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Zeke gets his Comeuppance © October 2005 All Rights Reserved
Part III
Story by The Hit Man; Pictures by Admiral Luke

It was late afternoon and Zeke was heading home after participating in the bike race to raise funds for the school athletic department. As he turned a corner, he almost stumbled right into his arch-nemesis, Dirk. Both boys were still in their Lycra racing gear: Zeke in yellow and black, Dirk in blue and black. Not soon to forget either of the last two episodes with Dirk, Zeke smirked as he realized the two were totally alone.

"Guess you don't have any of your posse with you today, aye, Dirk," Zeke said, his voice strong and confidant. He was more than ready to exact some revenge.

"I don't need any posse to deal with you," Dirk replied.

Dirk in Blue/Black Zeke in Yellow/Black

"Guess we'll just have to see about that," Zeke said as he struck out with a hard right cross that connected solid with Dirk's cheek. Zeke loved the crunching noise the punch made. It was only the first blow in what he intended to be many punishing Dirk.

Zeke followed-up with a right upper cut to Dirk's gut that carried enough power behind it to practically lift Dirk off his feet. Anyone watching the fight would be able to see the power Zeke put behind the blow by the way his right forearm swelled as he delivered the blow. Zeke knew that one on one, he had more than enough strength in his guns to make short work of Dirk.

Driving in next with his left fist, Zeke was more than pleased to hear Dirk struggling not to throw up. Oh yeah, Zeke was making mince-meat out of Dirk's midsection. It was at that moment that someone grabbed Zeke's right arm from behind.

"I can't ever leave you two alone, can I," a voice said from behind. Both Zeke and Dirk recognized it as that of Ed, one of Dirk's now closest friends. A basketball player and natural athlete, Ed had plenty of muscle of his own. Throwing it in with Dirk and Zeke knew he was in trouble again.

Dirk in Blue/Black Zeke in Yellow/Black Ed in Light Blue/Tan

Zeke tried to jerk free from Ed and managed to get his arm loose but Ed caught him in a choke hold from behind. At the same time, Dirk threw his own hard right handed punch straight into Zeke's gut. The combination of the punch and the choke hold had Zeke in a rather tenuous position almost immediately.

Ed continued applying the choke hold while Dirk swung away at Zeke's midsection with left after right after left after right … continuing to punish Zeke until he was barely able to stand. If not for Ed supporting his weight, Zeke would most likely have been on his knees by now.

Although Zeke pretty much looked like he was done for, that didn't slow Dirk down any. Ed decided he needed a better hold and let go of Zeke's neck only to lock him up with a double chicken wing which gave him much better control over Zeke's weight. All the while, Dirk was continuing to slug away.



Finally sensing that Zeke had no more fight left in him, Dirk paid him back for the sock on the jaw with a hard right of his own.

Ed decided it was his time to get in a little punching. He let go of Zeke's arms, spinning him around at the same time. Ed slammed a left fist into Zeke's gut first.

Zeke didn't have anything left so when Ed repeated the left hand thrust into his gut, it lifted him clear off his feet and he passed out, his entire body weight coming to rest on Ed's arm. It was a sight that made Dirk burst out laughing.

Dirk grabbed his water bottle from the race and sprayed Zeke in the face. It wasn't much but it started the other boy coming back around. Suddenly Dirk reached over Zeke's back and grabbed the hem of his shirt, pulling it right up over Zeke's head. Once it encased Zeke's arms, Dirk hit him again with a hard combination to the gut.


Grabbing the shirt, Dirk finished yanking it off over Zeke's head. Just then, Ed closed back in, locking Zeke back up in a double chicken wing. Dirk drove his knee up hard straight into Zeke's balls, causing Zeke's eyes to roll back up into his head in pain.

It was starting to get dark, the sun rushing to the zenith of the earth's edge but Dirk and Ed weren't nearly finished with Zeke. Having just lambasted him with a knee to the groin, Dirk resumed the torture of Zeke's once glorious and strong abs, pounding away without regard for Zeke's in ability to fight back or ward off the full effect of the punches. As strong as his body had been at the start of the fight, it was now fast reaching the exact opposite … total annihilation. Dirk continued to pummel away as the sun sank further into total darkness.




Ed held Zeke as Dirk punished the boy beyond reason. As the sun disappeared completely, Dirk delivered his final blow, a double fisted gut punch that drove Zeke into the same condition as the earth now found itself, in total darkness.

Ed released his grip and Zeke collapsed to the ground, his breathing shallow, his body beaten beyond what his muscles could have hoped to withstand. Dirk and Ed stood over the unconscious boy. Finally they turned and walked away, leaving Zeke to come around on his own.