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GP High By: Michael
Parts: VIII-X


Ethan Brian


Part: VIII
In the four weeks since Hank's encounter with Ethan in the woods, Ethan had beaten him to a pulp five times. The bully had even forced Hank to drop out of track, allowing him to take his place as the team captain. While Hank didn't like the thought of Ethan being the head of what used to be his team, he had little choice as Ethan held the trump card of being able to injure his friend Danny if he didn't cooperate.
The weekend beatings continued for another week, usually lasting about an hour before the poor boy collapsed to his knees, begging Ethan to stop. The cocky boy always complied, viewing Hank as more of a pet then an enemy. Not wanting to hurt his new pet too much, Ethan never pushed Hank over the edge, but the boy was in almost constant pain. And it was then in the fifth week, that rumors had started to float around the sports teams. Rumors saying exactly what was going on, but no one really believed them, even though it was Ethan who had started them. It was more advertisement then anything else. Little did Ethan know that he would get a customer so quickly.
Not a week later, the following Friday in fact, Ethan was stepping out of the showers in the locker room when one of the boys from the gymnastics team pulled him aside. Ethan was contemplating hitting the kid right there for touching him, but happened to glance at his eyes and stopped. James had one of the most expressive faces Ethan had ever seen, a real looker and his steely yet non-aggressive gaze told Ethan that he wasn't looking for a fight.

"What do you want kid?" Ethan barked.

"Just to talk." James replied, looking quite serious.

"You want to talk while I'm dripping wet and half naked?" Ethan grumbled, making sure his towel as secure around his waist.

"I wanted to know if is true… What they say you did to Hank."

"What do 'they' say?" Ethan replied with a half smirk.

"That you punched the guy in the stomach so much that he dropped out." James replied with a slight twinkle in his expressive eyes.

Ethan leaned in closer, his lips almost touching James' ear as he whispered. "Meet me on the track just past the forth mile marker after school."

With that Ethan gave James a hard uppercut right up under the ribs which dropped him to the floor. As James groaned from the pain in his stomach and tried to replace the air he'd just lost, Ethan stepped away and got dressed.
As the day wore on, James found himself thinking about Ethan and the rather painful response he had given him in the locker room. It was obvious that the rumors were true but James didn't know how willing Ethan would be to help him out with his problem.

Two weeks ago the gymnastics team went to the regionals to compete against the few schools in their area. During the competition James was warming up, performing his whole routine on the parallel bars as he always did.

The problem was that James wasn't the captain of the team. He had long coveted the position and was once in line to be the captain until a new student joined the team. Kirk had a body like a god and used it well. Within a few weeks of joining the team he was voted in as the new captain, bumping James back and pretty much out of the running. With Kirk as the new captain and their previous one in good form, he had no chance at ever getting the position. At every competition James had been put on the sidelines to watch Kirk perform.

It sickened the boy at how perfect Kirk's form and muscle tone were. The boy looked like he'd been sculpted rather then born and the thought just added further insult to the fact that all of Kirk's performances were flawless. James truly hated Kirk and every once in a while shot him an icy glare, but the boy never seemed to notice, he was too absorbed in himself to notice the little people as James though.

Finally he decided it was time to take some sort of action to get back his position. As everyone knew, the gymnast had little time to correct for errors while his was "in flight" and if one of the supports holding up the parallel bars were to fail, the gymnast would go tumbling to the ground.

While the stadium was still empty and only a few of his team mates were around, none really paying attention, James put his plan into action, loosening the support. He was all smiles as Kirk stepped up and started his warm-ups. That is until he heard a creak from the support and a chill ran up his spine. The support hadn't moved, but he was sure Kirk had heard it. He must have, because moments later, the godly boy ended his routine and walked away. But what threw James off was, that he hadn't mentioned the creak to the previous team captain as he stepped up and started.
James followed Kirk towards the locker rooms but stopped and cringed at the door when he heard a crash followed by a scream. The previous captain had taken the stealthy attack instead of Kirk, wrecking his knee in the process. James didn't give it a second thought, as it was one obstacle out of the way.
He stepped into the locker room to find Kirk standing there waiting for him. The boys exchanged a long stare before Kirk finally spoke.

"That was cute. Should have turned that bolt one more time and you might have gotten me." he stated with a cocky sneer.

James glared back as he contemplated this boy. Clearly Kirk had no compunction against injuring his teammates to get ahead, he just hadn't had to until now.

"But it was a nice try anyway, but you'll have to do better if you want to beat me." Kirk continued.

"You can bet on it." James responded as he turned and exited the locker room.

Since that day James had been looking for opportunities to get Kirk and now it seemed that Ethan might just be that way. As soon as his last class ended, James started out on the track to meet Ethan.


Part: IX

Passing the three-mile marker, James found a note handing from a tree, dangling in the middle of the path. He reached up and retrieved the note, knowing it was for him and read.

"I know what you want, but its going to come at a price. By now you're starting to work up a sweat and still have a mile to go. Take off your shirt and tuck it in your pants, then jog the rest of the way here. My friend Brian will be waiting for you on the path. He'll take you to me, but first he wants to have a bit of fun with you. Let him do what he wants and we'll talk.

PS. Hope those abs of yours are in good shape."

James scoffed at the message, but complied. Stuffing the paper in his pocket, he stripped off his shirt and tucked it in his pants then started off. Indeed the boy was starting to sweat and the mile long jog just made him all the more wet with the salty liquid. By the time he rounded the corner and caught sight of Brian, his golden tanned body was glistening.

"Hey guy. Guess you're kid I'm meet'n." Brian called.

The huge bull of a kid smiled and flexed a bit in his black tank top.

"Yeah, I'm James. Guess you're Brian." He took a step closer and continued. "Look, can we just do what ever it is you want to do so I can talk to Ethan?"

"Sure thing. Stand up against that tree and put your hands on top of your head." Brian said, pointing to a particular tree.

James paused and looked at him, then asked. "What are you going to do?"

"I'm gonna make you puke."

"What? You're kidding right?" James said, obviously a little scared now.

"You want to see Ethan right? Get against the tree. You keep them abs soft and this'll go quick." Brian stated, slamming a fist in an open palm.

James stayed still for a few moments, mulling over whether it was worth it. It only took a second for him to realize that getting what he wanted was going to cost him, but it was worth the cost. He stepped over to the tree, passing Brian and stood back against it, putting his arms up as Brian told him.

"Is this going to hurt?" James asked, sounding rather stupid as he knew it would.

"Not too much if you stay soft." Brian replied and cocked his fist back.

James cringed a bit at the horrifying sight, this massive bull in front of him, fist cocked back and ready to put that powerful body to work, for the sole purpose of destroying his own. He closed his eyes and nodded a bit, signaling he was ready. No sooner then had his head rose from the nod, then Brian's fist plowed deep into his lower abs, just above the groin. James shrieked in pain and hunched over the fist. Brian didn't stop though. With his free hand, he pushed James back against the tree and held him there. Pulling his fist away from James' lower regions, Brian put his weight into the other hand and pushed against James' chest. Then his fist fired again, plunging deeper into the lower area of the boy's stomach. After a third and a fourth punch, James started to gag. A sixth forced his lunch up and that's when Brian dropped him to the ground, retching.
After James stopped moaning from his ordeal, Brian helped him up and put and arm under his to hold him up.

"Did good kid. I thought you were gonna wus out on me after the first punch."

"Errrr….. Can… Can we just see Ethan now." James responded, trying not to start gagging again.

"Hehe!! Sure thing." Brian replied and started to lead him into the woods.

As Brian led James into the small clearing, Ethan turned around and stepped to the side of a tree, revealing Hank who was hanging by his arms against the tree. James' eyes lit up at the sight, and the confirmation that he might just get what he wanted.

"So James, what is it you wanted to talk to me about?" Ethan asked, then hammered an elbow back into Hank's gut.

James couldn't help but smile at the sight as Hank moaned and tried in vain to tighten his broken abs. After a moment he stood under his own power and stepped closer, then responded.

"About that actually."

"Yeah? How'd he do Brian?" Ethan asked, not sounding very interested as he turned around and hammered his left fist up into Hank's solar plexus.

"Did good. Took six hits before he puked and didn't wus out." Brian responded while Hank groaned.

"Good. Sounds like you really want my help with something, or is it some one?" Ethan asked turning back to him.

"Kirk Redfield. He's the new captain of the gymnastics team." James stated with an obvious distaste for the boy's name.

"Hmmm. Sounds like you really want that captain's spot." Ethan smirked.

"It should be mine. If he hadn't moved here, I'd have it now. With your help, I still can." James stated, then looked past Ethan to Hank and continued. "Can you do that to him?"

"Oh yes, and much more. But as my note said, it'll cost you." Ethan replied, still smirking.

"What do you want?" James asked bluntly.

"Well, as I see it, you want me and Brian here to take this kid and pound him into a pulp. Now I think it only fair we get to do the same to you just once. But don't worry, we know you have to stay in shape so you can take that captain's spot, so we wont hurt you too bad."

James remained still, steeling his gaze on Ethan. He knew they'd probably want to do something like this and had already decided it was worth it. While James watched, Ethan turned back around and unlocked Hank's bindings.

"You can go home Hank, I think James knows what we're going to do. See you next week." Ethan added as Hank slowly trudged away, holding his torn gut.

"I take it you want to hang me up like that?" James asked, no trace of fear in his voice now.

Ethan smiled as the good looking boy seemed not to fear what they were going to do.

"No, I think I'll just hold you while Brian pounds your gut. He's stronger so it'll go faster."

"Ok." James said, turning around to face Brian and holding his hands out to the sides. "I'm all yours."

"Mmmm. Eager. I like that." Ethan stated as he stepped up behind James and wrapped his arms up, putting the boy into a full nelson. "Were just going to go until you want to stop. I think I can trust you not to wus out on us."

"Don't worry. I'm willing to take it if it gets me what I want." James stated, now steeling his gaze on Brian.

Brian grinned at the eager boy and cocked his powerful right fist back. On queue, James tightened his abs and took the first of many solid punches to his stomach. For about half an hour, Brian concentrated his punches on the center mass of James' abs, pounding on the strongest part of the muscle. Unlike Hank's, James' abs were for work rather then show and absorbed a great deal of the barrage before he started to groan. Brian didn't let up for a second, he pounded fist after fist into James' red and now aching stomach, punishing the muscle wall until finally the boy couldn't maintain it and Brian's hammer like fist sank deep into the upper gut.


Brian hammered another punch into James' gut and again the boy groaned.


Three more punches finally bent the boy over, moaning. Ethan pulled James back up and stretched him out one last time, then Brian plowed in and up with an uppercut right into James' solar plexus.


Ethan smiled broadly as James went limp in his arms and slowly lowered the boy to the ground.

"You did good kid, and you know what, I'll call you James now, you deserve that at least."

Between gasps for air, James managed a faked smile in thanks then brought his hands up to rub his stomach. As he did so, Ethan moves around in front of him and looked down, getting an idea.

"Hey James. You wouldn't mind me kicking you once would you?"

Looking up, James responded with a quirked eyebrow. "I haven't had enough?"

"Oh you did, I just wanted to know how committed you are to this." he said with a sly grin.

"You want to kick me in the balls." James said with a frown.

"Just want to see. You don't have to, but…" Ethan didn't bother finishing the sentence and watched James closely.

The boy looked at him for a moment. He knew the pain Ethan was going to put him in, but knew there was both little he could do to stop him and it would likely break their deal if he did try. Not seeing any motion to stop him Ethan stepped in close and did just what he said, slamming his foot right in between James' legs.
The boy's face turned red instantly as he screamed in pain and cupped his manhood, rolling to one side. Ethan grinned at the sight and bent down, whispering into the boy's ear again.

"Consider it done. Come back tomorrow evening, around five. You'll get a good show."

With James still on the ground moaning, Ethan stood back up and started off with Brian. James laid there for some time before being able to move, even then he wished he hadn't as every step out towards the path jostled his aching manhood.


Part: X

The next morning, James rolled out of bed, greeted by his burning abs. He couldn't wait to see his wish would be fulfilled, and it dogged him all day. In the shower he ended up with a hard-on just thinking about watching Kirk get the snot beaten out of him. Breakfast was spent day dreaming of how many ways he'd get to abuse the kid. Lunch was the same, as was dinner.

By the time James left his house to go to the woods, he'd already taken two showers to calm down. However the teen was so amped up that before he even made his way through the woods, his handsome features were shining with a thin film of sweat.

However when James arrived, the site he'd wanted didn't greet him. Instead of a drugged or beaten Kirk tied to a tree, the cocky boy was standing there waiting for him. He was even shirtless and looked ready for action.

"What the hell is this?" James spat as his previously hurried pace ground to a halt. Kirk smiled widely and held his arms out to the sides, showing off his sculpted musculature.

"What do you think it is? You wanted a piece of me, well now you've got it. I found out about your stupid plan to have those jocks beat me up. Looks like they like money more then any promises you made them."

"Wrong shit for brains." a familiar voice rang out from the tree behind Kirk.

Whirling around to see who it was, Kirk came eye to eye with Ethan. The tall boy smiled while Kirk was still stunned and proceeded to ram his fist deep into Kirk's un-flexed abs.

"Uuuurl!" the boy moaned as he doubled over, the only things piercing his senses were Ethans fist buried deep in his gut and now the boy's voice.

"James paid us up before we even met you. You're money is nothing, always was." Ethan stated and dropped the wad of cash in front of Kirk's face. At this point Brian who'd been following James, brushed past the boy and commented:

"Enjoy the show."

With that, Ethan Pulled his fist out of Kirk's stomach and quickly took up the boy's arms in a full nelson. Even stretched out and winded, Kirk fought back and nearly pulled himself out of the hold before Brian plowed one of his sledge hammer fists into Kirk's abs. However even in the ticklish position, the boy's steely abdominal muscles were tensed and took the punch well. Unfortunately for him, Ethan was keeping Kirk from fighting back, so Brian was free to pound away.

Fist after fist rammed against Kirk's stomach, beating his muscular protective wall slowly into pulp. Each impact rocked Kirk's innards and the strain of trying to fight back was showing. His sculpted features were now covered in sweat, making his already attractive form, truly godly.

While Kirk wasn't particularly enjoying his predicament, James was loving every minute of it, so much so that he stripped off his shirt and was inching closer, waiting for his turn. He was even wishing he brought a video camera as watching this boy get slugged in the gut was like candy to him. As each battering ram fist punished Kirk's abs, James could feel worlds of weight lifting from his shoulders as well as a peculiar tightening of his pants. He knew that when this evening was over, his position as captain was secure, Kirk could never hope to best him without the use of his abs.

Shifting his punches higher, Brian pounded away at Kirk's upper stomach, knowing that shots there could wind him even with his abs tight. The relentless impacts to his solar plexus where doing just that, Kirk's strong features faltered, his face showing a painful grimace. His arms no longer able to support the struggle against Ethan, stretched upwards, leaving Kirk's body fully exposed to the assault. It was also only now that the young man started to let out regular moans of pain. As one of Brian's punches pushed into his stomach, just under the rib line, Kirk's abs lost all of their defensive worth, allowing the fist to sink deep into the boy.


Kirk's body convulsed as another fist drove easily into his stomach, making his innards ache more with every blow. He let out a yelp or cry with every impact to his defenseless gut.

"Uuhhh!… Errr!… Uuumph!… Uuuuuhhh!… Ooooph!…"

With nothing left to fight back, Kirk slumped there in Ethan's grasp, his body taking what ever Brian wanted. The beating went on for about another minute until James was literally right be hind Brian, watching from over his shoulder. Ethan noted the almost hungry look in the boy's eyes as he watched and decided it was time for James to join the fun, though for once it was in the good way. Dropping Kirk after a particularly hard blow to the solar plexus, Ethan circled around the moaning boy and stepped beside James.

"Brian, why don't you chain up mister all-star here and we'll see what James brings to the table."

With a cheerful smile Brian replied "Sure thing." and proceeded to hoist Kirk up by his arms.

A few moments later, Kirk was dangling from his wrists, his chest heaving to get a good breath and rib line sticking out in great relief allowing James to easily target the boy's already beaten solar plexus. After seeing how well shots there effected Kirk's body, James decided that his objective would be to completely destroy him there. Stepping up to the helpless young man, James wasted no time and hammered a vicious uppercut into Kirk's solar plexus.

"Ooooph!…" Kirk gasped in response to the blow.

His lungs burned and his innards ached even more as James repeated the attack mercilessly. His left hand pressed against Kirk's chest while the right delivered an endless barrage of uppercuts, each blow separated by only a second, giving Kirk no chance to gasp for breath.

"Eleven… Twelve… Thirteen…" Ethen commented as he watched with Brian. "Wow, he really hates him. I don't think even you could take that Brian."

"Not in a million years." Brian replied, watching in astonishment as James continued to pummel Kirk's upper stomach.

Fist after fist plowed into the young man's stomach with no resistance and Kirk for the first time in his life was feeling truly defeated. His strength was gone, he was completely helpless and now the boy that hated him most in the world was freely destroying his midsection. The blows continued undeterred, James was now starring into Kirk's eyes as each fist slammed into him. The look of resignation turned him on even more, but also inflamed his anger. How dare Kirk wrong him so and now try to escape his punishment by giving up. As Kirk's head lowered to his chest, James pounded his fist into the boy's helpless gut as hard as he could. Kirk issued only a slightly louder moan then his previous ones. Another punch, another moan. A third one and that's when Kirk's head lifted, his destroyed abs somehow managed to flex slightly as he leaned as far forward as he could and wretched. The strong young man's body had had all it could take and responded by throwing up.

James had just barely avoided the splatter of Kirk's regurgitated dinner and stepped back to watch the boy suffer. He watched with quite a bit of satisfaction as Kirk moaned and slid back down the tree until he was again hanging by his arms. Kirk was completely defeated, he could barely breath now and James almost felt he'd fully avenged himself upon the beaten boy. However as he stood there and watched Kirk hang there, his torso stretched and helpless, weakened beyond any ability to fight back, James was still not satisfied that Kirk hadn't begged him to stop. It was obvious Kirk's body desperately wanted to stop, however the boy had made no effort to end this episode of torture. Indeed, Kirk while probably having lost his spot as captain, actually enjoyed the experience. Not so much the actually beating, but rather the fact that even now he was doing something James couldn't. There is no way in Kirk's mind that James could have endured the same beating and remained conscious.

"…Is… that… all?…" he asked raising his head and gasping the words between breaths.

"You bastard!" James spat back. "What, you didn't have enough? You're a mess and you still want more."

"…Only… because… you couldn't… take what I did…" Kirk replied. "You may be captain now… But I'll always be better then you."

"You want to make that a bet you piece of garbage?" James retorted.

Before Kirk could reply however Ethan and Brian stepped back into the scene and grabbed a hold of James' arms. The boy struggled for a moment before Brian pounded an uppercut with his free arm, right up into James' solar plexus.

"Uuuuuuuaaaaaaaa!!!…" James croaked out and collapsed to his knees. He hadn't flexed at al and Brian's fists were like a pair of jackhammers. Furthermore he'd hit the boy's weak spot without holding anything back and the resulting spasm of pain that ran through James' stomach and chest robbed him of any strength for the moment.

"Sorry to bring things to such an abrupt halt gentlemen." Ethan started as he released James' arm. "I just couldn't pass up this opportunity. Now it would appear we've got quite a contest brewing between you two here. Now we already know James here is willing to take a beating to get what he wants. What do you say Kirky boy. You already got one hell of pounding without being able to fight back. How about you two just do what you really want and pound the hell out of each other? Hmm?"

"I'm game if he is." Kirk responded and tried to straiten himself out.

"Terrific. And I'm sure we'll get an agreement from James." Ethan continued as he looked down to James. The young man was still finding it hard to breath and simply nodded his reply, trying not to look weak in front of who he regarded as he mortal enemy.

"Excellent, then we'll give Kirk a week to recover, James gets to take that captain spot for now and next weekend we get this thing settled." Pausing a moment, Ethan grinned and looked back to Kirk. "However, this whole thing kind of has to be kept under wraps, last thing we need is teachers and parents asking questions. So, since we have two such willing guys here, and poor Hank is no match for us any more, you two will be replacing him… Starting in two weeks of course." he concluded

Finding to evening's events to be mostly a success, James really had no trouble with leaving Kirk without any type of good bye humiliation. Instead, as soon as he got to his feet, he gave Ethan a handshake and turned to Brian to return a fist to his upper abs. Brian while not fully prepared, took the blow and only bent slightly. He raised a fist and was about to bash James' liver in when he saw the young man grinning and got a pat on the shoulder for thanks. James then headed out of the clearing back towards the jogging path and soon Kirk was released from his chains and allowed to limp home. In a week's time the two would meet again to settle their dispute, but for now they remained bitter enemies.