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The Only One

Written By R.E.R.

I went to the beach I had heard about.From a couple of my buddies.I didn't know it was a set up at the time.But lucky for me I keep my abs in real good shape.I was the only one of my color there.That made my abs harden right up.I thought I'd get it over right away.So I opened my shirt up right away.To show off my very lean hard abs.I as right.As soon as I did that.Three well built guys came over to me.And asked if I had ever been gut punched before.I told them I hadn't.But when I really had been gut punched before.By much bigger and stronger guys then they where.I made them a bet.If they could beat me my abs up bad enough in an hour.And that I would beg to stop.I would leave the beach.And if they couldn't I could stay as long as I wanted to at the beach.They where up to that. And to make it more interesting to them.I told them that I wanted one of them to hold my arms behind my back.So I removed my shirt for them.They really like how I did that.So I asked them if I should drop my pants also.I was wearing my swim shorts underneath my pants.Yes that would be very good.That really turned them on.When they took turns gut punching me.Then the smallest of the three stood in front of me.And then drew his arm way back.Then he stopped .He then reached into his one of his back pockets.And pulled out a pair of leather gloves.He said it was to protect his knuckles.But when he hit me with the first punch.I then realized what kind of gloves they where.They where brass knuckled gloves.That was going to hurt allot more.But I wanted to see if I really could take that kind of punishment.He started to punch my lower abs.Thud Thud Thud.It stung real bad.But I really liked it.Then he started on my middle abs.Thud Thud THUD.The last THUD really stung really good to.He kept this up for about 20 minutes.My abs where really red now.Then the second guy came up.He had on a pair of gloves to.I thought I was really in trouble now.As he went into his bag.And pulled out some salt.And rubbed it on his gloves.Then all of a sudden he let lose with a Thud Thud-Thud Thud.When that salt hit my raw abs.I thought I was going to pass out right then and there.But some how I didn't.He was hitting me high and low.That was making it really hard to breath.I was glad when he stopped.It had now been about 20 minutes.Then the third guy came and stood in front of me.He was the biggest and the strongest of the three.He asked me if I had enough.I said no way.I told him he better make it good.Because he only had 20 minutes.To make me give in.That made him very made.So he started letting me have it with every thing he had.My abs where really hurting now.But I had gotten my second wind.He was hitting so very hard and fast now his fist looked like one big blur.And the sweat was just rolling off my rock hard abs.His time was up now.They said you have won.So you can stay here as long as you want.Then they ask if they could double team me for 10 to 20 minutes.I said ok.I knew I had in me.I thought.Then these two really big guys came out of nowhere.And doubled teamed me.At the end of the 20 minutes I fell to the ground.When they let my arms go.Then they said Again.You can stay here as long as want.