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Swimteam Rivalry - Part I

by Bill


A loud splash echoed through the pool gymnasium as Nathan dove into the water. It was freezing cold, but he hadn't even noticed it before. He was a Jr. at his high school that was run by the seniors. Coincidently, it was called Senior High. Five am would be too early for most kids to get up and go to school, but to Nathan, being ready to dive into the pool at five was a normal routine. He didn't even know what a sunrise looked like anymore. Unlike most high schools who are known for their football, basketball, wrestling, or baseball teams, Senior High was known for its swimming team. They had won state every year for the past four and Nathan had been on Varsity since he was a sophomore, which usually never happens. This pissed the seniors off even more.
Glenn, Harold, and Davis would always pull little pranks on Nathan like throw all his clothes in the pool or buy maggots and worms and put them in his locker. They did this because they thought it was funny and made them cool, but deep down they were jealous; Glenn in particular. Glenn was an extremely built guy for his age. He was possibly the strongest kid in his class, aside from the guys on the football team. No one ever started shit with him. It had taken him to his Jr. Year to be on the Varsity swim team and the fact that Nathan made it his sophomore year really ate at him inside.
After a half an hour of nothing but freestyle laps and butterflies, Nathan was done with his practice. He got out of the pool not even bothering to dry himself off. He was only gonna take his little speeded self into the showers, so drying was useless. He walked into the locker room and noticed Glenn's stuff. This was weird because Fridays were the team's days off, but Nathan always chose to practice. No one else ever came. He shrugged it off thinking that he had left them there the day before. He stepped into the shower. He too hated Glenn, but only because Glenn would always hassle him. He poured shampoo into his palm and rubbed it through his hair. Then he took the soap and wiped his body. It was a school rule that they couldn't shower naked, so he left his Speedo on.
Glenn, with a freakishly grinning smile on his face tiptoed into the shower and locked the door behind him. He wore his blue swim pants and the water from the showers bounced off his chiseled body, especially his abs. They were ripped! Now it was just him and Nathan! No one would be in school until eight! He had him all to himself. It was time for Glenn to kick the shit out of Nathan for always stealing the spotlight, always coming in number one…he was going to pay. Nathan rubbed the bar of soap over his face and placed his face under the pouring water. Glenn saw this as the perfect opportunity. He arched his fist back and swung, hitting Nathan in his right temple. Nathan flew to the side colliding with the shower wall. He banged the side of his head on the wall and his world was dizzy. He moaned a little and saw a monstrous kid coming at him. Nathan recognized Glenn's amazing body and knew it could be no one other than him. Glenn's powerful fist connected with the middle of Nathan's chest and it felt like he had just gotten ran over by a truck! The sight in Nathan's eyes was gone and he still had soap in them! He couldn't breathe. He fell to his knees and Glenn kicked him in the chin, sending him to his back. The shower water poured out of the head and washed away the blood that was protruding out of Nathan's lip.
"How do you like the taste of blood bitch!" shouted Glenn as he spat at Nathan. The water just washed the saliva away like it was nothing. Nathan moaned as he just laid there staring at the ceiling. He had never been in a fight before! He had no idea what to do, besides take the hits! He was so disoriented from the unexpected attack he couldn't even get up! Besides the throbbing pain in his jaw, he still could barely breathe from the chest blow. He thought about the day his brother won the wrestling championship his senior year last year and the pointers he gave him.

"The stomach always works!" Nathan's brother Brian stated as he wiped his brow with his towel and downed a whole bottle of water. He began to open another one. "Get a nice sucker punch in there and you could be set for the whole match!"
"Don't they see it coming though?' asked Nathan.
"Well, in my case, yea, most of the time. But you're different! If you ever get into a fight and you can throw in a good gut punch, you could be set! Of course, a kick or knee to the balls wouldn't hurt to get there!" They laughed together.

Nathan got to his knees, wobbling, and eventually got to his feet. The soap had washed off his face and the pain began to subsidize. He could see Glenn clearly now, looking even bulkier than ever. Nathan charged at him, and without warning slammed a powerful fist into Glenn's middle stomach. Nathan's fist stayed there against this rock hard brick wall as Glenn stared at him.
"Pathetic!" Glenn said as he tightened his abs even harder. "You can't do shit fucker!" Glen screamed in anger and went crazy throwing at least fifty punches into Glenn's stomach. By the time he delivered the fifty-first blow, his hands were sore and his knuckles were beginning to bruise. "I don't train my abs for a half an hour a day for nothing bitch!" He raised his hand and slammed it into the side of Nathan's neck. He went down as the world got blurry again. Nathan fell to his knees and as he saw two figures of Glenn, there was one thing he knew was there. It's not that he wanted to look at it directly, but from where he was, Nathan could see a little bulge in Glenn's pants. This was his opportunity, and he took it!
"ARRG!" shouted Glen as Nathan's fist slammed into his dick, squashing it under his knuckles. Before Glenn could bend over and cover it, Nathan hit him again, and again, and again, until Glenn began to fall even if Nathan was still punching. When Glen hit the floor he hit knees first and then rolled to his side. Nathan stood up and then rolled Glenn against the wall. He moved Glenn's hands that were cupping his balls and began to kick the fuck out of his dick. The pounds his foot made as they slammed into Glenn's package were monstrous. Glenn began to see two of things as well and his eyes rolled to the back of his head. Nathan, finally stopped. He knelt down next to him and stared at his body. He had never made someone grunt with a gut punch before and deep down inside, he knew he had a little spark of flame for it. There was something about it in a man's face as he got punched that did something for Nathan. He ran his fingers down Glenn's abs and when he got to the lower section, he squeezed his fist so hard his knuckles cracked, arched back his arm, and slammed his fist into Glenn's gut.
"UUUH!" Glenn shouted as his abs couldn't save him now! There it was, that grunt! He didn't know what went over him then, he went crazy. Gut shot after gut shot! He was just mesmerized in the moment, lost in all the grunts and moans that he didn't even realize Glenn could no longer breathe! Nathan's mind traveled back to the moment he was in now after delivering about 100 punches to Glenn's middle stomach! He looked at Glenn's face and saw drool connecting his lips to the tiled floor. He; however, was still kicking!
"You hate me? I hate you too! How does it feel to be the one being beaten, being picked on now, huh Glenn!? You want more! GET THE FUCK UP!" Nathan stood Glen up and leaned him against the wall. He pounded upper cut after uppe cut into Glenn's solar plexus. Glen was leaning forward and the only force that was keeping him from falling flat to his face were Nathan's fists! Finally, Nathan let Glenn fall, but he turned him over to his back.
"I have talent too, ya know!" He slammed his foot down on top of Glenn's gut. Glenn's jaw dropped as a loud "OOMMPH!" was released from it. "That's how I made Varsity, and if you can't deal with that, than fuck off!" Nathan continued his onslaught of stomps until Glenn's eyes began to roll to the back of his head, then Nathan realized what he had done. Glenn, as well as himself, was one of the team's star players! They had competition tomorrow! Glenn had to compete and if he didn't, they would have to forfeit.
"Oh my god!" he said as he knelt down beside Glenn who was taking enormous gulps of breath by now. He lifted him up and leaned him against him and placed his hand on Glenn's abs. He began to message them as Glenn let out little grunts. "I'm sorry! Get better, and don't bruise! Please!" Nathan began to get very worried. Then, he herd the door to the gym open.
"If you tell no one about this, especially the coach…I'll let you have me tomorrow, after the meet!" Glenn laid there for a moment and leaned in to whisper in Nathan's ear.
"Deal," he said as Nathan began to leave. "Wait!" Nathan turned around and walked back to him.
"Lift me up and slam one final upper cut into my solar plexus, then exit out through this door here!" Glenn pointed to the side shower door. "The main one is locked."
"You sure you want me to upper cut you again?"
"Yea…by the way…thanks. I have been wanting to experience this for a long time!" Nathan was confused, but he smiled anyway. He lifted Glenn up and leaned him against him. Just as he was asked he delivered a final upper cut as Glenn fell to his knees in pain, covering his stomach. He watched as Nathan slipped out of the side door, and then he closed his eyes. He passed out.