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GUT FIGHT CLUB by Sweatyabs


The Club

Kirk was a real stud. He had muscles of steel from his strenuous construction job, years of playing
competitive sports, and hours and hours spent in the gym lifting weights and working out. Looking at his
chiselled hard buff muscular body would give a straight guy a boner. He was a stud and he knew it. He always got any woman he wanted. He was a star athlete. He seldom lost in game,fight, you name it. The problem is his arrogance ate at other guys, and made him many an enemy that would love to see him broken.

So he was not surprised when several guys at the gym approached him and said they wanted him to join their club. The Gut Fight Club. It was for guys who enjoyed fighting, but this involved much more guts than a fight club. It was for guys who loved to brutally physically punish an opponents body with their bare fists,
and weren't afraid to submit their body to brutal bare fisted beatings. Guys who know that their bodies
were rock hard and able to take a brutal beating to their bare defenseless torso. Guys who knew they were
very strong mentally and able to take extreme pain dished out by another guys bare fists.

There were five rules in the Gut Fight Club. First, and second were that no one talk about the gut fight club.
Third, no one wears shirts in the Gut Fight Club. Fourth, a guy takes the beating to his gut from the other
members until he says stop or taps out (naturally, an admission of weakness if done early in the pummeling).And fifth, new members have to take a beating from all of the club's members that are present on their first night with no option to stop or tap out until all members get to take their licks at his gut. Each member would get 50 undefended shots at his gut meat. The members called it 'tenderizing' the new guy's gut meat. Kirk would find out why they called it tenderizing soon enough.

Kirk knew he was more man than these boys could break. He peeled his sweaty shirt off over his head and
proudly displayed his ripped abs. The other members all stared at his perfect gut meat. Some of the guys
became obviously boned, and they all ripped off their shirts, as required by the third rule of the Gut Fight
Club. The members grabbed Kirk by the wrists and put tight leather cuffs on them and pulled his hands up
over his head suspending him in the middle of the room. They fastened leather cuffs to his ankles and tied him so that his feet were spread wide apart. Kirk could not use his arms or lift his knees or curl up in any
way to protect his gut meat. It was now fully, proudly displayed for all of the members to inspect and
work over.

Kirk knew that there was no stopping, no tapping out of this brutal initiation, but he knew his abs were hard
as steel and he was proud to prove it to this room of guys. There were 20 guys besides Kirk in the room.
Each guy gets 50 shots at his helplessly exposed gut meat. Kirk did the math, 1000 hard shots at his flexed
abs. He hoped none of them hurt their knuckles or sprain their wrists on his hard ab meat,he laughed to himself.

Then Kirk noticed two things. All of the members had respectable slabs of ab meat themselves, and each member's abs were marked, no, they had burned in scars, brands that read GFC. Shit, they'd all been branded. No one bothered to tell Kirk about this detail. Kirk looked down at his sweaty chiselled steeled abs. What the hell, he figured the GFC brand was going to look good burned into his sculpted abs. Then he noticed the guys were passing around something metal, oh shit, brass knuckles, and they were all putting the brass knuckles on both hands. He heard them calling the brass knuckles the 'tenderizers'. Kirk looked down at his abs again.
Kirk loved his abs. He loved the way they looked. They were sexy. Kirk started getting hard himself. Then
he realized his beautiful slab of ab meat was going to be destroyed before his eyes, unable to stop it.
He knew they would soon be shreaded up like a tenderized slab of red meat art the grocery. They were going to fuck up his perfect abs, his sexy gut meat.

To make it worse, they explained that he should try hard to not go unconscious. If he does, they will continue anyway, and his gut meat will really be fucked up for sure.

To be continued...