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Arthur and the exchange student

by gp25


He was not real happy, as his parents come home the parents evening from his school, and with a smile on the face of he parents, he get the news also, that he get a exchange student.

The tell him more, that this guy was into sport and so they have think it could be a good idea, maybe that he could show them a little boxing, because Artur was a young german boxing champ at his weigh class, so he also won lot of fights and he also have real tight muscles and looks with them like chisel.

His biceps are rock hard as same as his abs, he could take a lot ….

So it comes the day, as the exchange student arrive at germany. His name was Abby, he was 17yo old and was also into sports and workout too. He have very big biceps and he never lose any armwrestling and he well trained abs, he try to form them into a 8 pack.

He was very interested into meeting the 15yo old boxing champ and if he could have some fun with him ….

Lot of hours later and lot of shaking hands, Arthur also show Abby his room and where he also could sleep, it was Friday evening and on Saturday are no school.

Arthurs parents also leave the house, because they think it would be better to leave the boys alone.

Abby for now enjoy looking at the lot of prize, his new room mate have win. He notice how the german check him out into his muscle shirt, both guys are into them.

The young champ have still notice that his new room mate was lot of bigger then him and his biceps also much bigger and stronger looking then his own.

"I see, you check me out, looks like you like my biceps ? How about a strength test between black and white, see who is the new boss here ?"

With a bit surprise the champ answers

"Okay why not, do you mean boxing or what do you have in mind ?"

"Ha ha im not into boxing, but im into punching abs, can you take off your shirt and show me your abs ?"

Without any word, Arthur take off his muscle shirt over his head and flex now his impressive sixpack and his biceps - make a double bicep pose - for Abby, that grab those biceps with his big black hands, put them against the flexing muscles and let them look small under his hands and then he start to squeeze the rock hard biceps …

But rock hard biceps or not, Abbs fingers press so hard, that the two biceps become a bit flat and also give way a small bit, and make the champs arm muscles bit hurt, because he make a grunt!

"Not bad boy not bad, I have crush lot of white boys biceps, yours the first one, that not crush for now"

"Thanks, I work them hard a lot" Arthur answers and look at the fingerprints on his biceps, as Abby leave his biceps out of his hands.

Arthur now gets bit respect from Abby power ….and so he wants to try the same squeezing against Abbys biceps and the black boy flex them for him, but the biceps are so big, Arthur was not able to press the smallest dent into it, so the harder and bigger biceps have his new room mate.

"Ha ha, Champ, you lose the first round!"

"Maybe, whats next ?"

Abby point direct to the champs abs …

"Your abs looks like they need a beating and im that one, that break them!"

"Maybe you beat my biceps, but my abs are my favourite, I can take a lot there, come on, go for it!"

"Easy white boy, you have the wrong position, I want to see your arms behind your head"

"Yeah baby, now you look perfect and now this fists of mine, are going to punch you, till you are down"

"This will never happen, if you talk so much, come on, show me black boy what you got!"

Abby´s answer was a hard uppercut, right into the champs sixpack, and land there with a loud smack sound and make his fist a bit hurt. He smile because he know, this would be lot of fun now.

WHAM WHAM WHAM, FIST after FIST hit the young boys sixpack again and again, slow but hard and turn those white muscles into deep red muscles, after two minutes of hard gut punching.

WHAM WHAM WHAM WWHHAAM!!! ... now after two more minutes, between the loud smack sound or now some THUD sounds!so also the slow but real hard punches, now start working against the champs abs, because they start to soften up.

SMACK SMACK, THUD THUD THUD,SMACK, THUD THUD, SMACK!! more and more,the champs abs soften up and losen the hardness they have before.

The beating are now 8 minutes and the the young white abs boy are now covert with sweat and he could not longer hide his sounds.

To every THUD sound he makes HMPF HMPF UGHH, HMPF, OOUUF and the Abby fist have still start to penetrant the champs abs and also sink in there with every punch deeper and deeper....

OOOOOOOOUUUUUUUFFFFF a defasting lucky punch let the champ now force double over Abs muscular arm and that was the situation the black muscle guy have waiting for because he was pressing the champ on his back still down into the double over positon and now he ram his knee up into the soft abs from that german boxing champ.

UUUFFF UUFFF, AAAAAAHRRGHH, HMMMPF, UUUFFF, OOOUUFFF, the knees are so hard, that Arthurs body was lift into the air.

After this brutal attack against his abs, Arthur have problem to stand on his feets so Abby press him hard against a wall, make a fist and hit the camps abs one more time. Arthur see the fist coming, but his abs did not response to flex, they are totally mushy.

"OOOOUUUFFFF" then he collapsed to the floor.

"Want some more wimp?"

"No, no you win"

Abby now looks at his watch, and he stopped at 14 min and 57 sec. ....

After a long shower and some taunts from Abby about his manhood, they make a Deal that next day Arthur was punching Abbys abs, and there was no longer, who the boss are from those too, because those beating have start to be hot fun to both, as they do it next time .....