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PART I : Ian's workover by lustgp

David and Alex

It was perfect sunny day. David and Alex were spending the saturday evening as always: biking, taking a sun bath and play they favourite game- gutpunching. Stomach muscles of two boys were well defined which is required to have a gutpunching play.

It was a great session- said David rubbing his belly in the navel area, you punched the way I love to take- slow and deep. It was a pleasure to ruin your abs once again said Alex. You ok? ask Alex.
Yes I'm fine, my belly is pretty sore but I like this feeling.
I think we should refresh our sessions- said Alex.
-what do you mean?
-we should get a third belly to punch- said Alex watching a mysterious boy lying on the bench
-yeah, but……...David noticed the same thing. He smiled greedly as the third boy took of his shirt showing his abs.

It was Ian. He wasn't a bodybuilder but his athletic abs were great target for both boys.
David and his friend without wondering jumped on Ian immediately. They got the same thing on their minds- gutpunching play. The boy didn't know what is happening- he didn't realize he is about to become a punchee.
The first punch came form Alex. His fist drove to Ian's jaw but the victim fight back hit the full force to Alex face and midsection. But then David came with his fists punching Ian's face than abs…..left, right, left, right. Ian fell down clutching his belly. He didn't expected that the worse is about to come. Alex rise Ian from the ground and grab his arms behind his back so his friend- David, had a clear way to punish poor boy's belly.
Ian tensed his abs hoping he will take the whole beating from David.
First punches were fast and they land on upper boy's abs. Ian took them well looking straight in the punisher eyes, but in every minute of the beating he started to realize he can't take much longer. David started to punch him slow and hard and each punch were going deeper.
What are you doing?!- screamed Ian gasping for air.
David and Alex didn't answer. They were interested in working his belly over not in conversation. David punched hard hoping that hits will break victim's belly quite fast. Finally Ian released the first UUHHHH as David's fist gone deep in his navel.
The pain was incredible, but then a weird feeling came to Ian. He began to like it. Each punch was full of pain but also full of pleasure.
David concentrated on Ian's navel punching him without mercy slow and deep.
Then he started to punch Ian's upper abs enjoying his moaning: UHHHH…, OUUUHH…..HUUGGHHH….
The devastating beating took his belly to the point where he couldn't tense his abs anymore and each fist penetrated his gut totally. Both guys enjoying Ian's stomach workover and Ian unexpectedly were enjoying it to.
The beating came to an end and the poor exhausted victim fell to the ground in groan, holding his belly.
What a hot view- said Alex watching Ian's lying on the ground in pain.
Well I guess that's everything for now pretty boy- said David kicking Ian's stomach one last time. C'mon man, lets go- said Alex- and both guys disappeared in the park.


PART II : Ian's revenge

Ian and Aaron

It was two weeks since Ian took the beating from two guys in the park. He was wondering how he will be able to find them and repay for the pain he receive. He were also thinking about the pleasure he felt during the punishment. The boy was determined to find his torturers not only for revenge but also for his own pleasure because he was curious how it feels when you are the punisher. Ian wasn't planning to do this by himself, he organized the trap with his best friend Aaron. Aaron was a lean, athletic boy, with nice abs and handsome face- just like Ian. Both boys were looking forward to the beating they planning together against David and Alex.
Ian was expecting that he meet his victims in the park and each day looking for them with bottle of chloroform.
The crew of two hunters were lurking among the threes and………yesssss

It was him- David. 180 cm high, dark hair and athletic built. He looked a little bit harder than each of two boys and his abs were well built- better than Ian's and Aaron's- for sure he was able to take a lot of hard punishment that two boys was about to give him.
There was no second to waste. Ian run out of the trees……
David was shocked finding his former victim on his way…….
So…you are about to make some revenge pretty boy? Hugh?- said David
He didn't expected that it was a trap. When David was stearing at Ian's stomach- wondering what kind of punishment he will give him this time, Aaron grab his head and put a tissue with chloroform to his nose. David fell to the ground……..
Darkness welcomed David's eyes. He didn't know where he was….the boy was trying to remember what happened but the last thing he saw in his head was smiling greedy face of Ian.
The whole thing was clear. David was somewhere, probably in a basement waiting for his torturer. His abs were wide opened, arms were behind his back and chained to the wall. There was no way to escape…..
Suddenly David heard a little noise… was rhythmical and louder, and louder ……there was Ian wit his best friend- ready to begin the "party"….
There was no warning, Aaron immediately released his first blow to David stomach.
Who the hell are you?! -shouted David. That's my friend Aaron you punk!
Thuddd- second blow stopped on David's middlesection- Ian drove it with the pleasure
think you both are able to break these abs boys?- said David
No- said Aaron- we are sure we'll able to turn them to a pulp.
Take his shirt of Aaron- said Ian
Aaron ripped up the shirt and expose strong and well formed abs of the victim.
Me first- said Ian
Ian started to pound David's upper abs, trying to take his breath away. Then he was started to throw slow and hard punches to his navel. David took the pleasure from the beating- he was in pain but the punches didn't penetrate his stomach and the ab wall was strong enough. Then Arron switched his friend and began to throw hard punches just about the navel. David was tired and his defense started to breaking. Each fist were going deeper and deeper…David started to moan:
Aaron didn't mean to stop
My turn- said Ian
Ian looked at his victim wondering at the way of the beating
He concentrated at David's navel, punching him slow and hard, each fist almost disappear in weakening David's abs.
Over 100 blows he give to poor boys belly at this one series…..David was exhausted. Two boys decided to unchain him from the wall and tied him up.
I need a break, what do you say Aaron-said Ian…..ok- said Aaron- don't go anywhere punchee hahahahaha. Bouth guys went upstairs.
David lied on the floor trying to release…….and……Aaron ties wasn't the best, after five minutes David was free to go. But he was to weak to do this. He started to looking for his cell phone…..and yes. Both guys were to slappy with organizing the trap and they didn't take away David's phone……… was a mistake they will regret- thought David. David already know where he is. He saw through the small window that he is in the basement 200 meters near the park.
His punishers were going down but David did what he wanted to- Alex was on his way…..
What the hell?!
He released himself- said Aaron
Doesn't matter, I will give him something to remember- said Ian wit the smile- Hold him.
Aaron grab David under his arms, placing his hands on his neck. David's gut was ready for the punishment. Ian took of his shirt exposing his defined abs: Do remember these? You were working them over for at least an hour….now your abs are about to fall, dill with it and take the pain like a man- said Ian
The beating has started:
Left….right….left….right- deep in David's solar plexus:
David moans were everywhere
David was trying to bent over many times but Aaron were holding him.
He has enough for now. Chain him to the wall- said Ian to his friend.
Now we should think how we can get his mate.

But Ian didn't know that the friend is closer than he think.

To be continued………