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Camping Trip Gutpunch by Marco


Rick was furious at his brother. He and this friends had been
planning to go camping together on this trip since last year and now his
younger brother volunteers to go along. His father had issued an
ultimatum, either Mike went along or they could not borrow the family
camping gear for the trip. He grew even more angry when he realized
that Ted and Ronnie could back out because they had made it clear that
plenty of pot and booze was part of their camping equipment. They had
gone camping in the same place the summer before and had talked about it
most of the school year. It was their senior year in high school and
this trip was the last chance for the four of them to be together. He
had won a small victory in that his father had agreed that Mike would
come with him to tell the others he was now coming along because of the
camping equipment. Rick looked over at his brother and wondered why he
suddenly wanted to come along. The two were brothers but could not be
more different. Rick, though a year older at eighteen was shorter and
built like the football player he was, Mike on the other hand was tall
and slim although wiry and muscular from the hours spent riding his bike
everywhere as well as a state finalist in track. Rick muttered to his
brother, "You plan on riding your bike up there or are we going to have
make room for that too?" Rick laughed and told him what he was
thinking at the thought of his brothers fragile racing bike in the
terrain they would be in.
"What's so funny?" I'll bet that I could ride that bike alot
farther than you can run!
"You better be willing to run when the other guys find out you are
coming along! Can you run or do you want to go back and get your bike
for a quick getaway when they want to kick your ass for inviting
yourself along. And if they do kick your ass for this I will help
them!" They drove the short distance to meet the rest of them. The
small group of friends always seemed to meet at Ronnies, his parents
never seemed to be home and the property was huge with no one close by
if the boys got too loud.
"Why is he here?" were the first words out of Ron's mouth when he
opened the door and saw Mike.
"He can tell you himself!" Rick pushed his brother inside and
stood silent waiting for Mike to speak up.
"Tell us what?" Danny Reynolds was the last of the foursome that
had hung around together since freshman year. Mikey, what did you do
now? Rick, what is going on, are we gonna want to kick his ass?" Danny
was probably the most short tempered of the group and frequently got
himself and them into fights. He reached out and grabbed Mike and
slammed him into the wall.
"Let's take this downstairs!" Ronnie looked just as angry as
Danny, a fact that made Rick worry about just how much trouble Mike was
"My stupid younger brother wants to come along is what happened. I
made him come over here to tell you , but the wuss ain't talking.
"I am not a wuss! I can take anything your'e going to do to me. I
decided that I wanted to come along and my dad told Rick that he
couldn't take the family camping gear if I didn't come along.
"Then we just kick another ass until he undecides to go!"
"Kick another ass?" Rick looked around at his three friends.
"Ted's younger brother pulled the same shit this morning and Danny
kicked his ass. We'll do the same thing to Mikey!" Ronny had a scowl
on his face and glared around the room. "I wonder who put the two of
them up to it, I'll help kick that persons butt myself.
Mike had quietly been moving back toward the stairs as Ronnie was
talking. "YOU HAVE TO CATCH ME FIRST!" Mike leaped up the stairs and
would have escaped but for the door at the top of the stairs slowed him
just enough for one of them to grab his ankle and drag him back. Mike
struggled and kicked catching a couple of them with his feet and
fists. He caught Danny with a vicous kick to the balls that left him
moaning in pain
"Hold him I am really going to kick his butt now!" Ronnie grabbed
Mikey and shoved him up against the wall and held him there with his
hand on Mikes chest. Mike let his knees buckle and slid to the floor.
Ronnie stood over him and screamed at him to get and take it like a
man. Ted and Danny walked over and lifted mike and dragged him to a
some hooks in the middle of the room that Ron's Dad used to hang his
bike to store it for the winter. "Grab some duct tape, we tape the
little bastard to these hooks, that will stop him from laying on the
ground."Rick, you might want to leave, I am going to put a serious
hurting on this little bastard.
"Okay dumbshit now we are going to teach you to try and fuck with
us!" Mike was now hanging from the hooks hanging with his feet just
barely touching the ground. Ron planted his fist deep into Mike's
belly. Mike grimaced and grunted in pain. "Who put you and Johnny up
to this? Tell us now and we will go easy on you and not beat you to
"Go to Hell! I ain't telling you shit!" Mike thrashes and tries to
break free. "I put Johnny up to it! he didn't even really want to go!
AAGHH! Mike screamed as Ronnie drives a fist into his kidneys.
"Anybody else want a shot at him?" Ronnie turns his back on Mike to
ask the others. Mike relaxs just in time for Ron to drive his elbow back
into Mike's gut and hear Mike "OOOF" in response.
"Let me at him. I owe him for the shot he gave me in the balls."
Danny walks up to Mike and puts his hands on Mikes shoulders. "You know
I am going to bust your balls, don't you? You know that we are going to
kick your skinny ass until you decide you don't want to go camping too
don't you?
"You just going to bore me to death by talking or what?" In
response Danny drove his knee brutally into Mike's balls. Mike's head
snapped back as he gasped. "that the worst you you can do to me? he
grinned as his head came forward.
"That was just the first shot asshole!" Danny drove his knee
Upwards twice and Mike felt the waves of pain crash thru his body. He
moaned loudly shaking his head no and mouthing the word no but nothing
came out but another moan. KRAAK! Mike's head whipped to the side from
the backhand he never saw coming. WHAP! Danny nailed him from the
other side whipping his head the other way.
Rick watched silently but finally spoke up when he saw the blood in
Mike's mouth from the second backhand. "Let me talk to him and see if I
can make him come to his senses." Rick walked over and as he approaced
Mike spit on his shirt.
"F you asshole! You let them tie be up and damn near let him
castrate me and you think I am going to just roll over and play dead
because you ask? Mike spit once again and caught Rick right in the
"You are going to pay for that you little jerk. Rick clenched his
fists and begins slamming his fists into his brothers belly and ribs.
Mike grunts UNGHH! as the fists strike. Soon all you hear is one long
continous moan of pain as Mike almost passes out. Rick pauses and then
slams a fist right into Mikes solar plexus driving Mikes feet right off
the ground. Mike whoofs in pain as the air is driven from his body.
His legs buckle and he screams as his arms take the full weight of his
body. He thrashes in pain scrambling back onto shaky legs. Rick paused
again watching his brother recover from the last barrage. Rick fires
another barrage into Mikes gut. OMMPH! UNGH! AHHH! Mike cries out in
pain as Rick punches low just above the waistband of Mikes shorts. He
walks around behind and rips a vicous punch right in the small of Mike's
back. Mike arches back and and screams AAAAGH!
Rick walks away; "Just remember, you can make this stop just as
soon as you decide you don't want to go camping anymore. And it won't
be like you don't know what is coming if you try and change your mind
Ted walks up and grabs Mikes chin and looks him straight in the
eye. "You know I can make you give in. I can keep punching you until
you can't take any more. Ted at 6'2" and 250 was the biggest and
strongest of the four of them. He was an offensive lineman that held
the record for putting the most quarterbacks in the hospital in a single
season. Ted grinned wickedly at Mike. "Do you really want to feel that
much pain?" He stood in front of Mike with his fists clenched. "Last
Mike gasped in pain as his vision swam and he gagged in pain. He
had never felt as much pain as washed over him. His belly felt as
though someone had shoved a hot poker deep into his belly. He swayed
unsteadily waiting for the next blow to land. His belly was on fire and
his balls still ached.
Ted tapped him gently just above his navel. "That's where the next
punch is going to land, are you ready for it? Mike shook his head no.
"Too bad!" Ted's fist struck a split second later.
UNGHHAAAH! Mike cried out in surrender as his legs buckled and he
slumped down "I quit!" I can't take anymore!" He didn't know what
hurt worse his pride from failing to stand up to the beating or his
belly from the brutal punishment. They cut him down and left him to
"Just remember what you have to look forward to if you change your mind
again" Mike knew he would never want to feel that much pain again.
Mike woke up the next morning and rembered the night before. He
noticed that he seemed to enjoy the memory


Camping Trip Gutpunch Part II

Mike was eating breakfast when the phone rang, he was not in the best of moods. His mother called out "it's Johnny, he says he wants to talk to you, will you go over and see him?" Mike was sore as hell once he started moving around and he did not want to think about how riding his bike was going to feel on his aching balls. He had felt fine laying in bed, but his body protested as soon as he tried to move. He had been plotting how to get revenge, especially on Danny. He wondered how badly Danny had beaten Johnny or if Johnny would want to seek revenge. Mike was sure he wanted revenge. He walked over to Johhny's house and found his friend just as sore and looking to get even. Mike took one look at Johnny's face and asked what had happened to him.
"The bastard worked me over like I killed his dog or something! I went to them just like i said I would and Danny started to talk about how he was going to 'convince' me i didn't want to go. Ted told him to lay off of me and that only made Danny madder. I would have gotten out of there OK except that I started mouthing off and pissed off my brother. Ted shoving me around to shut me up, Danny was already pissed and got in my face and I was stupid and told him that he couldn't kick my ass, my brother wouldn't let him! Danny looked over at Ted and Ted said something like beat the crap out of him the little jerk deserves it!" Johnny's cheek was purple with a bruise that obviously still hurt. "I never saw the first punch coming. He landed a shot to my face that almost knocked me out. It did knock me to the ground. Ted picked me up off the floor and then pushed me back at Dannny. Danny punched me in the gut and I thought his fist was going to go right through me. It felt like he was going to hit my backbone. I damn near passed out it hurt so bad. I doubled over and would have gone down again but his fist was so deep in my gut he was holding me up. I started to straighten up and he pushed me against the wall and layed about four or five more punches right in my stomach. all I could do was scream and beg him to stop. I tried to block a punch and he slugged me in the face with his left hand." Johnny had started to curl up in a ball and was clutching his belly, it looked like just remembering what had happened hurt him. Johnny was a few inches taller than Mike but both had a slim build that was no match for the bigger and much heavier football player. "Then the bastard kneed me in the balls and I puked when he started punching me in the gut again." Johnny looked over at Mike and grimaced in pain, "I wonder if both of us could take him if we could get him alone and surprise him, I sure as hell want to get even for this!" Johnny went silent remembering how Danny had kicked him in the ribs as he had been on his hands and knees puking his guts out after the last few shots to his belly. He had been knocked over on his back from the force of the kick and Danny had stepped on this belly to walk out of the room.
Mike shifted in his chair; "That must hurt like hell, you got it worse than I did. But I don't think the two of us could take him alone, I'd want three or four and really make sure we can take him! Who else can we get to join with us?"
"Terry still hates him for what he did to Jean, he would join with us in an instant!" Jean had been an exchange student from France, Danny had brutally beaten him after he had been overheard making a comment about how pretty Danny's sister was. Jean had been sent home and Terry had been unable to visit France.
"The three of us could take him if we could get him alone!' Mike remembered the day Jean had been beaten, Danny had finished him off by giving him several backbreakers and left him in the middle of the school screaming in pain both from the beating and a broken jaw. A couple of days later they had talked to Terry and they had agreed the first chance they found they would all get their revenge.
The three of them could not believe their luck when Terry called Mike and Johnny and told them to come down to the town recreation center. "He's down here working out and should be good and tired when you get here, that will give us even more of an advantage. Nobody else is around and it willl probably stay that way. When you guys get here I'll lock the doors and we can take him!" Terry worked at the town recreation and often complained that no one showed up there berfore noon on a Sunday. Johnny met Mike minutes later and the three of them met at the rec center and waited for Mike to come out of the swimming pool. "As soon as he comes out of the pool we can meet him in the shower room. I am going to lock the front doors and we can go wait for him just out of the showers side so we take him by suprise." Terry grabbed the keys that were kept on a keychain atached to a two foot long wooden dowel.
"What are you going to do with that? He could use that thing as a weapon!" Mike grabbed the club from Terry. "Danny gets ahold of this he could fuck us all up!"
"I plan on messing him up with it first!" Terry grabbed the stick back as they walked and waited. "We need to circle around him and surround him so that we come at him from all sides and Johnny and I will grab his arms. You go for his knees or his balls with the hardest kick you can give him and as soon as we can we will nail him in the kidneys. I plan on using this thing on him anyway I can when I get my turn with him.

They went to the entrance of the swimming area and waited for Danny to leave the pool. They wouldn't have to wait long. About two minutes after they were set in place Danny came out of the pool.
'Well if it isn't my three favorite punching bags!" Danny's face curled into a sneer as he saw the three of them together. "What the fuck do you want? Don't bug me" The three circled around and only a step away leaped at him. The two boys caught him by his wrists and held on but Danny lashed out with a kick and caught Johnny on the kneecap.
"Ow!" Johnny cried out and stumbled to one knee clinging to Dannys arm as Mike landed a kick that struck Danny square in the balls. Danny screamed in pain and thrashed trying to get free as Mike swung and landed a punch to Dannys jaw. Mike swung and missed Dannys jaw with a second punch. He jerked his head back when Johnny and Terry both landed punches to his kidneys.
"Unngh!" Danny had managed to drive his elbow up and caught Terry right under the jaw and getting his arms free pushed Mike away and knocked him back on his butt. Mike leaped back up and drove his shoulder deep into Dannys gut driving him back into a slim pillar they had been trying to get him to. The other two grabbed his arms and held him fast.

"OOOF!" Danny whoofed as Mike drove the air from his lungs. He gasped for air as Mike drove his shoulder in for a second shot at Danny's gut. Mike slammed his fist into Dannys balls as he rammed his shoulder in for a third and final shoulder into his gut. "AAAH!' Danny cried out as the fist slammed into his balls. "I am going to kill you for. . UNGH!" His threat was cut off as Mike drove his knee into Danny's gut. Mike then slammed a half dozen low punches that hit Danny in the groin as much as his gut. Danny wasn't making much noise other than a grunt from some of the harder punches.
Terry reached out and caught Mike by the wrist; "let me at this assshole, I deserve a few shots at him don't I?" He pulled the keys and the long stick attached from his pocket.
"AAARRGH! Dan screamed and doubled over as Terry rammed the stick into his belly with brutal force. Terry put his shoulder to Dannys chest and forced him upright and slammed the stick once more into his softening gut. Mike's shoulder had hurt him badly and the punches after had robbed Danny of any ability to tighten up his gut. Danny's knees were shaking and his face was getting pale.
Whap! Terrry slammed a fist into Dannys jaw. Wham! A second shot to the jaw stunned Danny, who shook his head trying to clear the fog. "This is for Jean!" He lifted an uppercut to Dans chin that snapped his head back with a crack against the pillar behind. This followed up with three or four shots to ribs and belly with his fists. A low moan was all the reaction Danny gave as his eyes were closed and he was breathing heavy. Terry paused to catch his breath and consider his next move, he looked at Danny and saw the red on his stomach for the beating he had been taking. His face was starting to show some bruising from the shots to his jaw. He hated Danny for the beating he gave Jean and costing him a trip to France, he enjoyed the beating he had just admistered.
Johnny grew impatient at the long pause; "I haven't had my shot at him yet! I figure I owe him a few. He had Danny's arm and pushed it toward Terrry, who grabbed it and stepped over twisting Danny's arm behind his back. Mike pushed his other arm until Dannys hands were almost touching behind him. Danny was leaning forward trying to lessen the pressure on his shoulders as johnny began pumping his knees up into Dannys belly and balls.
Danny fell to the floor and moaned; "No more! No more!" He curled up in a ball clutching at his groin. Johnny gave him one last kick at landed in the small of Dannys back causing him to partially straighten "Don't ever try to mess with us again! Johnny screamed at Danny, who had rolled over on his back and was now completly defenseless. Johnny walked over and jumped up and came down with both feet on Danny's stomach. "I owe you this bitch!" The three looked at Danny who gave no response other than than a slight flinch from the impact and passed out. The three laughed at Danny as they walked out over him. All three made sure to step on his chest as they left.