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Steve slammed the shower door shut as he strutted into the locker room to change into his uniform for his shift. His hulking towel clad body manoeuvred through the other cops as they carried on their affairs. His relationship with them has been strained since he moved to Atlanta from Dallas. He was appointed to clean up their act but they were used to their ways and were hesitant to his ideas. His rank was the only thing that he could use to spur them to clean up their act before the crime and gang bangers took over the down town of the city. His strapping muscle bound frame rippled as he dried his body off. He wasn't insecure in a room full of men because his broad shoulders framed by barbell sized shoulders that vee-ed down to a muscular barrel chest and impregnable slabs of abs easily ordained him as a man who was in his prime. His uniform did little to hide the sweeping muscles that lay beneath. It easily drew attention as he worked the beat as the uniform strained under the pressure of the bulging muscles. Across town the gang bangers were livid at the amount of drug smuggling the cops have thwarted since Steve had been assigned to clean up the city. Raul pushed a stack of dough to Malloy and Rigger. They were going to teach the new cop a lesson with the help of his very own men. Steve met Mac at the squad car to begin cruising the streets. Mac pulled out of the police car lot when the radio alarmed of a disturbance at the east side of the city. Mac turned the wheel and sped there. The two officers reached the location. It was a turn of the century building with blackened windows. They alighted from the car and walked cautiously towards the building. Their thumbs unbuckled the gun snap from the holster and poised to reach for the gun. Steve kicked the door down with his size 13 police issued boots. He blocked Mac's way with his massive arm because he wanted to enter the dark building first. He side stepped his way in while his eyes adjusted to the dark interior. Mac gestured to his partner that there was activity upstarts and they inched their way up the steps. They could smell cigarettes and paused for any movement as the reached the top floor. Mac raised his Beretta 92 and smashed it against the back of his unsuspecting partner. The impact sent his massive body crashing down to the floor with a loud crash. Malloy, Rigger, Raul and the gang burst out of the adjoining room in a salvo of applaud as they high five'd Mac for bringing down Steve. Steve roused with a splash of cold water on his face. Steve had no idea how long he had been out. He looked around and saw Malloy grinning. His eyes darted around and recognised Raul and his gang. He turned to Mac and grunted groggily, 'What the fuck's going on?!' He tried to move his arms but two thugs pinned him onto a wall. Raul stepped forward and slapped his face to bring him out of his stupor. The full realisation of what was happening dawned upon Steve and his eyes opened wide. He seethed with rage as he cursed his captors. It only set them laughing. Raul grabbed the hulking man's collar and ripped it apart unveiling Steve's hard muscled body. His hairy massive pecs drew their attention. 'It's bouncing around more 'an that hooker broad I screwed last night. ' Raul ridiculed as a low, soft wolf whistle echoed from the back. Thickly carved pec meat bunched together forming a line of deeply shadowed cleavage between their undulating masses as his massive biceps applied their own pressures to the outer edges of the trapped man-tits. He continued to strip the shirt off the man. They finally got the full view of the size of the massive muscle bound body of their captive. 'What did I tell you', Malloy spoke, ' he's fukkin' built like a damn tank. ' He absent mindedly slapped Steve's ripped abs making the smacking sound reverberates throughout the sparse room. The gang was pleased by the beefy built of their capture as indicated by their fluttered laughter. He suddenly felt uneasy that his ripped torso was exposed to the crowd who were out to settle a score. Steve noticed his grinning partner and cursed him for setting him up but Mac pulled his broad fist back and launched a right hook into his jaw. The impact sent Steve's head thrust backwards hitting the wall. His thick bull neck was choked tightly as Mac sneered, ' you're not in control any more muscle bitch! He watched with odd amusement as Steve's asphyxiated head turned red. He put his mouth close to his partner's head and ask sadistically, ' you hear me whore?!' Steve tightened his jaw and nodded reluctantly to try to defuse the precarious situation. Unexpectedly, Mac uppercut Steve in his unprepared solar plexus. The men holding him were caught by surprised too and they released him as he instinctively curled up hugging his aching abs with a loud bellow of air from his lungs. 'You got the mother fukker good!' Raul chimed to the approval of the murmuring audience. Steve heard a mechanical click and was looking down the barrel of a Colt gun as he tilted his head up. 'Straighten up bitch', he was ordered as the waving gun indicated for him to walk across the room. 'We're gonna fukkin' school you in the ways of Atlanta. '. The hulking man walked across the room with one hand over his solar plexus when he suddenly turned and attempted to grab the gun for his captors. Before he could wrestle the gun away he was subdued by a fist in his kidney. He roared in pain as he fell to his knees. Within seconds, the other men drew their guns and aimed it on the prostrate man. He laid there wincing when a metal enforced boot was kicked into his forehead. He was thrown onto his back momentarily before he scrambled to his knees to avert any further potential attack. 'Damn fukker what are you thick? You've got some balls to think you can win. Let's see how tough you are muscle man ', Raul snapped his finger and a large man stepped forward grinning. With a roar of rage, he picked up a 6 by 4 and lumbered towards Steve menacingly. It was a contest of his manhood to prove in front of his friends against a staggering muscled cop. Steve backed away. In close contact, this younger fighter had the edge. Steve was light on his feet as his opponent brandished his club. The earlier torture was beginning to tell. In his desperation to entrap the fighter quickly, Steve got too close. The fighter reached out and grabbed Steve by the arm. His large hand encircled the thick arm and squeezed. The thumb dug in to cut off circulation. Steve's hands went up to break the crushing grip, digging his nails into the fist to try and break the hold. In a second, another hand had grabbed Steve by the inner thigh and was hauling him up in the air. He had scarcely taken it in when the ground was crashing towards him. He tensed just in time but the crash was back-breaking. It powered every gasp of breath out of him. He lay gasping for breath in the dirt covered floor. The crowd cheered in their blood-lust. Steve struggled desperately to his feet, groaning, arching his back in agony. With a tight fist, his opponent advanced on Steve slowly. Suddenly the young fighter lunged at Steve's head. Steve ducked for his life under the arm. He found the fighter's arm around his neck. With a powerful hook he managed to hit the fighter's face. Blood splattered all over his foot and legs as he tripped off his opponent. The fighter lay squirming and groaning on the ground. Holding his face, his hands covered in blood from the broken nose. With a leap, Steve fell, his elbow powering his full weight into the exposed stomach muscles. His victory didn't last long. In his laboured state he had become careless. He didn't notice Malloy move stealthily behind him and impel a pump handle between Steve's stretched out legs. It hit the large testicles Malloy had aimed for. With a thunderous roar his hands reached for his aching balls to ease the pain. They raised the hurting man by his muscled arms as he struggled to breathe. His baseball size biceps bulged by the straining. 'Hold him tight', one of the gang bangers ordered as he squeezed his fist firmly. He released a vicious uppercut into Steve's formidable abs and quickly followed through with a punch to the oblique. 'Oommphh!', the muscular victim grimaced from the pain in his gut. His abs bricks bulged as he tightened them to take the assault. The gang banger followed through with a back hand into his face. Steve was defenceless as he was lifted off his feet and body slammed hard onto the floor. His assailant watched the writhing man flex his muscles and wasted no time in driving his boots into his victim's groin. Steve's hefty pair of nuts exploded a second time with pain as he growled in protest simultaneously turning his back to his attacker. The man grabbed the wincing man by his shoulders and turned him over. His thickly muscled body was splayed out on the ground wearily. His chest hair was matted to his heavily muscle pecs as his abs gentle pounded in and out to the rhythm of his breathing. But they were not done with him yet. Raul ordered for Steve to be brought up again. It took two straining men to hold the massive man up. He clutched the meaty pecs he had noticed protruded a good 3 inches from the body and twisted them. His hand slipped from the greasy muscled pectorals as Steve flexed them so he gripped them again and twisted them as if attempting to tear them off. Steve groaned in a deep voice as he flexed to ease the pain radiating from his beefy pecs. When he was done with his muscle bound victim, Steve's body was wrecked with pain. His once solidly muscled pecs wilted from the painful abuse given to them. He was helpless as they unbuckled his belt and started to strip him of his pants. His imposing built was too weak and needed to be propped up by two men when his pants were pushed down his legs. His tree trunk thick legs bulked up with corded muscles caused the men to jeer between themselves. It was obvious why the powerfully built man was popular with the ladies. His crotch was pushed out by his massive inner thighs making his large egg sized nuts stretch his stained pair of tighty whities. They tore off the man's underwear. The cop stud's limp cock and low hanging balls swung between his strong thighs. 'Bet with nuts that size, they make you walk funny don't they big guy' one of them said kneading his balls hard like as if he was picking peaches. Steve was helplessly pinned to the wall so he flexed his abs in response to the savage treatment to his sensitive nuts. Raul fist his broad fist and drove an uppercut punch into Steve's lower abs sending him grunting out in pain. Raul kicked Steve's feet apart to expose his big cock. He spat into his hand and worked the sputum over and down the hung cop penis. He pulled and stretched the plump penis trying to make it hard to further humiliate the captive. Steve's lips pursed to suppress the sense of shame that washed over him as he stood naked in front of the men. His muscle bound body was nothing to be ashamed of but he was being treated like an animal. He drew a sharp breath as the hand between his hard thighs skinned the foreskin painfully down exposing his purple cock head. Raul noticed Steve's muscular pecs rippled. He could feel the big man's cock slowly harden and lengthen revealing the smooth shiny head in a sleeve of cord like veins. Usually the woman that serviced him brought him to readiness within seconds but tonight the man's rough hands stroking his cock into an erection took minutes. His eyes shut against his body's betrayal as he was massaged, his erection lengthening, pulsing hard, rigid and engorged. Bell let out a tortured groan as precum flowed down the long thick veined shaft as Raul pulled the foreskin almost halfway down to intentionally cause his muscular victim pain. It caused Steve to leak out more precum that soaked the callused hand that was brutalising Steve's throbbing erection. The leering men jeered at the menacing 9.5 inch thick erection between their muscular victim's legs. Malloy reached for his leather gloves without taking his eyes off his superior's commanding arousal and gloved up. He took Raul's place and stroked the thick throbbing cock with a tight circled of his gloved hand. The rough leather rubbed the sensitive cock head making Steve grit his teeth to withstand the pain. They watched with a chuckle as the corded muscles in the man's beefy pecs tightened and lifted knowing fully well that it indicated that the muscle bound man was about to yield an orgasm. With a sudden gasp, the big cock started to blast a stream of fertile cum. Steve was helpless as his cock let out bursts of his semen all over the floor. Mallow aimed a fist in Bell's forehead at the second spurt of cum and it sent the orgasming man down cold. They were equally amazed and amused that the conked out man was still producing sporadic cum shots. It took another ten minutes until the spasms of the hunk's cock subsided. While extraordinarily voluminous in their ejaculations, there was only so much cum that the man could produce.