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The club : Alex, Angus, Brodie and Tim
By nicehunter

Brodie Angus


Alex Tim

Note: this is set in Australia and uses the metric system; also they are in the final year of school and have a place at Uni. (told from the perspective of Alex)
Disclaimer: This is totally fictional. (Sorry it takes a while to get to the fight I like my background information)

Alex, Angus, Brodie and Tim have been friends ever since Tim and Brodie saved Alex from some bullies in year 2 (7 years old). Angus joined when he moved from another school.

Tim is the schools star swimmer and rarely loses. He has a very toned, ripped swimmers body with a full 8 pack abs due to excellent genetics. 1.95m tall and weighs bout 70kg mainly muscle with really defined biceps, has massive feet and has an easy going personality.

Angus is an excellent track runner and as such also has a lean and ripped body with a dominant 6 pack, but what draws the eye is his abs which is beautiful. 1.82m tall and is 75kgs most muscle.

Brodie did boxing and MMA and as such was quite toned. He had a very visible 8 pack with long, thick rectangles of muscle. He was average height of 177cms and weighed 85kgs, with really big biceps.

Alex wasn't much of a sport type but he was in fit and little fat graced his trim body. A 6 pack was defiantly there as was some decent sized biceps.1.75m and bout 80kgs.

Brodie father owned a gym which we used. We usually used it when it was closed for the night. We occasionally used for other reasons like fights we didn't hurt each other, just for fun. Tonight I picked up Tim from his house and we made our way to the gym. The door was already open as Tim and I walked thorough the door. Brodie was at the punching bag sending a flurry which sent the bag swinging. He was shirtless and watching his muscle tense then release, his abs were perfect, a light sheen of sweat made the groves between his abs stand out, I so wanted to run my rands down his abs and beat them. I could feel blood start to flow to my loins. Angus was sprinting around the gym. Also topless. Gaud just watching those abs, all sweaty I sooo wanted to lick them clean. Both Tim and I took of our shirts and waited for Brodie and Angus to finish.

After they finished I asked: "so what shall we do tonight?"
"Well I've got a big fight coming up soon" Brodie replied with a smile on his face.
"Ök so human punching bags or resistance" Tim replied with a smirk.
"Resistance, I want to time how long It takes for you 3 to turn my body to mush" Brodie states.
"Ok so fully body work over, fists or anything goes?"Angus asked.
"Dealers choice" Brodie replies with confidence born of someone who took a beating and gave it back just as good.
Tim grabbed his camera and set up to film since Brodie liked to watch the punishment he endured, and gave back when he was able to.

"This for the championship next month?" I asked Brodie.
"How did you guess" Brodie replied.
"It's an NHB match where anything goes even crotch shots" Brodie informs us.
"That will be pain full" Angus remarks on. Tim then moved to stand in front of Brodie.
"Defiantly that's why I want to be ready for it, so what are we continuing to blabber about, so HIT ME!"

Tim obliged burying a fist deep into Brodie's gut while both Angus and I grabbed one of Brodie's arms, lifted then and started punching the oblique ab muscles.
Every hit was reinforced by a solid slap of fist hitting flesh.
After 30mins Brodie's rock hard abs hadn't shown any sign of weakening. I was getting a glaring hard on and so could the other s including Brodie.

A few minutes later Angus and I let go of Brodie's arms, and Tim stopped for a moment to allow Brodie a minute's respite. His stomach was a deep red colour.
"So Brodie, hows your gut feeling?" Angus asks.
"Not bad but I'm still standing" Brodie replies a grin on his face.

"We'll have to fix that" I reply as a slam my knee into Brodie's groin. Brodie lets out a gasp but still remains standing so I ram another knee into the groin and another after that. As Brodie falls, Tim catches him around the arms to slow his descent, just enough that he doesn't damage his head, we didn't want Brodie to miss the fun.
I stood above Brodie and peeled his board shorts off to take better advantage of his full 8 pack of abs.

Angus then knelt on Brodie's thick pec muscles, prime position to pummel the upper abs. first one punch, then another then more kept coming at a constant rate, with Angus gradually increasing the force of each punch.
Now during this time I was watching and on every 10th punch I would slap Brodie's groin, not hard but enough to get a grunt of pain from him.

Tim reoriented the camera to capture the ground abuse and whistled.
"Brodie your gut is as red as a tomato", Brodie just grunts in acknowledgment.
Angus then changed his attack style; he clasped both his hands together and brought them down, like a sledgehammer on Brodie's gut. At the same time I then balled a fist and punched Brodie straight in the balls. Brodie gasped aloud against this double assault.

I then stood up and said "let's string him up". Tim had a smile just like the cat that ate the canary and moved to the part of the gym we used exclusively for this particular exercise.