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Unfair GP-bet by André


Marcus was 15 years old when his "friends" wanted to test him.

He lived whit his mom and dad on farm and had started working there at a early age. He also wrestled for a long time and had trained som boxing aswell.
He was strong and well trained but not very big at 172cm and 64kg.
He had never really gutpunched but he had taken some punches from his friends and on boxing training.
But he was a tough kid and he sure could take a lot. He was proud of his sixpack.

His four friends, Mike, Ken, Jimmy and Robert was not as trained as Marcus; he always made a little fun of them because he was the athlete of them.
But they had planned of shutting him up, they knew that he was never afraid of a challange but this was going to be a tough one.
They had done some gutpunching, just the four of them and they could punch pretty hard to. One day they asked Marcus if he wanted to try some GP.

"Yes,sure. These abs could need a workover" he laughed.
"But it´s not one on one, it´s going to be us four against you because you are the most well trained among us."

Marcus thought for a little while and then accepted the challenge, he was confident in his sixpack and loved to test his strenght.
"One more thing" Mike said, "We want to wear a glove to protect our hands."

"Sure, no problem." Marcus said.
What he didn't know was that they had made a special glove just for him. It had a round peace of metal over the fingers, so it would do more damage and inflict more pain on Marcus muscles.

They decided that the next night was challenge night.

Marcus was really confident that he would win, even if he was getting punched by all four. He didn't know that they had trained some GP before and thougt that they wouldn't punch really hard.

"OK, here are the rules" said Jimmy,
"Hands behind your head, if you hesitate or try to stop a punch you get one more punch. And you loose when you cant take no more or say stop.
So you must brake us four but we only have to brake you. You go first and give us five punches each."

"Only five" said Marcus, "can´t we make it ten?"
"Sure, if you want to" answered Jimmy.
This means Marcus has to get 40punches just to get even whith them.

Robert was the one that gonna get punched first, Marcus didn´t punched hard at first but he realised that Robert was smiling at him so the next punch was harder.
But is was no problem for Robert and he took his punches whithout problems.

Ken was the biggest of them so Marcus punched harder on him, but no problem for him to stand all ten punches.

Jimmy was about Marcus size and he punched him real hard, he grounted a little but no problem.
Marcus was getting a little worried now, he thougt that he would maybe brake one of them whit ten punches.

Mike was maybe a little longer than Marcus but he had no problem whit his punches whatsoever.

"OK, your turn now. You must take 40 punces or you loose the bet."
"Knock yourself out" Marcus laughed at them.

Robert was the first to punch, he asked Marcus to take his shirt off and so he did.
"I want to see the damage i do", he said.
Marcus smiled at him but stopped when he got his eyes on the glove they were going use
"You agreed we could use a glove, and we are going too use it."
Marcus didn´t want to be a wimp so he let them use the glove.

Whith his back against the wall and arms on his head he was a nice target.
The first punch was on the upper abs, and it hurt like burning hell.
The second to the same spot, only this time Robert gave it all he got,and the punch was really hard and the metal hurt his muscles badly.
But it continued, the rest of Robert punches was really hard and all to the upper abs.
His upper abs was bright red and in real pain, but he didn`t show it

Ken was second, he was big and could punch hard
The first punch landed right were Roberts did, but it was really really hard and Marcus grounted a little but took the punch whitout breaking.
All Punches was really hard and to the upper abs and Marcus was in some real pain now.