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Thug Beatdown By MuscleLuke

New York, 11 P.M.


I just finished working out at the gym; my slender body was becoming stronger and more defined. I got out of the gym at 11, and aimed to take a shortcut through an alley; my apartment was very close and the quick way was better than going four blocks around. I walked in the narrow, badly-lighted alley, and all of a sudden he emerged.

A shirtless black guy; he was wearing just shorts and a sporty red headband. He had a tight, defined, ripped muscle build, with a showing eight-pack, veined arms, and two hard-looking pecs. He looked at me in a confident sneer; he tucked his shorts a little down with his thumb, revealing a wide band of a jockstrap.
"You got any money?" He asked, smirking.
"None for you," I said; the workout gave me some confidence.
"Then I'm just gonna take it," he said and approached.
I braced myself, putting my two fists in the air; he simply had his arms at his waist, waiting. Not wanting to hurt him visibly, I figured I could knock him out with a punch to the stomach, so I sent a straight one right in the middle of his abs, almost as hard as I could. My punch stayed there; it didn't even make him flinch. I looked nervously at his face, as he smiled, and took three more left-and-rights at his abs, to no effect. Thoughts running wild in my head, I was beginning to think that I have to hit him in the face, and I reeled my hand back to do it; as I did it, THUD- a mighty-powerful force smashed into my stomach. I went on my knees right away, clutching my stomach; it was like a soccer ball kicked at me at full speed, up close.

"How do you like that, bitch?!" The thug said, looking down at me. "You want more?!"

He grabbed me by my shirt collar and raised me on my feet against my will; I put my hands on his, trying to stop him; then he quickly took one hand back and sent a powerful hook in my gut. If he didn't hold me, I would be squirming on the ground; it was so powerful I couldn't breathe. I wriggled and kicked for nothing. He sent three more hooks into my gut, too fast for me to even brace, then he threw me on the ground.
I just lay curled up on the ground, clutching my stomach, which felt like it took several hits from an aluminum baseball bat. The thug stood over me.

"Yeah, stay on the ground, you fuckin' weakling. You're never gonna beat my muscles." He made a double biceps pose, and his arms popped up.
If I weren't strong, I was at least smart. I used the distance advantage he produced, since he was standing close to my legs, and sent my straight up between his, smashing his balls right under him.
He screamed, grabbed his crotch with both hands, and fell on his knees. I got on my feet as well as I could, and started to run, but… some furious thoughts stopped me. How could this random dude just think he can take advantage of me and get away with it? I'm not some sissy, I work out too… I looked at him, still deep in pain, and came closer. I used most of my strength to lift him in a similar way; he didn't resist as I pushed him against the wall with one hand, since I wouldn't be able to hold him and punch him. I smiled at his signs of fear. He started to wiggle, but I, putting all my strength into this one blow…

It made him groan! I held my punch for a few seconds; his abs, although hard, were not prepared to take blows. I observed with pleasure how the pain disarmed him and I said:
"Yeah, who's the bitch now… who's the weakling?!"
I sent a quick barrage of punches at his gut, each one weakening him more; I furiously worked him out until he started to double over; then I grabbed him by his strong shoulders and sent a hard knee at his gut, and then one more, and then threw him on the ground. Groaning, he lay clutching his stomach. I was going to do something else, but reflecting, I thought I should get out of here. Not looking back, I started to walk forward with increasing speed. Then I felt something with the force of a car tackle me in the back and I went flying forward. I fell to the ground, dazed, and I couldn't get up for what seemed forever. It was only a few seconds later that strong hands lifted me from behind, put me in a full nelson, and with horror, I stared ahead.

I thought it was some monster, or that the thug took some steroid overdose, but no; it was an another guy, a huge one. He had two heaving, beefy pecs; ripping, bulky, crushing arms; giant, muscled shoulders, all complete with a bad ass look on his face; a look that would make me piss myself if I weren't aroused from his powerful build. He walked up slowly, his muscles shifting, with a cocky look on his face. In my ear the guy holding me whispered:

"You're gonna get fucked up now, you're his little bitch, you'll wish you were never born…"
The monster cracked his knuckles, and grabbed my shirt with both hands, and ripped it off; the fabric came off easily and slipped away from my body, revealing a slender, but defined build. I had not a weak stomach but my abs didn't show, only a red spot. The huge guy smiled widely when I, terrified, looked in his face. He playfully backhanded me a couple of times in the stomach THUD THUD THUD; I felt the force as the blows made a thud when he hit my stomach and chest. The other thug hissed in my ear:

"He's just playing with you… for now. You're his toy."
Then the huge guy put both of his hands on my small nipples, and grabbed them. It made me cringe with pain; the guy stuck his tongue out in satisfaction and then horribly twisted my nipples almost upside down.
I screamed a scream no one heard; he was still holding my burning nipples. He let go and laughed quietly. I felt like I had two spots burned. Then he stopped smiling and made a fist.
He didn't even reel his hand back, just sent a hook right at me.
The hit sent me and the guy back a step; I didn't even make a sound as the punch, like a colliding car, smashed my stomach. I lost feeling in my legs, and the thug behind me needed to really hold me up. The tank, looking angry and concentrated, stepped closer and punched again WHAM-I closed my eyes in pain as my stomach was brutalized with just that blow. It made us move back again and we were up against the wall.
The bull moved up again, and this time, held his hand back, and sent a straight one right in the center of my battered stomach; indescribable pain… it was like a 200 pound weight was thrown at my weak stomach, which was as strong as paper to him.
I got pushed up against the thug in the back and felt something hard in between my butt cheeks; he whispered:

"Yeah, take that in, bitch, that's how it feels when he goes in… told you he fucks good," and he even licked my ear with sick pleasure.
The bear sent a medium punch this time, which made me dizzy a bit, and I felt a huge hand go inside my shorts, and grab my whole hard dick, then move down to my balls… and squeeze them. I screeched in ultimate pain; the thug behind let me go, and I would free fall but for a few seconds I was held by my balls… I fell to the ground and couldn't feel that or my stomach… or rather I felt a whole can of whoop-ass.
I looked up weakly at the two thugs, who stood embraced and made out passionately, with tongue. They stopped; big guy then looked at me and grinned:

"Now we are going onto the main course."