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Police Brutality © May 2009 All Rights Reserved The Hit Man

I couldn't have been riding my motorcycle for more than ten minutes when I heard the siren behind me. "God damn," muttered under my breath as I pulled over. What a way to start a day, getting a ticket for something I probably didn't even realize I did. I turned off the motor and dropped the kickstand as I waited for the officer to come up. He sure was taking his damn sweet time.

"License and registration, please," I finally heard him say. As I turned toward him, I could feel his eyes checking me out. After all, I was a pretty good looking stud, 5'9", 160 pounds, 21 years of age. What wasn't too like as I stood there in my jeans and no shirt. The officer wasn't bad himself, about my size and build … probably around the same age as well. I started pull my wallet out when suddenly he grabbed me from behind.

"What the …" I started to say when he punched me hard in the gut. I wasn't prepared and it practically sent me to my knees.

"Resisting arrest," he replied. I couldn't help but stare at him incredulously as he slapped on the handcuffs.

I couldn't think of anything to say, it was just too asinine, so I didn't say anything. I expected him to escort me to his cruiser which was parked behind my bike but suddenly he was dragging me behind a huge wall that stood on the street corner.

"Hey, where we going," I shouted? "I have a right to know." He spun me around and slammed me up against the wall, the handcuffs jabbing into my back.

"Only rights you got, punk, are this." He hit me with a knee right in the gut. It bent me over some. He grabbed me by the short hair on my head and hauled me back up, slamming me against the wall again. A 1-2 combination slammed into the area just below my belly button but above my groin. I was more prepared now and though I felt them, they didn't really bother me. Another series of blows pelted my mid-section, none hitting in the same spot, just a peppering of solid punches. My abs held to the onslaught.

"Not bad," he said, taking a step back. He slammed my gut with a front kick that knocked some wind out of me. He followed that with another series of punches and though my abs are pretty good, I could feel them starting to give in as he hit me harder and harder. Maybe 10 minutes total passed and I was getting pretty winded. He seemed like he was just warming up.

"Maybe if you could tell me what this is about," I managed to choke out as he took a short break? He replied with a front kick followed by a flying knee. I was definitely having trouble getting a good breath now. My stomach was turning red as he began a new onslaught of blows, each digging in deeper and deeper. Pretty soon it felt like he would reach all the way through to my backbone. But still he pounded away, not letting up. Finally he caught me with a right upper cut that took all my breath away and I sank to my knees.

"My sister Mandy," he finally said. "That's what this is all about." He grabbed my hair, pulled my face up, and as he sent in a haymaker to my jaw, I thought … "oh yeah, Mandy, the girl I'd dumped the week before last."

The end