was now. Well, only one way to find out, I thought! I bent down and grabbed Jason by his long dark wavy hair and pulled him to his feet. I pushed him against the tree and balanced him against it. He was barely able to stand. I balled up my right hand into a tight fist and thrust it as hard as I could into that awesome stomach of his.

It was an awesome feeling as my fist dug deep into his demolished abs. I kept my fist there....pushing deeper and deeper into his sore gut. I started lifting upwards. Soon my fist was lifting up under his rib cage. I held it there for a minute, knowing that this proved that Jason's ab wall had been totally destroyed.

A few minutes later, Austin returned with his camera. He took pictures of all the bruises we had inflicted on Jason's body. I made sure he got a good picture of my fist sunk deeply into his gut and under his ribs. We had our proof that we beat the crap out of the unbeatable jock. And those pictures also served as a warning that nobody better try messing with me and Austin.