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Jason Michaels knows how to work over other men. He's a tough guy in his late twenties- smart, handsome and wicked with his fists. The blond-haired man works for Donny Palmero whom you might call a kinder, gentler kind of mobster. Donny doesn't sell drugs. Nor does Donny do real violence except when backed into a corner. His way is the smart way for a modern day gangster to stay out of jail.

So Jason doesn't execute a lot of the heavy work usually associated with surrogates for a mob boss. Oh, occasionally he gets asked to beat up some guy who hasn't paid a debt or who is asking too many questions. Jason has become real efficient taking care of such situations.. He confronts the guy, disables him with a couple of quick punches, then takes his time delivering punishment to remember. Jason often wears leather gloves. They protect his knuckles but don't offer as much padding for his blows as boxing gloves would. Maximum impact without damaging his hands.

Sometimes Jason takes along a partner. He really enjoys that. The partner holds up the target while Jason works him over with both fists. Jason usually focuses on body shots. They do the job and humiliate Donny's enemies. But punches to the stomach don't raise questions by marking up some dumbfuck's face. Jason will taunt the guy being held up. Then he wades in with lefts and rights to the gut. He likes to take it slowly, getting into a rhythmic pattern as he digs one fist after another into the helpless body in front of him. Jason also likes the feeling he gets as his hands sink into the gut of the other man. If the target has strong stomach muscles, well, that's even better. Jason knows a muscular gut can take even more punches without suffering internal damage. So he gets to linger over the beating, wearing down the abs with his fists until they soften up or the victim can't keep them tight anymore.

Jason knows it's important to stay in shape. He's a better fighter when he's lean and mean. Donny pays his bodyguards well, so Jason has all the gear he needs to work out, including a small ring in a gym room at home. Jason's favorite workout includes lots of boxing exercises- the speed bag, heavy bag, jumprope. Plus medicine ball and other ab work to keep his own gut as punchproof as possible. Jason?s daily regimen has paid off in muscular arms, powerful shoulders and a v-shaped frame with a classic set of washboard abs.

Jason thinks guns are for pussies. He'd rather take care of situations with his bare hands. He knows the real way to settle differences between two men is with a standup fistfight. Just two men and their closed fists. He knows he can humiliate another man by working him over. Sometimes the beatings become a lesson, a lesson which can change attitudes.

One such lesson was needed recently. Donny was having trouble with a guy named Zander, a street kid in his late teens or early twenties who knew too much and didn't know how to keep his mouth shut. Donny gave Jason the job-- shut the guy up or make him go away. Jason knew Zander, knew him as a stupid punk, but also knew the kid has potential. Perhaps even in Donny's organization. So Jason set out to teach him a little respect.

At 6-3, 220 Jason is lean, but muscular with long arms for extra reach. He?s got a great build for fighting. And his hand speed can be surprising. Sometimes fights are over quickly, that is, over except for the extra punches thrown in to make a point. Jason had that kind of fight in mind for Zander. And he was going to do it the old fashioned way... ambush the guy on a dark street, drag him into an alley, then let his fists do the talking.

That's the way it happened. Zander's a bit shorter than Jason but pretty solid himself. But his strength didn't help the dark-haired young man this time. Just as he rounded a corner late at night, Jason stepped up and planted a big fist right into Zander's gut. An uuggghhh escaped his mouth. Zander doubled over only to be whacked to his knees by a double-handed blow to his back.

Zander was wearing a dark t-shirt and jeans. Jason grabbed him by the shirt and dragged him into the alley. He pushed Zander up against the wall, his left arm pinning the young man across his upper chest. Jason was wearing his usual attire, a leather jacket, no shirt underneath and leather gloves. He made a gloved fist and delivered an underhanded punch into Zander's stomach. The blow made Zander want to double over again, but Jason held him up. A second right hand found its mark. A third time Jason drew back his fist and drove it straight into Zander's body.

With that, Jason let the guy loose. Zander slumped to his knees, clutching his midsection. Jason took off his leather jacket and set it aside carefully. Now shirtless, his muscular frame stood over the street punk. Jason started talking.... "You?re acting like an asshole and you know it. I'm here to deliver a message from Donny Palmero. Straighten up or else you'll get hurt a lot more. What I'm going to do to you tonight is just a warmup for what could happen next time."

Jason didn't have to go into details- Zander knew what had pissed off Donny. But he wasn?t about to take a beating without fighting back. From his knees, Zander launched a fist at the bare gut in front of him. His knuckles landed on solid muscle. Again, the dark-haired guy gutpunched Jason, right in the pit of his shirtless stomach. Jason just threw back his head and laughed. "Can't you hit any harder than that? Let me show you how to throw a punch." With that, Jason pulled Zander to his feet and pinned him back against the alley wall. This time Jason bullied his way inside, using both arms to open up room for a body attack. And attack he did. Jason delivered a series of rights and lefts straight into Zander's gut. The thud of leather gloves against Zander's body echoed in the alley, as did the grunts and groans escaping from the young man as each punch landed.

Jason had to give the guy credit. He stood there and took his punishment like a man without whining or asking for mercy. And Zander's gut was tough, real tough. Jason felt sold muscle underneath that shirt. Each blow landed on solid abs. Zander was flexing them defensively. Jason knew Zander couldn't keep that protection up much longer. So he kept pounding away, deliberately burying one fist after another into the younger man's body.

Zander stood there, arms draped over Jason's bare shoulders, helpless to stop the body punches. The dark-haired man felt his resistance wane. His gut muscles got weaker and weaker. The punches hurt more and more. He couldn't take too much of this but didn't want to give Jason the satisfaction of hearing him quit. So the beating continued. Zander couldn't see the damage being down downstairs. Jason was hunched over, working in real close. But Zander could feel each fist land solidly in his stomach. Each blow connected with a solid thud. Each punch spread a sickening feeling of surrender from his gut through the rest of his body.

Jason knows one thing for sure... the way to take the fight out of a man is through punches to the body. So he knew how Zander was feeling just then- defeated and even humiliated. A man's gut is the center of his strength. Jason was sucking Zander's strength dry with a brutal series of punches into the pit of the stomach.

However, Jason did not want to do too much damage. This was just a message being delivered. But once a fight gets to this stage, it's hard for Jason to back off. Very hard. He gets into a deeply satisfying zone, almost like sex, where he can't stop pumping his fists over and over again into the body in front of him. Jason had entered that zone in the alley. Stripped to the waist, he also had the urge to take off his leather gloves, rip open Zander's shirt and actually feel the guy's abs buckle under his bare fists. Fist against gut until gut gives up.

But not this time. Jason took a deep breath, backed off and let Zander fall down. The kid just crumpled to the asphalt and stayed there, doubled up from the punishment to his stomach. Once again Jason had done the dirty work, beating up one of Donny's targets yet not marking up the guy's face to attract attention.

Jason stood over his victim for a moment, fists still clenched. Damn it was hard to stop. He wanted to keep working the guy over. But he had plans for Zander. So Jason left a parting message: "Donny told me to go easy on you. He thinks you might have potential if you'd stop acting like a stupid punk." The words took Zander by surprise. He looked up at the bare-chested man standing over him. He could barely cough out a response "You just beat the fuck out of me and now you're giving me compliments?" Jason put up his dukes, assumed a fighting stance and replied "If you're interested in a job, and if you want to learn how to use your fists like I do. well, you know where to find me."

With that, Jason pulled his leather jacket back on and walked off. Zander was slow to get to his feet. The aching gut muscles were there to remind him of Donny Palmero. And of the message delivered by the two gloved fists of Jason Michaels.