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Mark and Will, friends for life .... by Rob

Mark and Will

Mark and Will had been friends for years. They had gone to school together, played sports together, now worked together and were roommates while they both were going to college.
They were both macho guys that were tough, and very muscular. Mark had big arms, and was very thick and muscular, whereas Will was lean and ripped. They worked out together.
And like a lot of guys they would wrestle around for fun. But since Mark was more muscular, he usually would win the matches. Since it was always in good fun, it never really mattered.
They were the best of friends, and had a special bond. They had each other's back and were fiercly loyal to one another.
While in college, Mark had begun dating Amber, a foxy brunette who had legs and an ass that were second to none. It started out mainly as a sexual thing. They were both attractive people,
and both were young, so it was mainly about fun. Mark was a womanizer, and while Will never had trouble with the ladies, he usually was more of a romantic. Over time, Amber became very serious about Mark, and although Mark was getting somewhat serious about her too, he never really showed it. One night when Mark, Will, and Amber were hanging out together at their place, they were all drunk. Mark had already passed out on the couch. Amber began to make some serious moves on Will. And although Will was loyal to his friend, he in a moment of weakness betrayed his buddy by sleeping with his girlfriend. Although he felt really guilty about it, he couldn't tell Mark. But he knew he was developing feelings for Amber.
So next thing you know, Amber and Will are finding times when Mark is away to have rendezvous. Usually they would meet in neutral locations, but as time went by, and it seemed like they would never get caught, Will started getting sloppy. He began having Amber come over to Mark and his place while Mark was away. Will became more and more adventurous about his secret. One day when Amber was over, Will decided he wanted to fuck her in Mark's bed. As he was pounding away on her, Mark walked right in on them. Neither of them had heard a sound.
You would've thought as big of a guy as Mark is, he would just kick Will's ass. But he was blindsided by the betrayal of his lifetime friend. So, he just turned and walked out of the room. It was as though he was in denial about the whole thing. Or so Will thought. Later on that day at work, Will went up to his buddy Mark to apologize for his blatant act of betrayal. Mark just shrugged at him and said, "it's okay man. I'd probably have done the same thing." He jokingly told Will, "don't worry, I'll have to pay you back someday for it." He said it with a chuckle, so Will assumed it was all in good fun. He was relieved that everything was cool.
They both worked together at a warehouse, and it was the middle of August. It was hot and humid as hell. They were both hand loading a trailer in a dock door, and both of them were sweating profusely.
So Will decided to take of his shirt. It revealed his sweaty, perfect abs. Mark decided to take his shirt off as well. His abs were a picture of perfection as well. He had thick abs, with deep grooves in between each set of abs. They were stacking bags of concrete onto the trailer which was headed to a landscaping company. The bags were about 100 lbs. each. Mark began flexing his muscles. He did this, because although Will had been fucking his girl, he knew that Will had really done so because he didn't like the idea of any girl being with him. Because he secretly had a thing for his buddy. They had been friends and roommates for years. They had fucked girls together even. But there were a few nights when they were drunk when Will would play around, and "accidentally" touch Mark's crotch. Mark had woken up on several occassions after both of them had gotten shitfaced the night before to see his buddy curled up next to him. And the truth is, he liked Will too. But he didn't want to admit it.As Mark was flexing his perfect muscles, he caught Will catching a look or two. Although he knew Will was turned on by the sight of it, he knew it would also embarrass his buddy to call him out on it. Neither of them wanted to face the fact that they were in love with each other. But he was still mad that his friend would have the audacity to fool around with his girl...even if he wasn't really into her too much.
So, he asked Will what he thought about his abs. Will replied in a way that made it seem like he didn't think too much about it. "Yeah, they're alright man." He turned back around to throw the next bag of concrete into the stack, and Mark replied, "No, I know you're into them." He walked up behind Will and before Will had the chance to brace for it, Mark put him in a chokehold. Will squirmed to get free, but Mark had too much strength. Mark whishpered into his friends' ear, "I thought we were closer than that! How could you fuck with my girl." Will continued to squirm and tap on Mark's arm. He had a look of fear and regret in his eyes. With one of his hands, Mark rubbed Will's head and said, "go to sleep buddy. Because when you wake up, the real fun is going to begin." And within a few moments, the sleeper hold had Will out like a light.
The warehouse they worked in was barely staffed. It was a small operation, and Mark and Will were 2 of only 3 workers. The other guy wasn't even there that day, so they pretty much had the dock all to themselves.
While Will was out, Mark had tied his hands up above his head, had his legs spread out and tied to two steel bars the served as supports to the metal warehouse building, and had his back up against the wall. He had him stretched out to where his sexy abs were completely exposed for punishment. Mark began to slap Will's face to get him to come to. When he did, he begged for his friends' forgiveness.
"Mark, man you're my best friend. I am so sorry. I screwed up big time man."
"You sure did," Mark replied. "We can still be friends, but I need to get this out of my system. Trust me, we'll both be glad we just got this resolved."
And with that, Mark began to unleash a barrage of fists into Will's flexed and well muscled abs. "Huh...uhhh" Will let out. He was able to hold his own, but it still hurt like hell. Mark kept on punching his abs, except over time he began to slow down the punches and got in closer to Will and punched deeper and more methodical to break him down. This went on for what seemed like an hour. Will was a tough dude. He did 700 crunches a day to get those abs.
It was going to take a lot to break him. But luckily for Mark, they had about 7 more hours of work time, and no one to stop him.
"Why did you do it man? And in MY bed!?" Mark said.
"I don't know, man. It started out not in your bed, but other places. Over time I just got cocky about it."
"Oh, so you had fucked her several times before that? News to me. Well, that's okay buddy. Once I even the score, we'll be cool." Mark said.
"Bro, please. I'm sorry. I can't take much more of this man. My stomach is killing me," Will said. "Trust me," Mark said, "you ain't seen nothing yet. I have a lot more punishment, and you haven't even seen the half of it."
Will knew that nobody was there at the warehouse to hear him if he screamed for help. Mark calmly walked away, leaving Will tied up. Will panicked. What is he doing, he wondered? Where is he going? He began to try and wiggle his way loose from the bondage he was in. A few moments later, Mark came strutting back in carrying a metal baseball bat. Will's eyes were the size of saucers. He begged Mark not to hurt him. "Dude, I'll do anything. Please don't hit
me with that ba...." Before he could even finish his sentence, Mark rammed the big end of the bat as hard as he could into Will's unflexed abs.
Will moaned as tears streamed down his face. He couldn't breath. He felt like he needed to throw up, but he was so paralyzed by the pain, he couldn't do anything. As he tried to regan his composure, Mark rammed him again with the fat end of the bat. Will was letting out the deepest, most helpless moan of pain you could imagine. It sounded like a mix of pure agony, with what seemed like a moan of intense ecstacy, like after you blow a big load. But I don't think there was much pleasure involved.
One after another, Mark punished Will's stomach with that bat. He was never able to flex his abs because that first hit threw him off guard. So every hit sunk deeper and deeper into his abs. Mark then began to ram it in as hard as he could, and then dig around his guts with it. After a while, Will was so punch drunk from it, that he stopped resisting altogether and just stoop there and took it. His legs began to buckle, but the way he was tied up, he couldn't sink down. He just hung there in place. You could hear his helpless guts sloshing around. After a few more jabs, he was out. Mark cut him down.
His body just slumped onto the floor. Mark rolled him over on his back, and left his stomach exposed. Will was out for about an hour. When he came to, he rolled over, and clutched his belly. He was moaning so deeply because his poor guts were destoryed.
He looked over and saw his friend Mark staring at him. Again, he apologized for hurting his friend mark by screwing around with his girl. He had tears rolling down his face, not only because of the pain his stomach was in, but also because he was ashamed he
had betrayed his friend. Mark walked over, helped Will up and hugged him. And then without warning, he balled his fist up, and sunk it deep in Will's abs. He could feel with his fist, Will's guts. He mashed them around with his fist. Will just stood there and moaned in Mark's ear. He was still too weak to really try and defend himself. He tried to let out a cry begging Mark to stop, but it was just groans. This was turning Mark on. His dick was fully hard and throbbing. He started rubbing Will's stomach. He then began rubbing underneath Will's waistban. Even though Will was in so much pain, this was a fantasy coming true. His buddy Mark was touching his cock. He began to grow hard. All of a sudden, all of the pain was a huge turn on for him as well. With each punch to Will's gut, he seemed to get more and more hard. With one hand, Mark punched Will in the gut. With the other, he caressed his shaft.
"Unbutton my jeans," Mark barked at Will. Will eagerly unbuttoned them. Mark's jeans fell around his ankles. "Now, get on you knees bud."
Will got onto his knees, as Mark set up a contraption. He then told Will to lie on it on his stomach. It was a metal bar that poked up out of the ground a little bit. It fit into his belly button. Mark layed on his back and took his brief off to show a fully erect cock. He scooted up so that as Will lay on that bar, he could tighten his abs so that he could try and protect his belly, while at the same time torturing himself as he went down and gave Mark a blowjob.
"If you want to suck my cock, you have to be willing to untense your muscles so you can come down and get it. He used all his strength to keep his abs tight...but he wanted that dick in his mouth so he would loosen up and go down for it. He slobbed on Mark's knob until
the pain of the bar in his gut made him feel like he was going to throw up, so then he would tighten back up. He kept it up until he no longer had the strenght to tighten his abs, and he collapsed onto Mark's dick and slurped and sucked on it even while he could feel the metal bar punishing his belly button. Mark began to sweat and moan as he came close to cumming. Suddenly he burst in Will's mouth. Will swallowed load after load of cum. He lay there with his face on Mark's belly, in total ecstacy as his dreams had come true. That and he didn't have the strength to get up. He was moaning in pleasure from the dream come true, but also because the metal bar was forced in his belly.
Mark finally rolled him over, and went down on his fully erect dick and sucked on Will's cock and balls until he splooged all over his face. They lay there for what seemed like hours. But they finally got up, brushed off, and loaded up to go home. Mark had to help Will up
because his stomach muscles were so shot that he could barely move. They went home, showered together, and Mark put Will in bed with him, and massaged his defeated stomach until he went to sleep. And they remain the best of friends to this day!