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by gutpunchlad



Jake & Michael have been friends since they were only 1 year old, they went
to playschool together, and all the way through their school lives. The lads
are now both in further education, and hold a part-time Sunday job at the
garden centre i work at. Michael is a keen swimmer and is 6ft tall and has
the typical swimmers build - slim but very defined muscles, but will not
show them off to anyone except his girlfriend Nicole. Jake on the other hand
loves to show off his hot body especially his ripped abs and is far more
confident than his best mate Michael.

Unfortunately for Michael, Jakes cocky attitude and good looks helped Nicole
stray one drunken night away from Michael into the defined arms of Jake,
Michael doesn't know anything has happened but Jake sure is feeling guilty
about the situation. Sunday comes around and Michael and Jake both arrive
together at the garden centre that warm sunny summers afternoon, Jake strips
off his casual top, loving the attention he gets from the other staff -
including me, Andy, telling this true story! Jake walks around the staff-
room for a minute or so before putting on his burgandy work uniform,
occasionally you can tell he gives his abs a quick flex as there is a mirror
to see his own reflection in on one side of the room. The day continues as
usual until roughly 1pm when Michael tells me that he knows that his
girlfriend cheated on him with his best buddy Jake, and that he wants me
to help sort him out and teach him a lesson....

...The plan is set. 8 pallets of compost in rows make up the outside areas
compost section, Michael would walk down one way, shadowing Jake in the next
aisle. I'm walkin with Jake, chattin about his abs, how he keeps them so
toned and strong, we decide, as the sun is beating down to jump up onto
one pallet of compost, and lay for a moment and relax for a bit. Michael went
round the pallet and jumped up next to Jake who by now has taken his shirt
off to tan his abs, and laid back on the compost with his arms stretched
above his head. Wow, his abs look so amazing with him stretched out in that
position - It's a shame for me that Michael wants to trap him, with my help,
and pound the crap out of his abs!! Just thinking about hitting his abs right
there next to me is sending me into deep sexual fantasy and passion.

I jumped off the pallet of compost, so i was behind Jake, so i could pin his
arms when Michael jumped onto his upper legs, but i decided to jump up on the
pallet and use my whole weight to hold down his biceps, and of course, to
get a much better view of that amazing six pack get it's beating! The time
was now, Michael moved at the same time as me, jumping onto Jake at the
same time that I did, he struggled. Wacthing every muscle in his upper body
was so horny, his biceps, trapped by my legs were tensed, the veins working
the blood through to his arms, flexed like they'd never flexed before. Jakes
chest heaved, his amazing stomach, stretched out more now by both our weights
at each end of his gorgeous body pulsated, his defined 6 pack tensed and
untensed as his breathing was vigorous. Watching his muscles tighten up and
smooth out as he tensed and relaxed was a beautiful sight which i will never
be able to, or want to forget.

Jake at this point thinks we've bundled him for a laugh and has calmed down
from the initial shock of us two both jumping on him, however, Michaels face
changed to a far more serious and sinister look. He gruffly said "after all
we've been through in our 17 years on Earth i never thought you would lure
my girlfriend away from me"

"WAH?" said Jake, "How did..." "...mate i'm sorry, i was really drunk, and i
know it was wrong, it just happened, i'm so sorry!"

"That's not good enough Jake, all this time i've been in the background, you
have been the centre of attention, showing off those abs of yours, flexing
them at any chance, well just for a couple of days, your abs won't be shown,
unless you want everyone to realise you've been beaten so bad!!"

"What, why.... i'm sor.."

...BAM! Michael cuts Jakes apology off with a punch that centered, bang on
his beautiful large innie navel, at the centre of the washboard stomach that
even when completely unflexed, as it was at this first punch, still managed
to stop full penetration from Michaels fist. "UUUGGGhhhhh" makes it out of
Jakes mouth and instantly a red mark starts to show on Jakes smooth toned,
slightly tanned abs. "mate, i'm sorry, please forgive me, don't beat my abs,
please!" says Jake.

BAM...BAM...BAM... Jake isn't silly, he knows his formidable abs can take the
punches, but he can't let a second punch go deep into his taut body because he
hasn't flexed his brick wall abs. The sound these punches made was the most
erotic sound i've heard to date, my face was only roughly 18inches away from
the battlefield, my eyes wondered up and down Jakes body, my ears soaked up
every whimper, grunt, groan and beg for mercy, seeing a lads' abs and listening
to them get a good beating, hearing and seeing him suffer is an amazing turn on,
I had a fully erect penis already as gutpunching is very erotic to me, though
Michael and Jake did not know this. I was glad when Michael told me his plan for
domination of Jake despite how i felt sorry for his body taking the beating, i
knew though, next Sunday, he'd be back to his peak again, and I can get off
without him knowing, as we chat deeply about how it felt to have his abs blasted
whilst in such a devastatingly prone position.

10 minutes pass, not a single customer has bothered us, Sunday lunchtimes are
quiet, customers are by the lake having their dinners, very few come out to buy
compost at that time. Jakes abs have had a continual beating for this time.
BAM 2 seconds pass... BAM... BAM... BAM... BAM nearly every single punch is
low, in the bellybutton or working the way down to his pubic bone, the top of
Jakes pubes are on show from when he stretched himself out shirtless - the whole
view is one that would make every girl drool, and all the guys that are into
lads' bodies too. The red mark was a tomato colour and round in shape, roughly
the size of a football. Jakes chest and stomach were sweating copiously from
the beating, and from the sun beating down on his abs, this left him shining with
sweat which made his beautifully trim, lean body even more erotic to see. Jakes
breathing was fairly deep as he times his breathing with the beating, so he
never allows Michael to beat his unflexed stomach.

Things get worse for our stud, Jake. Michael decides he is coping far too well
with the beating he's giving out - he knows Jakes abs are weakening, he can see
them quivering as he sucks his belly in to breath after his fist has intruded
his abs. I take my legs off Jakes arms which are bright red from my weight being
on them all this time. I slide Jake forward so instead of his perfectly formed
bottom being on the edge of the compost, making a comfortable seat, the small of
his back is now touching the top of the compost, stretching down towards the
floor. This leaves Jakes sexy footballer legs dangling 6 inches above the ground.
I regain my position, pinning down Jakes arms on the top of the comost, Michael
jumps down and surveys the beautiful sight in front of him. Jake, tired, sweating,
abs stretched to breaking point by the erotic but painful position he's been
placed in. Michael watches his beautiful abs pulsating as Jake struggles for
breath, despite being stretched so tight, when Jake takes the flex off his six
pack to breath, his stomach dips in just a slight amount more as his chest expands
with the oxygen entering his lungs.

"I'm sorry Jake - this is going to hurt..." from that moment on Jakes rock hard
abs take quickfire punches to his navel, so fast and hard that he has to hold his
breath to stop his beautiful stomach being destroyed in one powerful fist,
delivered by Michael. Time is running out for Jake, he's bright red in the face,
as well as his sweaty damp abs, which have got so wet, the top of his blue banded
"Jeff Banks" boxer shorts, which are currently located at the top of the shaft of
his flaccid penis, are wet with sweat, clinging tightly to his 4 inch, soft penis.
BAM.BAM.BAM.BAM.BAM.BAM.BAM. Jakes face is screwed up in a grimace, his abs are
flexed so tightly it looks as they may explode, the veins on his whole abdominal
fortress have all raised to very near the surface and are very visible, I am
thouroughly enjoying seeing the brusied, battered, wet mid-section gettin the
beating it has deserved. Jake finally gives in, having survived every single one
of the brutal punches, except the first, fully flexed, the attractive victim has
to breath, passing out would be even worse than having to lose the flex of his abs
for one breath.

Jakes abs smooth out just slightly, as Jake takes the breath. Michael sees this, and
makes sure that this punch is harder than all the last ones, he follows through with
this one so that after the devastating punch enters his unflexed, battered, exposed
abs, he leaves his fist buried deep in the gut of his best mate Jake. Michael holds
this fist with his other arm, moves his legs back and holds himself forward so the
only thing keeping Michael from being completely horizontal, is the stomach muscles
stretched out unwillingly in front of him. Somehow, after all of Jakes air is forced
out of his weakening body, he summons up the strength to breath it all back in again,
and regain the flex on his arched, prone body. The sight is amazing, and one that I
thought impossible at this point. From nearly halfway into Jakes stomach, Michaels
fist, and all 82kg of weight holding it deep into Jakes gorgeous stomach, start
moving outwards, very slowly. Jake grits his teeth and grunts as he flexes each of
the muscular sections of his stomach, the noise coming from his mouth is similar
to a dull roar. His face has gone purple, his beautiful stomach has gone white where
the blood has been pushed away by Michaels fist.

Jake has regained his full flex and has worked his lungs so hard he can continue
breathing, while the shaken Michael regains composure, and continues the battle
down Jakes abdominal wall. The punches get harder, the stomach gets softer, Jakes
breathing gets more and more laboured, and the ratio of flexed abs punches, to non
flexed abs punches is swaying more to unflexed abs punches. Jake has resigned
himself to the beating, and although his abs are still putting up a good fight,
the grunts and groans escaping the lips of the handsome Jake are sounding more
and more painful. The redness of Jakes abs is an erotic sight, they are so beaten,
that the skin is swollen from the continued beating to his navel and lowest set
of abs, the ones that finish at the top of his pubic hairs. Michael is also tiring
his punches are slowing, and decresing in power, but are still so powerful that
as the fist enters the stretched belly, there is a dent left in the block of
muscles running down either side of Jakes perfect innie belly button. After a split
second, the dent is gone, the muscles have sprung back out, almost as if they were
unharmed by the impact.

A few minutes pass, BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM and UUHH UUUHH uuuhh UUHH UUHH uuuhh is all
that can be heard. However, Michael is about to learn that Jakes body has finally
taken all the abuse his muscles can withstand. With every punch that bounces off
his soaked wet, and now sunburnt stomach, the groans get deeper, longer and more
like they're begging for reprieve. The bad news for Jake is great news for
Michael, this is the final moments of the beating, which has gone on way longer than
expected. He knew his mate had a phenomenol set of abs, but who knew that two coils
of tightly wound steel formed the fortress we know as a six pack of abs, could take
this much abusing!!?? The last punch that Jakes abs take fully flexed has come and
gone, Michaels fist is now sinking much deeper in and it feels amazing to finally
know what Jakes guts feel like, moving around deep under his fist.

Jake although still awake has gone past the point of pain, he has his head tipped
back facing the sky, barely making a noise as his abs are being devastated below
him. A tear has formed and trickles down his cute face. Michaels anger increases,
as the frustration of the situation climaxes, fist after fist enter his abs, he
holds in each one for just a split second then pulls out, until he's completely
exhausted. Poor jakes abs are quivering, bruised and battered, but amazingly, his
six pack remains, as he breaths you can clearly see them flex and relax, flex and
relax. I am still holding Jake in his stretched position, staring at his battered
body, wanting to lick his wounded six pack better, i look further down and see
that Jakes cock is now completely erect, i don't touch it, but i do run one of my
hands down from his neck across to both of his nipples,then down the centre line
that makes up the deep ridge inbetween the valley of his abs. I reach the first row
and he flinches, and whimpers, i massage the sweat into his abs and I can feel the
precum in my boxers as i am gettin off rubbing this young lads body.

I had not realised at this point that Michael has wondered off, he has gone over
to a pallet at our stone section, these have various sized boulders in them. I
reach the middle row of Jakes abs enjoying my experience of his stretched out
stomach, he flinches more wildly and hisses in breath, the bottom part of this
set of abs is where the top of Michaels fist was hitting. It looks very sore. Next
stop for me on Jakes delicate abs is my favourite spot, i use my forefinger to
trace round and round the delicious wide deep belly button, licking my lips from
the excitement, i finally plunge my finger deep in his navel, he makes a more high
pitched noise this time, i can tell that he's getting turned on with me playing
with his bellybutton, he enjoys the pain i'm inflicting on him!! My finger, well
lubricated from his sweat slips easily and erotically in and out of his navel.
I can feel the muscle under his navel as he flexes and unflexes to let my finger
deeper into his body. I can feel myself about to cum in my underwear, despite not
having touched it once through out, and out of nowhere...

"GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR...." I pulled my finger out of Jakes navel, i feel his brickwall
tense up as i do it, harder than i had felt in the last few moments, he must have
realised he was going to hurt even worse without a flex on. Michael buried a dirty
grey boulder, egg shaped, the size of a football, narrow edge first into Jakes belly,
again it centred on his navel, the mud and dirt on the boulder could be felt as cold
and refreshing to Jakes burning skin. The THUD it made as the boulder hit was
deafening, the grunt exhaled by Jake sounded terrible, gradually Michael pulled the
boulder out of Jakes destroyed abs, put the boulder on the floor, wet his hands at
the tap behind him, and instead of wiping the dirt off his hands, he rubs both his
hands down the length of Jakes ravaged body. WOW was that a sight to see, Jakes body
looked even hotter when dirt was spread down the abdomial wall than it did clean! I
got off of Jakes arms, he fell to the floor, Michael had disappeared and i was left
with the view of Jake, laying on his back on the floor, arms to his side, shining
wet, dirt streaked abs raising and lowering with his breath. I couldn't help myself.
I jumped down from the pallet, watched a moment more, then stepped onto his sexy,
dirty stomach, all my weight on one foot, directly on his navel and I came in my
boxers as he squirmed and writhed and flexed his abs, even after all that his body
had been put through, he still fought my foot buried deep in his gut.

The End