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Showdown with Matt

Alternate Chapter II by Michael

{Disclaimer: This alternate story line was written with the permission of Luke using the characters created by R.H. All effort was made to remain within the established characters of Matt and the Jock. However with no information to work with, I have taken artistic license to give one of Matt's henchmen a name (Ted) and give both Jake and Ted defined personalities. No infringement on the original author's (R.H.) work is intended and all credit for the original character design and story structure rests with R.H.}


When I'd finally dragged myself up to my feet and started home, my mind wandered through thoughts of how helpless I was to the three. It wasn't even the fact that I had been beaten that bothered me so much, it was the fact that I'd been beaten by the likes of those three in front of my friends. The beating from that last slime ball in the speedo really irked me, even Jake could take that wimp and yet I was held helpless against him.

The more I thought about it though, the more two facts seemed to dawn upon me. First was the fact that while yes, I had much more muscle mass then the other three, it was undefined and to be honest, a bit chunky. I remember I could actually see my stomach rippling from the impacts of the fist, much more then Matt's had. I was clear to me now, I was simply too big and slow to effectively fight more then one of the three. The second thing that dawned on me was the fact that I might not be as helpless to the circumstances as I thought. I knew Jake could handle that speedo'd wimp without any trouble. That just left Matt and his tanned toady, Ted.

Right after dinner I went up to my room and started to hatch a plan. I knew Ted was a rich kid and if there was anything rich kids liked most, it was money. I was pretty sure the only reason Ted hung around Matt was both to maintain a bully image and because the bully himself slipped him a twenty every now and then. Well now we will see if a hundred will be enough to at the very least, buy the kid's loyalty away from Matt. Deciding to set up the fight for the following day, I headed out of my room to Jake's.

Needless to say my brother wore a bit of a shameful look on his face when I stepped in. Closing the door behind me, I stepped over to his bed and sat down while he turned about in his desk chair and watched me in silence. Finally after sitting there for a good two or three minutes in silence I figured out exactly what I wanted to say.

"Jake… Listen… About the fight today…" I started but he interrupted.

"You got your but kicked. What's there to talk about?" he grumbled.

"Yeah, I know that. But you saw it, they sucker-punched me just when I was winning." I replied back.

"So? You deserved it going up against Matt alone like that. I mean, come on, how conceded can you be?" Jake replied with a bit of venom in his voice.

"Yeah… I know that too. I know I'm not as good as I think. But that's what I came to talk to you about." I replied and stopped to see if my brother would hear me out.

"Oh, you want to finally admit you're one ugly spud?" Jakes teased and leaned forward, giving me a playful shot in the arm. I was very relieved to see he wasn't as cross with me as I though.

"Hey, I might not have Matt's looks, but I have enough muscle mass to put a real hurting on him." I answered with a smile.

"And what about Ted and 'rubber undies' boy?" Jake asked and sat back.

"Hehe!! This is the part you're going to like. Ted and I are going to handle Matt. You're going to take down 'freako'." I answered.

"Are you serious? I get to beat him up without the other two stopping me? Man every kid in school hates him, I can't wait. How are you going to get Ted to stand out though?" Jake replied with a smile crossing his lips.

"Well I'm going to blow a month's worth of allowance money but it'll be worth it to get him out of Matt's corner." I answered.

"Think he'll go for that? He's been with Matt since he moved here." Jake asked.

"I think that's part of it too. He cling to Matt because he pays him and offers the protection of himself and 'freako'. Ted's never had anything close to a friend here and if we show him we're serious about getting him away from Matt, then maybe, just maybe that wanting for a real friend might hold him on our side." I replied and marveled at my own line of logic.

"Well, sounds like a plan. Might not be a good plan but it's a plan. I'm in." Jake replied, pulling off his shirt and turning towards the door.

"Great… Headed to the gym?" I asked, quite happy I'd redeemed myself in Jake's eyes'.

"Yep. Want to make sure I'm in the best shape to beat the tar out of old 'rubber undies'." Jake answered with a grin and headed downstairs to the gym in our garage.

Deciding I could use some actually muscle tone rather then bulk, I followed along behind Jake. The next day, I made a discrete phone call to first to Ted to set our plan in motion and then issued a rematch ultimatum to Matt's voicemail. The plan was now in motion and like clockwork the three bullies showed up in the same lot I'd been beaten in the day before. The only difference now was that Jake was at my side, shirtless like me and we were both ready for a fight.

"You two are going to regret this." Matt barked out.

"Eat it Matt." Jake spat back and raised his fists.

Watching the group carefully, I noted that Ted had positioned himself slightly behind Matt. Trailing my gaze to meet his, I saw him send me a wink before raising his fists. Smiling slightly, I raised mine, Matt and his third crony did the same and we advanced on each other.

Jake and the boy in the speedo went at it and since I was sure he could take him, I centered my attention on Matt. I wanted to make sure he thought things were going to go his way so I opened myself up to a punch strait to the stomach. Tightening my still soar abs, I took the shot as best I could, but it was a strong one and Matt made sure to plow it right into my liver.

"Uuung!" I groaned out and raised my arms out to the sides. As far as Matt was concerned, I was daring him to continue. However it was to get my hand out of Matt's field of view. Ted looked concerned and was about to step forward and grab Matt but I gave him a thumbs up, indicating I was ok for the moment. That was until Matt hammered another fist into my stomach and my abs gave up faster then I was expecting.

"Uuuuhhhh!" I groaned out again and this time started to regret letting him get the first hits in. Ted however wasn't about to see his deal go down the drain and so grabbed a hold of Matt's arms, snaking his around Matt's and pulling them back.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Matt screamed out.

His answer however was not verbal, but physical, in the form of my fist crossing the boy's face.

His whole body shook as I knocked him senseless, even his perfectly defined abs went visibly soft. It didn't make any difference, they couldn't hold up to my fists anyway. With Matt held tightly in Ted's arms, I proceeded to exact my revenge on his body. One fist, then the other rammed forward into his stomach each producing a groan from the boy.

"Ooooph!" he gasped out as I sunk a hard punch into his solar plexus.

By now Matt's abs had gone completely soft and so I started pounding 1 2 combinations into his soft gut as hard as I could. I could feel each punch sink deep into the boy's midsection. His warm and now sweat covered stomach enveloped my fist as if it were trying to escape around it. Matt let out painful moans with each punch as I continued to drive my right mercilessly into his stomach and my left viciously into his liver.

After only five minutes he was crumbling in Teds arms. It was clear Ted enjoyed the sight of his former bull/boss getting the tar beaten out of him, but his arms were starting to get tired.

"Hey man. Think he's had enough? I'm getting a little tired." Ted asked.

"Nah, but here, help be get him up against the light pole." I replied.

We each took a hold of one of Matt's arms and dragged him to the pole. Before we let him go though our gazes connected for a moment and we both seemed to get the same idea. Each of us held one of Matt's arms out to the sides wile we used out free arms to pound fists into his gut. Each punch from the two of us was pure devastation to the young man as his stomach gave no resistance at all and each shot plowed nearly three quarters of the way through his body.

Two more minutes passed while we mercilessly beat Matt's innards into pulp. By then I changed my stance to Ted to take a breather. Placing my hand around Matt's throat, I held him up on my own and continued to punish the boy's midsection.

Matt took another minute of solid right punches to his stomach before he started to slide down the pole. I didn't want to let him go yet and knew I could hold him up if I switched to uppercuts. Switching hands so he could work on Matt's right side for the finish, I put my right hand under his chin and started to plow uppercuts into his liver. Each punch made the boy convulse as I bashed his already aching organs.

I managed to hold him up for ten of fifteen more of the crushing blows. Each one pounded up into his midsection with every ounce of strength I could muster. By the time the final few impacted his aching stomach, saliva was dripping from his mouth and he looked about ready to throw up.

Thirteen… *Thud* Ooooohhhh!…

Fourteen… *Thud* Oooooo…

Fifteen… *Thud* Hhooorr…

That was it, Matt's body could take no more. The beaten teenager convulsed violently as I withdrew the hand from his neck and hammered one last left into his stomach. His head feel against his chest as he started to double over. I considered holding him up with my fist in his stomach but it was obvious by the way his body was spasming he was throwing up, so I pulled my fist back and let him collapse to the ground.

Matt fell to his knees and rolled onto his side as he vomited in the grass. I had to admit, seeing the boy at my feet, beaten to the point where he threw up filled me with more then pride. I wanted to do it to him again and again after that. Matt's body was made for this and now that I had Ted on my side, this would happen a whole lot more often.

After Matt had finished emptying his stomach, he did me the favor of rolling onto his back. The image was just too inviting. Without hesitation I stepped up to the boy's side, crouched down and then leapt up. Aiming as best I could, I came down with both feet into his stomach, my right landing up near his solar plexus and my left sinking into his lower guts.

"Ooooooohhhhhh!!!…" Matt elicited a long low moan as I thumped down into his gut. I didn't bother to step out either, instead I stood in my defeated enemy's midsection and watched Jake finish up with speedo boy. Matt laid there in absolute agony, he couldn't believe the pain he was in or the fact that Ted had switched sides. Eventually some more bile started to leek from his lips and he lolled his head to the side and threw up again from the constant pressure of my feet in his stomach. I still didn't move, Matt was mine to do with as I pleased now and I wouldn't let him loose until Jake was done.

That time came rather quickly actually. Jake had the fight won with almost the first punch. He'd spent the entire time Ted and I were working to Matt, just beating the third bully's face into a bloody mess. As Jake stood up and wiped his bloody hands off on the kid's joke of a swim suit, I finally took my leave of Matt's stomach and stepped out. Matt gasped and let out another moan but a moment later he went silent as consciousness finally left him.

"Well. This was a productive day." Ted announced cheerfully.

"Indeed." Replied Jake as he walked up with a smile across his face.

"Just one last thing though. Payback for yesterday." I replied to Ted.

"Now wait a minute!…" he blurted out.

"Relax." I chuckled. "We'll do it in my garage gym and you can quite any time. I just want a little payback is all."

"Errr. Fine then. We doing this today?" Ted asked. "We're all a bit tired I imagine."

"We can wait until next weekend." I replied and put a friendly arm over the other young man's shoulder. "Today we just show you around and next week it's payback time."

"Ok, fine." Ted replied and relaxed as we all walked back towards my house.