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The Harder They Punch The Harder My Abs Get

The THUD THUD THUD THUD THUD.Cut into my rock hard abs hard and deep.But I really lover the pain of his fists going deeper and deeper into my abs.Because the more they beat on my on my rock hard abs.The harder they got.There where eight of them.Six just waiting there turn at my abs.Then there where the two holding me.That's all they wanted to do.They where very good at making certain that I would not move.And that my rock hard abs would be as tight as possible.And stretched out to there maximum.They where as thight as they could get.When they got done moving me around where they wanted me.The six started in on my abs then.When they each had there four turns on my very hard abs.They started double teaming me.They never gave me a break.As soon as one or two would stop.One or two would step right in pounding on my rock hard abs again.When they doubled teamed me it made it harder to breath.Because one would go low and the othere went high.Then one of the biger guys came up.I saw he had some chain around his fist.He told me it was over for me now.And that I was going down hard.I just looked at him.And just smiled at him.That made him very mad.So I smiled at him again with even a bigger smile.Now he was steaming mad.That's what I wanted.I wanted to make hit me with every thing he had.Then THUD THUD THUD.With the chained fist.The pain hurt so good.I thought I was going to pass out.From the joy of the pain.But I didn't.And my abs where still rock hard.And geting even harder.He had given it his all.Even with puting all of his weight behind every punch.And his beating was the harshest yet.The six of them could not believe how hard I was.It had been an hour and a half now that they had started beating on my abs.Then one of them asked if they could use a police night stick on me.I said why don't two of you try hitting me at the same time.And why not try using the ends of the police stick on me.They couldn't believe I could talk to them as they where beating me.They used the sticks on me for the lonest time.They even tried one going low and one going high.But my abs just got harder and harder.And I was still loving every second of all that pain.Then when the two of them got tired of hitting on my abs.Two more came in right away.Punching with all they had.But I couldn't really feel there punches because my abs where numb.From the night sticks.But I still liked the feeling of them beating on my rock hard abs.Then I heard them saying that they where grting tired of this.And they where getting bored of beating on me.By now they had been on my abs for three to four hours.Some one said it had been over four hours.So they stoped the beating.And let me go.I was a little weak in the knees.But I didn't fall to the ground.I said I really like the beating.And was wondering if they wanted to do this reall soon.They all looked at me like I was crazy.They couldn't brlieve some one really would get off on that kind of a beating.But they said they would really like to.They said how about in two months.That's ok with me.Then I heard one say that would give him plenty of time to workon his arms.So he could punch that much harder.