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BEACH_FIGHT_42 by Pascal

I was very pleased to meet my new girlfriend Katie while going home from my little beach visit. At this time, I had been in a relationship with Katie for about 3 weeks.
Suddenly I saw Brian, the guy Katie had been in a relationship before, who had always tried to fight with me to show him who's the better guy for Katie. Having seen him, I wanted to go another way at home, but he already noticed me. I went towards him not wanting to look like a wimp, but now I know, I maybe should have done this. We were arguing very much and loudly about Katie, when Brian suddenly started punching me. I've got to say: I'm not really someone who's that good in punching and fighting. Nonetheless I tried to resist and also punched him several times. But it seemed Brian had been in fights quite often - he punched me very hard into my gut, which's actually well-muscled.

In one moment, I heard Brian screaming "Cameron!". Cameron was and had been a friend of Brian a very long time. He was wearing a blue shorts when he ran to Brian and me. Now I started realizing what the two guys wanted to do to me: Brian grabbed me from behind in some kind of armlock, Cameron beginning to punish my gut with hard punches. It probably would have been better, if I hadn't stopped training my abs some days before, because every punch really sank into my gut. Not only the punches were very hurtful, also the armlocks and full nelsons Brian did.

I couldn't believe what I saw then: the suddenly was another guy. I hadn't seen him before, but now I know he's called Nick, and also a friend of those two bullies. They really wanted to punish me now, just because Katie loved me and not Brian anymore. Nick and Cameron held my arms away from my body, and Brian went on punching my gut, which hurt more and more after every punch. As I was almost crying because of my gut, the three guys ran away.