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by R.H.

Spidey and Brett


Vito and Vince

Part 1
It had been a long day for Peter Parker. He had spent the day running all over town on various photo shoots for the paper. All he wanted to do was get to home and relax. The sun was setting, and it looked like he would get home a little late for dinner. He was hungry, since he hadn't even had enough time to stop for a bite to eat all day.
When he arrived at his apartment, Mary Jane was just about ready to serve dinner. So Peter flicked on the TV to catch the local news.
"News Bulletin.... This just in", the Newsman reported. "A robbery has taken place just moments ago at Smith's Jewelry Store. The robber has gotten away with an undisclosed amount of merchandise. More details later tonight".
Mary Jane looked at Peter, but she already knew what he was about to do. Peter Parker was about to become Spiderman once again, track down the criminal, and bring him to justice. Oh, how she worried each time he would leave her at night. But she understood that it was his duty. And she knew that each night, he would return safely, and the world would be a better place to live because of the actions of Spiderman. So, dressed in his crime-fighting outfit, Spiderman took to the streets to catch the thief.
Meanwhile, on the other side of town, 3 figures are huddled around a table in a dimly lit warehouse. All around them there are barrels, boxes and crates. Above them, a skylight lets in the moonlight. Brett was the leader and the brains of the operation. His two thugs, Vince and Vito flanked him. They were two large, strong men that protected Brett from harm. If there was trouble, Vince and Vito could take care of it.
"Gee Boss, look at all this loot" said Vince as he reached into the bag.
"Hands off" Brett said. "I'll count up all the diamonds, watches and bracelets, and divide it up fairly. But until then, you two keep a look out for the cops. Or even worse...Spiderman".
Just hearing the name 'Spiderman' struck fear into the two thugs. Spiderman had busted them many times for petty crimes and they had joined up with Brett because of his promise to defeat Spiderman once and for all. Vince and Vito have been dreaming of getting revenge on the webslinger for a long time, and with Brett's brains, they hope their chance will come soon. But still, the name 'Spiderman' was enough to put them both on edge. They both went to their lookout positions. Vito went outside and used a ladder to climb to the roof. He would hide there under a darkly colored tarp to watch for Spiderman. Vince would hide behind a stack of crates near the only door to the warehouse. Each were equipped with a tiny earplug, so Brett could give them instructions if needed. They would be ready.

Part 2
When Spiderman heard of the jewelry store robbery, he instantly thought of Brett. The evil genius had been released from prison just a few days earlier. Spiderman knew that Brett had always been somewhat of a loner. He would never want to share his loot with too many others. So even though the news report had only indicated the presence of one thief at the scene of the crime, Spiderman knew he would have to be on the look out for an accomplice.. He also knew the side of town where Brett liked to hide from the law. So Spiderman headed to the old warehouse district, swinging from building to building, where he was sure he would find Brett. As Spidey arrived in that run-down section of town, instantly, his Spidey senses started to tingle. "I must be close," he thought to himself. Just then, he noticed a dim light coming from the roof of one of the buildings. He swung to the top of the closest building to survey the situation. From atop the nearby building, Spidey could see that indeed, there was a light on inside that warehouse. He also noticed that a couple of the panes of glass were missing from the skylight.
"That would be a good way in", He thought. "But wait, is that a ladder I see. Perhaps there will be a welcoming party for me on that rooftop. Only one way to find out!"
Leaping from his rooftop, Spiderman managed to land on the roof of the criminal's hideout. As he surveyed the area, he couldn't see anything but scattered old junk. Things like old newspapers and cardboard scraps. Spidey couldn't see where Vito was hiding in the darkness. As Spidey slowly and silently approached the skylight in the center of the roof, his senses started tingling wildly. He could sense danger. And that danger was sneaking up behind him. Vito could see the outline of Spiderman's muscular figure in the dim light that shined from the skylight, and he has closing in on our Hero, ready to attack from behind.
As Spidey approached the skylight, trying to peer in, Vito made his move, running at our Hero and delivering a hard punch to the back of his head. The punch stunned Spiderman as he staggered forward a couple of steps before dropping to one knee. Taking advantage of the situation, Vito grabbed Spidey and lifted high above his head, and proceeded to slam him down hard on the rooftop.
From below, Brett could hear the battle taking place above. He radioed to Vince to stay alert, and most importantly, to stay out of sight. If Vito couldn't handle the Webslinger, then Brett had a back-up plan already to go.. He would have Vince stay out of sight until the perfect moment to attack would arrive.
Back on the rooftop, Vito was bending down to grab the fallen Hero. But Spiderman was ready. Raising his feet, he kicked Vito backward with a powerful thrust to his chest. As Vito staggered backwards, Spidey sprang to his feet. Taking careful aim, Spiderman shot web at Vito's feet and tripped him up. Spiderman approached, ready to web up Vito and end this fight, but Vito had fallen right next to the tapr he was hiding under earlier. When Spiderman was close enough, Vito glung the tarp over Spidey's head. Spiderman couldn't see! Vito got up and started to unleash a furious set of blows to Spiderman. One, Two to the head, then lower with a couple to the body. Spidey struggled to get the tarp off, but Vito's barrage of punches made it difficult. SMACK, SMACK...Two more huge punches to the side of his head and Spiderman is wobbled. Vito took careful aim and went right after Spiderman's body with his next set up punches. WHOMP WHOMP landing a couple of forearm shots across Spiderman's solid chest. The blows staggered Spiderman backwards. He was getting dangerously close to the edge of the roof. Vito saw this was his chance. He could knock Spidey off the building and since he was still trapped in the tarp, he wouldn't be able to save himself by using his webbing! Vito charged. Spidey's senses went into overdrive. He knew something major was about to happen. So doing the only thing he could do, Spiderman ducked and dropped down to the ground. Vito, running at full speed, tripped over our Hero and over the side of the building. Spiderman heard the sickening THUD as Vito hit the ground below. Getting up, Spidey finally got the tarp off of himself. Looking over the edge of the building, he saw Vito laying unconscious on the ground below. Spidey shot some web down and pulled Vito back to the rooftop. Once back up there, Spidey leaned him against an air conditioning unit and drenched his foe in his strong webbing. Virtually wrapping Vito in a Spiderweb cocoon.
"You won't be going any where for a while", Spidey said. But he knew his time to enjoy this victory would be very short. With all the noise they made fighting on the roof, Spidey knew that Brett would be aware that he was there. Spiderman knew he would have to strike quick to catch Brett.
Spiderman looked down from the skylight and could see Brett gathering all the loot together in a bag, getting ready to make a run for it. Quickly, Spidey crashes through the skylight, swings down, and lands in the middle of the table. Brett grabs the bag of jewels, and starts to run towards the door. But before he can get anywhere, Spiderman spins a large web between two stacks of crates, blocking Brett's escape.
"Why don't you come along quietly", Spiderman says, believing he is about to bring another fugitive to justice.
But Brett grinned an evil grin, knowing that he was far from being captured by our Super Hero.

Part 3
"Give me the loot and give yourself up, before you get hurt", demanded Spiderman, "I've blocked your escape. You have no where to go".
Brett chuckled and paced the floor slowly in front of the table where the Hero stood. He was stalling for time as Vince was getting into position behind Spiderman. Yes, after Spiderman blocked Brett's path, it was up to Vince to make his was around the perimeter of the building, sneaking around the boxes and crates, and make his way around for a possible sneak attack on our Hero. If he could keep the Hero's attention for just a few seconds more, his henchman would be ready to strike.
"Spiderman" Brett said, "Do you know how valuable this merchandise is?" as he holds up the bag of loot. "It's worth enough to make all my dreams come true. Not just my dreams of being rich, but also one other dream. Do you know what that dream is, Spidey?" But Brett never got to answer his own question, as Spiderman interrupted.
"Enough of your games", Spiderman said, growing impatient at Brett's delay tactics, "It's time for you to hand over the loot".
At that moment, Brett noticed that Vince was in position and sneaking up behind Spiderman.
"Well then.....If you want the loot so badly, Spiderman, then you can have it!"
As that line was spoken, Vince made his move by lunging and knocking over the table that Spiderman was standing upon. Spidey, knocked off balance, fell forward toward Brett. And as promised, Brett let him have it. Swinging the bag of loot as hard as he could, Brett smacked the bag of jewels up against the side of Spiderman's head as he fell. The vicious blow nearly knocked our Hero out cold. As Spidey laid face down on the ground, the sound of Brett's laughter echoed through the warehouse.
"Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, You never gave me the chance to tell you my other dream Spiderman. That other dream is to physically destroy you. I'm going to wear down your body until you're completely helpless and defenseless. Grab him Vince!"
Vince obeyed his leader. He grabbed Spiderman, pulled him to his feet and held his arms behind his back. In this position, Spiderman's chest was stretched tight, and his stomach was wide-open for Brett's upcoming onslaught. Still dazed from the blow to the head, Spidey couldn't escape Vince's grip. He knew he would have to endure any punishment Brett would dish out.

Part 4
Brett enjoyed seeing the Superhero in this vulnerable position. But he knew he couldn't waste too much time before Spiderman would start to regain some of his super strength. So, balling his hand into the tightest fist he could make, Brett was ready to pound on the Hero.
Brett's first punch smacked hard against Spiderman's abdomen. Spiderman, in his dazed condition, was still able to tighten his abs. Brett's fist was met by a solid wall of muscles. Brett stepped back and admired the crime fighters' body for a moment. He could see the blocks of muscles under Spidey's costume. He knew he would have his work cut out for him. But he felt he was up to the task.
Brett unleashed a series of rights and lefts into Spidey's exposed gut.. But again, Spidey's body armor was able to hold off the blows. This was getting Brett mad. He moved closer and delivered a solid knee to Spidey's lower abs. Again, Brett could feel the solid mass of Spiderman's abdominal wall, even down low.
As Brett focused on Spiderman's stomach, Spiderman was regaining his strength. The effects of the blow to the head were wearing off. And as Brett approached to deliver another blow, Spidey was ready to make his move. Lifting his feet, Spiderman kicked Brett away as he approached. Then, ducking down, he was able to flip Vince over, breaking his grip and slamming him hard to the ground. Brett and Vince both got up, and charged. Spiderman stuck out his arms and clothes-lined both charging villains.
"You had enough now." Spidey laughed at his fallen foes as they crashed on the ground.
Both bad guys moaned.
Spidey reached down and pulled Brett to his feet.
"Teaming up with losers only makes you a bigger loser" Spiderman taunted Brett, as he drilled the leader in the gut with an uppercut that lifted Brett up off his feet.
Spiderman then nailed Brett with an elbow across his face. Spidey was in control and the leader of the bad guys was about to taste defeat.
Out of the corner of his eye, Spiderman saw that Vince had gotten up and was going to try to escape. But his path was blocked by Spiderman's webbing that had stopped Brett's escape earlier. Vince stood frozen.....his path blocked. As he turned back around, Spiderman grabbed him and tossed him half way across the room. Vince slid across the floor. Spidey laughed again at the feeble attempt of the villains.
But luck was on the bad guys side, Brett, although still dazed, thought quickly and lunged at Spiderman, pushing Spidey forward into the web he had spun earlier to block their escape route! Holy Crap! Spiderman became entangled in his own web, trapped like a fly. Vince came back over as quickly as he could. Brett and Vince knew the webbing wouldn't hold Spiderman for long, so together they toppled the stacks of crates that were supporting the webbing. The heavy crates came crashing down on our hero who was unable to shield himself from the weight of the crates.
Spiderman was buried under a pile of the crates. Brett and Vince scrambled to find Spidey under the pile. They knew he would be dazed and they wanted to take advantage of the situation. At the bottom of the pile, they found him, still tangled in the webbing. They cut him free and pulled him from the pile.
"Take him to the table", Brett ordered. So, Vince dragged the unconscious body of Spiderman to the table and laid him on top of it.
"Grab those chains while I remove his web-shooters. I want to make sure he can't get away", Brett said.
Together, Brett and Vince slid Spidey down the table so his knees hung over the edge. Then they grabbed his left ankle and chained it to one leg of the table. They did the same thing with the right ankle as they chained it to the other table leg. Once his legs were secure, it was time to tie the arms. They pulled Spidey's arms and pulled them under the table, stretching Spiderman's chest tight in the process. They chained his wrists together, and for good measure, Brett squirted webbing around the chains to hold them tight. Spiderman was captured!
Brett and Vince stepped back from the table and admired their prize. Spiderman's form-fitting suit showed off every bulge and ripple of his perfectly sculpted body. Spiderman was still out cold. Brett walked over to the helpless hero and delivered a hard right hand into his defenseless gut.
Brett's hand could still feel the solid muscles in Spiderman's gut, but this time, Brett's fist pushed into Spidey's stomach. With the hero out cold, he couldn't tense those muscles to protect his body. Brett liked the feeling he got as his fist slammed and sank into Spiderman's gut, so he did it again.
A couple more blows into the solid muscle wall that was Spiderman's abs. Each punch hitting the muscles hard and then driving into the pit of Spidey's stomach. Vince was getting excited watching Brett pound on the hero.. He wanted his turn. Brett agreed.
"Vince, soften him up for me." Brett demanded, "When he wakes up, I want him to be unable to protect himself. When he is awake, I want to hear him moan and wail every time I hit him."
This was the moment Vince had dreamed of all his life. Spiderman, was bound and unconscious before him. Vince walked to the table and unloaded with a flurry of punches to Spiderman's body.
The solid slaps of Vince's huge fists smashing against Spiderman's unprotected belly echoed throughout the warehouse. Each punch bruising Spidey's washboard abs, each punch digging deep into his belly. He pounded on Spiderman's sides. He hit him high and low...all over his body. There would be no doubt that when Spiderman awakens, he will be feeling the effects of Vince's onslaught.

Part 5
Vince pummeled Spiderman, slamming fist after fist into the softened belly of the hero. He slammed punches on his pecs. He pounded on Spidey's lower abs. He drilled him right down the center on his navel. His ab muscles were bruised and beaten. Vince could barely hide his excitement. He loved looking at Spidey all tied up helpless. He loved knowing that he was destroying the perfect physical specimen called Spiderman, and each time he slammed his fist into Spiderman's gut, he knew he was one step closer to finishing him off for good. But Vince's fun was about to end. Brett was back with a glass of cold water in his hand. He was ready to wake up Spidey.
"Go find your useless partner", Brett said to Vince. But Vince couldn't resist giving one more hard shot into Spidey's lower gut before he left..
Brett threw the water in Spidey's face to revive him. Spidey shook his head as the water helped him awaken. It didn't take long for Spiderman to realize the situation he was in. As he tried to move his arms and legs, he realized they were fastened tightly to the table. As he struggled against his tight bonds, he could also feel a deep pain in his stomach and across his entire body. As a matter of fact, every move he tried to make caused him to feel the pain. He could hardly breathe from the soreness he was feeling in his abdomen. As Spidey looked up from the table at Brett, he knew the pain in his stomach would be growing.
"How are you feeling Spiderman?" asked Brett as he slapped an open hand on Spidey's gut. "Does it hurt? Well, let's take a closer look at that body of yours."
Brett pulled out a knife and made a small cut in Spidey's suit. Then he ripped the fabric away to expose Spiderman's stomach. Spidey's tight smooth body was now exposed. Brett was amazed at the hard, rippled and defined ab muscles that Spidey had. He truly had the most perfect body possible.. But those awesome muscles were bright red from the pounding that Vince had delivered and Brett knew that they had been weakened severely. Now that Spiderman was awake, Brett was ready to continue the assault and make Spiderman suffer with every blow.
Brett delivered three mighty blows into the tender abs of Spiderman. Brett was thrilled to feel how deep each one sunk into his body. Spidey moaned with each blow that penetrated his body armour. Spiderman was unable to tighten his gut to protect himself. His muscles were too bruised to tighten. Spidey was feeling the pain as Brett pounded his gut more. 1,2,3,4,5 more hard right hands sank solidly into the helpless gut of Spiderman. Brett could feel Spidey's ab panels sloshing all around every time he hit him. Spidey continued to wail in pain with every punch. He had never felt pain like this before.
Spidey yelped in pain and Brett reigned more blows onto the battered abs.. Left and rights that smacked and slapped on the reddened body of Spiderman. This was getting Brett excited and he knew what he had to do. He had to show the world how he had defeated Spiderman! Better yet, he thought.....I want to show the world that I can defeat Spiderman. Brett laughed an evil laugh. As Vince and Vito returned, Brett gave his instructions to the duo.
"Boys", he said, "Make this Spider hurt from head to toe. Before we let him go, I want every muscle of his to ache and be useless!"
"You're going to let him go?" asked Vince.
"Not exactly", Brett responded. "I'm going to contact the media and have every Newspaper and TV station here within the hour. They will be brought here to see how easily I defeat Spiderman in a one-on-one fight! I'll be a legend. Now hurt him boys. Hurt him good."
With that, Vince picked up a wooden board and Vito grabbed a steel pipe. If it wasn't bad enough already, Spiderman was about to get the beating of his life.

Part 6
Vince and Vito followed their instructions. Vince and his board started whacking hard blows onto Spidey's legs. Crack, like a baseball bat, he slammed the board on Spiderman's thighs. Again and again he used that board for all it was worth. Bruising our Hero's thighs, knees and calves. Vito was doing the same to Spidey's arms. Cracking the metal pipe repeatedly on Spidey's biceps and forearms. He even smacked Spidey over the head a good one to make sure he would be dazed when they were done with him. Vito then raised up a mighty blow and smashed the pipe down across Spiderman's chest. CRACK. Vito was almost sure he heard a rib or two break. The boys were smiling and having a good time as they made Spidey's limbs as useless as could be. Spiderman was going to be helpless when he would have to face Brett in front of all the people in the city.
The media outlets were quick to respond to Brett's message that he was going to defeat Spiderman and the word spread throughout the city. Soon hundreds, maybe thousands had gathered at the hideout. They had even brought the steel cage that Brett requested for the final fight. Brett came to check on the progress of the beating. He was pleased. He watched Vince and Vito land a few more strikes with their weapons. There was no doubt that Spiderman was helpless, whether he was chained to the table or not. But just to make sure, Brett grabbed the pipe from Vito's hand and smacked our hero across the face with it.
"Unchain him" Brett ordered. His thugs did as they were told. They removed the chains and the webbing that had held Spiderman prisoner. Spidey remained on the table. Too disoriented to get up.
"Revive him...Now!" yelled Brett. "I am going to address the crowd.
Brett stepped out of the warehouse and into the cage. There was a murmur going through the crowd in anticipation.
"Welcome my friends" announced Brett. "Welcome to the end of Spiderman. Right before your very eyes I will end the crime fighting career of your beloved Hero. Get your cameras ready for the final destruction of Spiderman!"
Meanwhile, inside the warehouse, Vito and Vince revived Spiderman. Slapping him lightly on the face and tossing more water on him. Spiderman woke up, but he could feel pain in each and every movement he made. He was in no condition to face Brett. But he realized he had no choice. Vince and Vito grabbed the hero and waited for their cue.
Outside a reporter spoke up. "How do you know Spiderman will be here".
"Because he's already here!" retorted Brett.
That was their cue. Vince and Vito walked Spidey out of the warehouse and tossed him in the cage. The crowd gasped. There he was. It was Spiderman. Standing there to face Brett. But they had no idea how damaged he already was.

Part 7
"Let the fight begin" screamed a delighted Brett. This was his crowning moment. For he was going to do what no other crook had ever done. He was going to defeat the undefeated, beat the unbeatable.
Brett charged at Spidey, ramming him back against the cage. Spidey was in no condition to fight back. He wanted to move out of the way, but his legs wouldn't respond. Spidey got slammed against the cage. Brett then unleashed several right uppercuts into Spidey's tender abdomen.
Each one digging deep into the broken ab wall. Each one lifting Spiderman's feet off the ground. Spiderman wanted to take a swing at Brett, but he couldn't even raise his arms enough to try. His elbows, his shoulders, his wrist and everything in between were too weak. He could barely move anything on his entire body. Brett held Spidey up by putting one hand around his throat. Then he continued his assault, driving knee after knee into Spiderman's body. He even kneed him in the balls for good measure. Then, he grabbed Spiderman's head and banged it several times against the hard steel cage. Brett let Spiderman slump to the ground. Brett knew he was in control and could do anything he wanted to the fallen Hero. Brett turned towards the crowd, expecting that everyone would be amazed that he was defeating Spiderman. Instead, he noticed that the crowd was starting to leave. He heard murmurs running through the crowd. Things like "Who does he think he's fooling", "That can't be the real Spiderman" and "What a waste of time". Brett was appalled. "Wait", he screamed. "It is the real Spiderman. I beat him! I'm winning. Don't you all want to see? Don't you believe me?" Brett walked back to the slumped Hero. He reached down and grabbed the top of Spiderman's mask. "Don't you want to see? I can unmask him", he screamed.again. Almost pleading for the people to come back. But it was too late. The people and the media from the city were all leaving in disgust. Brett's ultimate moment of triumph would not be shared by anyone but his too faithful thugs. This was not good enough for Brett. His ego wanted the world to know. Almost sobbing, Brett let go of the mask. And exited the cage. Vince and Vito were stunned. Why was he walking away from Spiderman? Why didn't he unmask him? Why didn't he finish him off for good? "Boys", he said, "We must get ready. The world must know. Yes, Spiderman will be back. But we got him once and we can do it again. But next time, the world will know it's the real Spiderman. Next time they will see his destruction from the start. Next time they will see the beatings we inflicted on him. And most importantly, they will see the end of Spiderman once and for all".