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Love To Fight by Marco

Last summer I learned that I enjoy fighting. It was last year just before school ended and we were all just standing around waiting for the bus. These two punks Ronny and Rick came up and started hassling us. They were brothers that had been hassling me and my group of friends since elementary school. I am not that big a guy 6'1" 145lbs, but wiry as hell, both of them outweighed me by at least sixty pounds. I have been working out with weights for about the last year, the weights were a gift from my Dad. He thought they would help me to put a little bit of meat on my bones. I've gained around 20 lbs and all of it muscle. I love to wear really tight T shirts that show off my upper body. Anyway, back to the story. I walked up to the two of them and waited for them to start in on us. I was the biggest of the three guys in my group of friends so I figured it was up to me to do the trash talking. I was used to talking my way out of trouble and was good at it. I've never actually had to fight in my life. Up until that day I had always talked my way out of fighting. These two knew it and on this particular day decided to kick our asses especially mine.
"Give us one good reason we shouldn't kick your ass Ryan, cuz we're in the mood to thump on somebody and you and your friends are elected."
"Because you can't?" Not the smartest answer I could have given him, Ronny began slapping me on the chest knocking me back a couple of steps. He was the older of the two and usually took the lead, he was also the meaner of the two. I could feel my muscles getting tight, I forced myself to relax, I knew I could talk my way out of this if i could just relax.
"That's all I need to hear, I'm gonna kick your ass good now!"
I knew my luck had finally run out and I was about to get my butt kicked but I hoped that I could at least save my friends from the same fate. I could not believe I had been so stupid as to say what I did. "You know it's my ass you want to kick, let them all go!" I gestured at my friends, hoping that I could talk Ronny into letting them all go.
"Nah, I want them to stay and watch you get beat! Ricky, keep an eye on these guys. And if they leave , you are going to get beat worse.

I stood with my fists clenched arms at my side uncertain what to do next and waiting for Ronny to throw the first punch. the next thing I noticed was a scream of pain, a split second later I realized that I was the one screaming and Ronny had landed a punch right in my stomach. I doubled over and clutched my gut. The pain was incredible and washed through my body leaving a dull ache in my belly. He had caught me with my belly completely relaxed just as I was about to exhale. A split second later he caught me with a punch to the cheek at snapped my head to the left with a jerk. OOF! I grunted from a second shot to my gut. The punch to my gut dropped me to my knees and I shook my head to clear the fog from my head. I looked up up and saw that my head was at the level of Ronnie's crotch. I slammed a punch right up into his balls.
UNGH! He grunted and doubled over clutching his balls. I jumped to my feet and backhanded him and then kicked him in the chin knocking him on his back. Then I jumped on his chest with my knees at his shoulders and just starting landing punches to his face and jaw. I realized that I enjoyed the feeling of landing punches as my fist connected with his face.
"AAAAAAH!" I screamed in pain as Ricky landed a kick in my kidney. He had stood there helplessly as my friends had run off as soon as I had jumped on Ronny. He stood there turning his head looking between my friends running off and his brother getting hid teeth knocked out. I arched my back and could not believe the pain ripping through me. I fell backward as Ronny had linked his fists together and crashed them down on my chest. He kicked me as he scrambled to his feet.
"Pick him up! I am going to beat the fuck out of him for this! His face was a mass of bruises and there was a small trickle of blood from his nose.
I was happy to see the damage I had done to Ronnies face before Ricky had kicked me. My body still felt like it was on fire from Rickys kick. Ricky had dragged me upright and had pinned my arms behind me. I struggled to break free but hurt too much to break his grip. How much pain I was about to be in before this was over?
"Get ready to feel serious pain, I am not going to stop punching until you beg me to stop." Ronnie shook his fist in my face.
"UNNGH! I grunted as he drove his fists into me. I had learned from earlier and kept my stomach muscles as tight as I could. Soon it sounded like one long continous grunt as he just kept punching over and over again. The pain just kept getting worse as he pummeled me. The sharper pain of the punches landing began to blend to one huge pain that made me almost pass out. Suddenly he stopped punching me and paused. OHH! I moaned as my body realized that the punishment had stopped. I slumped forward until my shoulders began to hurt from the weight of my body. Ricky still had my arms pinned behind my back. I struggled to catch my breath. Each breath brought flashes of pain to my ribs. OOOF! I doubled over as Ronnie drove his fist in my gut just below the
ribs. I gagged as the pain flooded through my chest and belly.
UNNGH! Another shot this time low just above my groin. My knees buckled and Ricky let me fall to my knees, letting go of my arms. I looked up at Ronnies face just as he landed a punch on my right cheek. He knocked me out with another shot to the jaw.
I came too with Amy crouched over me crying, "I am so sorry we left you alone, we would have never left if we had known what was going to happen!" I knew I couldn't explain to her that it was allright and I would recover. I also knew that I was looking forward to the sensation of feeling my fist against Ronnie's face.