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What Are Girls Good For? by Michael

It was a particularly warm and sunny day when I went down to the beach. Craig was already down there waiting for me. We had been best friends for years and every weekend we'd go for a run along the shore and help each other workout. Unfortunately this Saturday it was going to be rather awkward. Craig's girlfriend had left him the week before and as a result he'd been moody since. Damn near knocked me out while we were sparring in gym so I knew it was upsetting him. But worse for me was the fact that she'd found a new guy, and quickly; me. I figured since he'd been so upset it was probably better to get things out in the open before he found out from others.

As I approached he still looked to be in a bad mood, good thing we weren't sparring today. He didn't even say hi, just turned and started to jog. I shrugged, thinking nothing of it and let him lead the way. We ran for a good half-hour, long enough to work up a sweat, but Craig didn't seem ready to stop. He kept on moving down the beach to a more secluded area. The hotel there was closed for renovations so there was no one as far as we could see, quite a feat for southern Florida.

"Hey Craig… You think we can stop? I'm getting kind of tired."

The words seemed to cut Craig right to the quick. He stopped in his tracks and spun around to face me. His face was red, both with anger and the heat.

"Tired? How could you be tired with a bod like that?"

"What?" I replied as I came to a stop a few feet away.

"Well that's what she's after isn't she? Your body." he spat back, closing the distance to just a foot.

"Wait" You know?" I stammered. Know wonder he tried to knock me out the other day.

"Of course you damned cheat. No one can keep a secret in our school."

"Craig… I wanted to tell you… I was going to… Today… But I… Errrg!… Uuung!"

My reply was cut short by Craig's fist. His right crashed against my cheek, knocking me back a step and setting me up for a right to the gut. The first blow had disoriented me and I tried to raise my hands to defend myself, but his second punch hit faster then I could react. His fist sank into my abs with little resistance.

Stumbling back, I straitened and returned the favor, lashing out with my right fist, then my left. I returned his punch to the face then one-upped him with a left to his liver. He doubled right over without a fuss but I wasn't done yet. I stepped in and grabbed Craig by the back of the neck then rammed my knee into his bent over stomach. He groaned and collapsed to his knees, rocking forward and coughing.

I was actually starting to feel a little sorry for having to defend myself and hurt him as badly as I had, that is until one of my kidneys suddenly exploded with pain. I screamed as my back instinctively arched in reaction to the blow and then before I knew what was going on, my arms were well wrapped in someone else's. I could tell the guy behind me was strong, real strong. I tried to pull away but he held firm, pulling my arms back and completely exposing my torso. At that point I noticed Craig stirring. He rose to his feet and stepped over, not breathing hard at all. He'd either faked being hurt or had made a very quick recovery.

"Ok big boy. That bitch wants you for your bod. Let's see how much it can take."

"Craig please… Uuuh!"

Craig started off with slow, heavy punched directly to my middle abs. The blows rocked my midsection as I tried to keep the muscled defenses tight. They didn't last long.

"Uuuuh!… Oooph!… Uuuuhhhhh!… Uuung!"

Craig's punches eventually softened up my abs, destroying my defenses and exposing my already aching innards to his onslaught. Fist after fist pounded into my gut, blasting breath out of my lungs and mashing my liver into oblivion. He didn't seem to care that I was having trouble breathing, but apparently his friend behind me did.

"Hey Craig. I think he's had enough. The guy can barely stand."

Craig looked up past me as I hung there in the other boy's grasp, groaning from the ache in my stomach. He seemed to think for a minute as he looked my heaving chest up and down. "Fine." was his reply after he was done scrutinizing my broken body. But It was just a ruse. I let out a sigh of relief and even smiled a bit, falsely thinking all they wanted to do was work me over. Then his knee flew up and into my groin, destroying that dream as well as any remaining ability I had to flex.


My whole body shuddered from the blow, shards of pain screaming up through my lower regions. My eyes were closed shut in agony as they passed me, Craig taking up my arms and supporting me as his friend moved in front of me.

"Ok Nash. Finish him, make him hurt bad."

"Heh heh! You got it… Hey dude, not so tough without those abs now are you? Well, it's not over, I'm going to take you breath away and then we're going to make sure you can't please that little hoe."

All I could do was moan in response then only gasp as the first fist impacted right under my ribs. A strait right directly to my solar plexus followed by a stiff left uppercut to the same spot.

"Uuung!… Uuuuuuuhhh!…"

That last hit really took a lot out of me, and this guy must have noticed. He smiled a sickeningly arrogant grin and fired a showy right uppercut right under my ribs.


He followed with a strait right to my sternum and then a left hook to my ribs, both drawing screams of pain from me. I hung there, helpless as he went back to the uppercuts, working one after another deep into my gut. Left, right, left, right… All I could do was spasm and moan with each impact that rocked my body and made the aching in my midsection worse.

My vision was blurry from the lack of air when he finally hammered one last left uppercut into my liver. Again I moaned with what little breath I had and Craig let go. I dropped back against him as he let me down then spread my arms out to the sides and knelt on my biceps. If I could have I would have laughed. Did he think I was going to resist now?

"Nash, do it."

"Gladly." Nash replied as he dropped down in front of me, atop my legs.

"Wha… What are you doing?…"

"Shut up and just let it happen, you'll understand in a minute." Craig answered with a chilling calm.

It was odd, he didn't seem to be angry any more, nor was he enjoying this torture. He almost seemed worried. That's when my attention was dragged away from the boy above me to the one bellow. He was pulling down my shorts and I couldn't believe what I saw. I hadn't noticed it before, but I was hard, hard as a rock as a matter of fact. The boy in black shorts whom I now know was named Nash, wasted no time. He snatched up my length and immediately started to suck me off.

I laid there in disbelief, between the ache in my gut and the waves of pleasure wafting up from my arousal; I was in heaven. How the heck did Craig know about this? I looked up to him and saw that he was smiling, not just in general, but smiling directly at me. He reached forward with on hand and ran his fingers down my chest, tracing the play of the muscles on the way down, then stopped at y upper abs. His fingers circled the area until he was sure I was near climax, which didn't take long considering Nash's skill. As my body started to spasm with pleasure, Craig plunged his fist into my gut, producing a long low moan from me as I emptied into Nash's waiting mouth.

The three of us laid together on the beach for some time. During which, Craig explained to me that it was in fact he who left his girlfriend. He'd had a crush on both Nash and me for a while and she was beginning to notice. Also she was no where near as forceful as he wanted, no girl could be. Nash on the other hand was the perfect dominator, sleek, toned muscles, arrogant personality and a skilled mouth. Craig was a switch, he'd give or take, but preferred the latter. And then there was me. Craig knew I had a passive personality, I always tried to avoid arguments and he was always able to read me, hence the setup. He figured me for the perfect submissive, despite my better build which he explained as perfect for taking more and more.

I didn't know what to say at first. I was flattered that they both liked me. But I was strait, and this was bothering me a bit. I could certainly see the appeal in both of these guys, they had great bodies, which is one of the reasons I'd always exercise with Craig. But I had one other thing to consider. This experience was the hottest I'd ever had. My length was starting to harden again just thinking about it. Finally I decided to say something, but it was something that was likely to put me in a lot of pain again.

"I don't know guys. This was great, I wish a girl could do this to me… But we'll have to try it al least once more before I can decide." I said with a grin.