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PART ONE by Bill

Sam and Jack and Evan


Evan was sitting out on his front porch smoking a cigarette. He was a bad ass, or at least he thought he was. Most teenagers didn't want to hang around with him because he was known to have a bad reputation. He smoke and drank all the time, even though he was only sixteen. He was constantly getting into fights with all the guys at school that so much as looked at him the wrong way, and today, his boss pushed Evan to his last nerve. He worked at the park district; baseball was his only passion in life. He hated everything else, especially school, so college wasn't even an option for him. He sat at the park benches all day and tallied up the scores to all the minor league and adult league baseball tournaments the park district held.
Evan did his job and kept close score on the games, telling all the teams whether or not they made it into the finals. It was the part of his job after all the games were over that he didn't like. He had to clean the fields, take down the flags, put away the bases, pick up the garbage from the people that watched the game, and the players that were in the game themselves. Thunder and lightning began to clash just as Evan began to pick up the fields. He hated the rain, and as soon as he thought to himself that it was about to rain, it did. Drenching his clothes so that he was soaking wet.
"Fuck this job!" said Evan under his breath as he tore off his shirt, since it was soaked anyway. He walked to the parking lot to hop in his car when he saw his boss' Porsche sitting there, the rain bouncing off of the newly wiped on wax. A smile stretched across his face as he went into his pocket and grabbed his pocket knife. He flipped it open and began to slash the first, front right tire. Then he moved onto the back tire. When Evan was about to do the other tires on the other side of the car, his boss grabbed his wrist and pulled him away from the car. Out of half rage and half instinct, Evan swung and slammed a powerful fist into his boss' face, spilling blood all over his clothes. A cop passing nearby flashed his lights on and pulled up just as Evan beat his boss up. The next week in court didn't go to well for Evan and he was sentenced to a year in a juvenile delinquent facility.

Although it wasn't prison, it still felt like he was locked up. Evan had to live in a tiny cell with two cots in it. They were lucky enough to be offered tons of free time and they really only had to sleep in there. About a week of dirty looks, glances, and threats towards Evan passed before he really got to know anyone. The first person he ever talked to, after that first week, was Sam, his roomate.
"Isn't it fucking retarded how I'm not supposed to call you my cellmate, I'm supposed to call you my roommate," said Evan as he laughed to himself.
"Yea," replied Sam, "Like saying roommate instead of cellmate is supposed to help us be a better person? Who gives a fuck?"
"Tell me about it."
"So, what did you do to get yourself locked up in this joint?" Sam sat up. He had black hair and a bigger build than Evan. It was hot, and they didn't have any air conditioning in the facility so both of the 17 year old boys had their shirts off, sweat glistening their skin.
"I slashed my boss' tires and then beat him up…he pressed charges."
"Shit! Nice!"
"What about you?"
"Robbed a grocery store, but they caught me a block away from my house. The owner was a dick and took me to court, instead of making me do community service to pay it off!"
"Fuck boss'!"
"Yea!" both the boys began to laugh. They were bonding. It was the only time Evan ever bonded with anyone before.
"HEY!" shouted a voice from outside Evan and Sam's cell. They turned to see who it was and a blond boy was clenching at the metal bars that closed the, in at night. "Don't be getting too close to each other, faggots!"
"You better watch what you say you little fucker!" snapped Evan. He never took any shit from anyone. If someone had a problem with him, they were in trouble.
"You better watch who it is you're fucking talking to you little bitch! I run this fucking facility! Don't pick a fight you can't win…" The blond boy clenched the metal bars even tighter, due to anger, than before.
"You better get on out of here and find your makeup kit pretty boy!"
"You're gonna regret messing with me, kid!" He left.
"Who the fuck was that?" asked Evan to Sam.
"That was Jack, everyone looks to him as the superior of this facility. He always gets what he wants, or else."
"Or else what?"
"Or else…you're sent to the hospital."
"Did you see that bitch? He looked like a fucking weak little fucker! He aint got shit on me. I'll kick his ass before he can even say 'hi' next time!"
"HIT THE SHOWERS BOYS!" shouted a man's voice over the intercom. At the facility, everything was done in time slots. Breakfast was at six am, community service was at eight, lunch was at 2, free time was at 4, dinner was at 5, and showers was at seven. And everyone had to follow that schedule. Evan and Sam undressed and wrapped towels around their waists as they went to the shower. Of course the blond Jack was back and he was fuming.
"See ya round," he said as he left the showers and whipped Sam in the back with his wet towel. It left a welt.
"I'll get him for that later," Lied Sam as him and Evan finished up drying and began to head back to their cell.
"Sam McFinn, tonight's your night for work!" said one of the guards as Sam sighed and went off to hp the guard out with whatever needed to be done, cleaned, or repaired in the facility. Every night, one of the inmates is randomly selected to do work around the facility, tonight was Sam's night. But, tonight it wasn't random at all. As Sam and the guard passed Jack by, Sam saw Jack hand a ten to the guard as payment for getting him to work that night. Before Sam could say anything, the guard shoved him through the front doors to do work in the garden.
Evan walked back to his "cell" and changed into his pajama's he was required to wear. Grey flannels and a grey shirt but he decided to go against the code and not wear the shirt. He had the bottom bunk and he laid down to sleep. His first week was a blast, or not, at the facility and he only had 353 more days left! He did , however, finally make a friend. It was weird that what he wanted the most, he found in a juvenile delinquent facility. Just as he closed his eyes, Evan's bar's opened and closed. He thought it was Sam.
"What's up buddy? That was fast!" Evan said as he rubbed his eyes and got up. It wasn't Sam at all, it was Jack.
"That's cute, he's your buddy now!" replied Jack with a smart ass remark.
"What the fuck do you want?" asked Evan as he raised his hands to his sides.
"I want you to know who the fuck is the boss around here!" Jack flung is foot forward and nailed Evan in the balls. Evan never even saw it coming. Jack hit Evan's nuts so hard he fell to his knees clutching his testicles. Jack then sent a kick to Evan's face and Evan's nose immediately began to bleed.
"FUCK!" shouted Evan as blood poured from his nostrils.
"You think you can roll up in here and act like this is your facility?" asked Jack. "Well I got news for you, aint NO ONE takin this place away from me!" Jack shoved a powerful uppercut into Evan's solar plexus, who was still cupping his nose from all the blood. Evan didn't even see it coming.
"OOMNPH!" yelped Evan as the pressure from Jack's blow to his stomach forced more blood out of his nose, and lots of air out of his lungs. Then Jack did it again, and again, and again until Evan was seeing double. His vision was off and his breaths were short, if even existent.
"How do you like me now, punk?" said Jack as he kicked Evan in the bottom of the chin to send him lying on his back in a daze of dizziness. Evan knew he was in for the worst. He let his guard down, the one thing you're not supposed to do in a fight, and now he was toast…he knew it.
"Hey!" shouted a guard as he slammed his police stick against the metal bared cage. "What's going on in here?"
"What's going on in here is that you are going to walk away," replied Jack as he slipped the guard a twenty dollar bill. "And don't let anyone walk this way again!" The guard nodded and turned his head, pretending like he didn't see anything. Jack knelt next to Evan as he was beginning to catch his breath, but not his strength. "Ready for more?" Jack balled his fists up and slammed them down repetitively into Evan's middle gut. Over and over again, the sound of Jack playing Evan's bass drum sounded over the Juvenile Facility. Other delinquents knew what was going on, but none of them were brave enough to stop anything from happening. No one wanted to be on Jack's side, and what he was doing to Evan was exactly why.
Jack then stood up, raised his knee high, and then slammed his foot into Evan's lower abs. For about ten minutes he pounded and pounded away at Evan's intestines as Evan screamed and moaned in pain, pain he had never experienced before. Never did he feel like he wanted to die more than that very moment, and never did he wish he never backed talked to this kid. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and drool spilled out of his mouth. He was about to pass out.
"You wake up!" snapped Jack as he slapped Evan across the face, leaving a nice red hand print on his cheek. "I'm not fucking through with you yet!" Jack stood Evan up and placed him against the corner of the room. Evan began to slide down, but the forces of Jack's punches propped him up. With each powerful blow, more unbearable pain was delivered to Evan. Tears streamed out of his eyes. There was nothing he could do, no way to fight back. He was done for and he just prayed that Jack wouldn't take the gut pounding to a fatal ending.
Jack then grabbed Evan's shoulders and forced his knee into Evan's stomach. The hard bone slammed through Evan's battard abs. They were as thin as paper and Jack's knees sunk in deep. With every knee, Evan's eyes bulged out of their sockets, spit flew from his mouth and an "Omph!" "OOO!" or "UH!" escaped from his lips.

"Listen," said the guard escorting Sam back to his cell. "My sources say that Jack is teaching Evan a lesson, a bad one! I'm gonna let you sneak up on him. All us guards came to an agreement that it's time a new sheriff was in town and he's not it! We don't like him, we never have. Get him, beat him, and bring him out so we ALL can teach him a lesson he so very well deserves." The guard opened the door to the hallway Sam's cell was in and they nodded at each other in agreement. Sam tip-toes his way down the hallway, passing cell after cell as Evan's moans and screams of pain grew louder and louder. Finally, Sam crept up behind Jack, who had still been kneeing the shit out of Evan's stomach, and punched him square in the back.
"ARG!" shouted Jack in pain as he arched his chest forward and fell to his knees in horrible back pain. Sam lifted Jack to his feet and slammed him into the cell wall. He head butted him in the forehead and slammed his steel toed boot down onto Jack's toes. "OOOOWWW!" Jack bent over to grab his foot and when he did, Sam forced his knee up into Jack's forehead, flipping him off his feet and onto his back, knocking ALL the wind out of him as the room began to spin.
"Evan, man, you okay?" Sam asked as he ran over to Evan who was in his own pool of drool, gulping for air, and flopping around like a fish out of water.
"He just…….came at me, man!" said Evan through gritted teeth and long pauses for breath.
"I know, but one of the guards told me that everyone up in this place wants him good, starting with you! You want your revenge before we feed him to the dogs?"
"Yea, help me up…" Sam wrapped his arm around Evan and helped lift his cellmate up. Evan could feel the nerve endings in his stomach set fire as he flexed his abs to help him sit up. It hurt like hell beut he went through the pain and finally stood.
"You and me have some unfinished fucking business to attend to," said Evan as he limped over to where Jack was laying. Sam lifted him up and held Jack's hand's behind his back. Right away Evan slammed a forceful fist into his balls.
"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" shouted Jack as his scream went from low, to high.
"Sucks, doesn't it?" Evan slammed another fist into Jack's balls, and another, and another, and another. Soon enough Jack was crying due to the extreme amount of throbbing pain in his balls. His head hung low and drool already began to drip from it. Then Evan threw a fist at his abs, right in the solar plexus. Jack's head bobbed up and down as Evan delivered punch after punch into Jack's gut. Bruises began to form after a half hour of stomach abuse and then Sam nodded to Jack that it was time to move forward.
"W-W-What are you gonna do to m-m-me?" asked Jack through tremendous amounts of pain.
"Feed you to the dogs, bitch!" said Sam as he shoved Jack out of their cell. Jack landed harshly onto the cement floor with a thud as a loud irritating beep sounded over the hallways intercom. One by one the cell doors began to open and the teenaged inmates all stepped out and circled around Jack. The guards began to enter the hallway as well, holding their police sticks and spread grins across their faces. Sam walked out of his and Evans cell, and Evan limped next to him.
"Thanks man," said Evan as he placed a hand on his friend's shoulder. "Now let's give this fucker what he deserves!"