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Saturday in the disco (nipples torture)
By peterhe



We met in the "Blue starling" as usual like every Saturday. We, this were Sam, Toni and I, we exercised our muscles in the health studio for years daily every day. Sam and Toni came to take a shower after that directly out of the studio while I had allowed myself a small pause for thought.
Both looked today again completely beautiful, solid and through exercised, her chest and abdominal muscles stretched her T-shirt and let the mass and definition of her muscles foresee, her biceps blew her sleeves out totally. Both suspected still which plan had I not thought up and had bribed the DJ already there outgoingly.
All of us had a really nice evening at really good trance and disco music. Also both danced with the Girls and showed her really splendid muscles by airing her T-shirt from time to time. The thighs clasped her jeans, that these threatened to burst. Of course also was as drunk always in between times much. The Girls swarmed round Sam and Toni as if they were gods. Her ego inspired this around much and I exactly wanted to reach this. There should compete with each other on the stage. …
On the stage a GoGo bar was exactly placed therefore in the middle, the Girls danced once in a while to put on the Guys. Here my plan catches to the I had cooked up together with the DJ.
At a late hour the DJ interrupted the music and said: "I would like people to invite you to a competition, want to receive the winner $ 1000 ". The first voices could already be heard: ""Ahh", "Uii" about what it is, then "we go along with that", of course tuned Sam and Tom also and wanted to win the $ 1000 really. They needed urgently around her Supplements to pay the money as of course I knew. The DJ further spoke: "It is all about a competition of man to man, only two can take part. We want to find out the best and strongest under you". Sam and Toni felt of course immediately appealed and were full in her element and extremely enthusiastic. I had hoped for exactly this. "We go along with that!" Each of them wanted to win the $ 1000.
The DJ further spoke: "The whole is so simple but a small hurdle does not have to be there. We do not want that any sleep F sharps are the winners. Therefore here the conditions: You take off your T-shirts and fight with a naked upper part of your body". Looked at Sam and Toni briefly, each other scrutinized and nodded, they immediately approved of this condition. "You then go and stand, between you the GoGo bar and the really difficult task comes now here above on the stage: The two opponents must put their hand into their nipples quite tightly and draw themselves to this with all strength to the bar mutually close. Who does work, that the chest of the different one has touched the bar first the $ 1000 won? Who slips with his fingers of the nipple of the different one, though has lost ".
Sam and Toni were looking at themselves questioningly now. …

Sam and Toni scrutinized themselves and saw themselves deep in the eyes.
Both thought: Can I conquer the different one? Do I manage to do such a torture to at all my own friend?
But both thought well inwardly this is: I will defeat you! It caressed what it wants. You reported once more at the same time to take part in the competition while the other fellows bowed silently her heads and looked ashamedly to the ground.
The DJ seized the word again: "Who of yours ventures here to come onto the stage and to measure his strengths now? $ 1000 wave it!" Sam and Toni yell at the same time: "Here I venture it!" Both saw themselves in her eyes and thought: I already finish you for a long time. Of course both were drunk strongly and had almost no more feeling for pain, this made there very courageous and bold. "Then comes up on the stage and moves your T-shirt " the DJ said. Arrived above did they what he wanted and from the visitors present a whispering astonishedly the perfect ones as her immediately came and fellows saw a muscular upper part of the body of the two. One like the other one was absolutely perfectly and extremely muscularly built. The abdominal muscles showed very deep furrows, the thighs her pectoral muscles stuck out approx. 3 fingers of her chest and her upper arms were drawn by veins and as thickly as some other guys thighs .
Both had met from the Gym for years and knew the different one like her had to assess but thought of it now they: Having to consult the different one at the nipples to the bar. A strange feeling arose at them, they had never touched themselves so tightly and what they should do now got a little shyness about it.
The DJ seized the word again: "This is Na a very thrilling competition determines, I am very curious about the exit. I still have a small addition to the rules: A round lasts for a minute, after which gives can you make a break to you in this one freshly a minute and recover. Then feels the bar touched with his chest further till the first one. You have 30 seconds time to find the best handle on the nipples of the different one now. After that it goes on, with my sign" "
Sam and Toni grasped it hesitantly after the nipples the opposite number and tried to find the best possible hold in this, while the spectators stretched were pursuing the mine game of the two like this tried to find the best position for a solid handle. …


Now the feeling woke up in them to have to win certainly and to win the $ 1000. Sam gripped into the nipples of Toni and tried to find a place for a firm stability for the later competition. Toni did not pull any mine out of shape Sam also Toni squeezed his nipples and pressed his fingernails in so much. His solid handle into his little sensitive nipples Toni then did the same with the nipples of Sam, but Sam already felt a severe pain of Toni and could not prevent that he twisted his face because of pain. This gave Toni new impetus win the competition and he felt self-assured. During this one Sam tried to sink his fingernails in Toni's nipples still more deeply and to find a position for a firm stability. Of course Toni felt this pain but he was too proud to admit it and did not pull any single mine out of shape. For the memory: it only the feeling was, still this one to find place at the nipples of the different one around the good and hard, both it said like the DJ. The spectators saw the muscles extremely curiously about the muscular upper parts of the body of the two opponents, as himself tightened already now except for the utmost one around the pain to-volume and on the faces the two. Toni still did not pull any mine out of shape when Sam althought pushed his fingernails with all strength into Tonis nipples, the visitors chosen her favourite already now: Toni. But Sam did not want to give up and thought to an even bigger pain for Toni. But also Toni knew that Sam is not invulnerable and wanted to win really.
"The 30 seconds are over". The test is now over the voice of the DJ sounded from the loudspeakers now. Both let a little reluctantly the nipples of the opponent off with a type's inner diversion anyway, however. There nipples were already of this 30 seconds feel red and swollenly, both tempted through massage the pain to soothe.
The spectators stood and looked very much is, prepared like there now inwardly for this competition and her massive pectoral muscles had jumped as well as her abdominal muscles tightened up to the utmost one interested in knowing on the two. What an eye distance for the visitors of the disco! These were expecting the show of her life now: Two absolutely muscular fellows not measure this one there strengths with arm pressures but at a GoGo bar.
The DJ said into the microphone: "I count and the competition begins now."
"One, two, three …"

Sam and Toni breathed in deeply so that her upper part of the body threatened to burst and her powerful muscles were fully effective. They then seized in a flash the nipples of the opponent and her fingers dug deeply into the meat of the nipples and started to pull at it. None of them showed any expression of pain although yet the skin became taut really already over the pectoral muscles. There biceps became powerful mountains while they were trying to draw the other one close to the bar. There legs were certain on the ground and her thighs threatened to blow up her tight jeans. No-one canned only a piece force the other one also in the direction of the bar yet. They saw himself lasting into the eyes deeply at the nipples they drew and thought it over as far they could go to conquer the other one and how long they would bear this well themselves. The crowd began to yell and to clap. They sank there fingers still more deeply and more tightly in the soft piece of meat of her opposite number and drew still more tightly, the skin over her pectoral muscles was extremely tense now and seemed soon to threaten to dragging iron while they were tightening her pectoral muscles up to the maximum to absorb the pain. After half a minute of wrestling toughly no-one still had managed to take the different one of his position away. The crowd yelled always more loudly. Sam started now to turn the nipples of Toni while he was pulling at them with all power to persuade Toni of giving up. Toni twisted his pretty face with pain, did not think, however, to give up in the least to this. The crowd noticed Sam's unfair game and started to shout: "Toni, Toni, Toni …"
The muscles of the two on there upper parts of the body at most hard only easily leant to and fro during himself. The skin over her pectoral muscles always stretched more and more and Sam increased the angular momentum to Toni's nipples, Toni only hissed: "So not! You cannot bring me for the task." Now the whistle of the DJ sounded and he yelled into the microphone: "Stop! Trace! In a minute it works in the same authority again." Sam and Toni loosened her handle and abandoned her opponent. They scrutinized her muscular bodies once again and saw which ones stout on the nipples of the different one now, there were completely red.