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Steve was the most awesome abs guy at our school, he was totally into workout it was also his second religion!
But well look how amazing his abs are look like …

Well it happen on Saturday evening, he hang out at his friend house with a room of strangers, they all want to go to town, but the weather was to bad and they have no driver so they stay at Toms room, waiting for him.

For Steve it was to long and he would use the time to make some crunches, but before he could right start some laugh at him, they did not know him, so he take off his shirt and some guys says words like "awesome" or "holy shit" but one say suddenly:

"So you are into intensive abs workout, aren't you ?"
"Yeah, and I bet I have the best build and hardest abs here"

"HMPFFFF!!!" Steve bend a bit over as Axel hit him right into his unflex stomach.

"Looks your abs can not take much … how about to put them to the test?"

YEAH YEAH put his abs to the test, put it to the test, put it to the test put it to the … it does not stop …

Leon that stand right behind Steve use the moment to put the surprised abs guy into a full nelson so that Steves abs are wide open and expose for Axels waiting fists that start to hit Steve real hard immediately.

Now all the guys round Steve, Leon and Axel are real quite, you could only hear the punching sound when fist after fist working over real hard abs and soften them up more and more and of course they become more and more red.

The helpless abs guy suddenly know they all want to see him lose, and he could nothing do against and Leon and Axel did a very good team play, because Leon use his full length so that Steves body have become stretch and make them more vulnerable for Axels painful punches.

Yes Steven could feel the low punches now, because Axle focus all his punches there and some guys yell "He get soft, he get soft hit him harder, HARDER !"

"Where are your abs muscles now ha ? You say you work them hard, where are your abs muscles ha ? show them to us come on!"

Axel real enjoy to abuse Steve with his words and the guys round him start step by step taunting him too as wimp and loser, because poor Steven could not longer hide the pain and start moaning and groaning.


"Looks no abs muscles there, lets search here, maybe you hae hear abs muscles ? come on, show them to us, some abs muscles here ?" Axel laugh and start punching Steves upper abs but he hit them from the side and with every punch, even the first one, you could see how Steves abs give way and let the punches sink in, into the sides from his upper abs muscles more and more and his face show lot of pain and sweat was everywhere running down on him.

"ARGH HNNGH HMPF UFF OUUFF ARGHHH" left and right left and right again and again start to soften up the once before rock hard abs immediately and he sack flinch with every punch to the right or left side.

"You get him you get him" some guys yelled in speculation to hear Steve would give up.

" I ask you again wimp, where are your abs muscles ? Can you show us where they are ? Do you want to give?"

"N…No" Steve gasp weaken.

"I say you have only fat rows here, let us count them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 fat abs rows!" that are all fat Steve, are you sure you have abs muscles ?"

"I … I will kill all!" Steve gasp weak back.

They all laugh him out and taunt him as the super wimp!

"Think, I should start to test those fat boy real guys ?"

"Yeah beat him up, beat him up!" they all yelled.

Steve flex his battered abs as hard as he could, give all what was left, but as Axel hit him right into the center of his abs …

"OOOOOOOOUUUFFFFF" the fist sink in very deep and let Steve before awesome sixpack look like wobble pudding, there was no hardness at all.

"OOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFF" Steve head no sank to his chest, he could see stars explode in front of his eyes.

"Do you want to give, abs boy ?" and all guys laugh!

"N …No"

"ARRRRGHHHHHHHHH!" Axel grab Steve right at his balls and squeeze them trough his blue jeans"


Leon leave Steve out of the full nelson and the beaten up boy, hit to the floor, unable to stand up, holding his balls and abs.

I wound Steve later under our shower and I get scared as I see his deep red and blue abs, he tell me about what happen as I was not there, and I was so sorry for that all. I make some phone calls to Axel, Leon and to the others and I should tell to Steven from some that they would have lot of respect of what he could take and that it would so hot to see him lose.

From Axel and Leon I hear nothing more again, I did not real know them, but I hear later that they are famous to break abs guys like Steve.

Since this happen to Steve he workout like a maniac ….