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"Double Trouble for the Twins" by PunchYourAbs


I was out in my backyard doing spring clean up for my dad since I didn't have the funds to go on spring break this year.
I was startled to hear "hey shrimpy" echo through my head.
I had not been called that for many, many years.
I turned around to see the twins from down the street, Kenny and Jay. It had been 4 years since I last saw them. They had both gotten athletic scholarships to the same university out of state.
Growing up I always admired them. If it was while they were jogging by, lifting weights in their garage, or out cutting the grass - while girls stopped by to admire their athletic bodies.
What I didn't admire was their constant picking on me - from name calling, to knocking me down, to punching me when they saw an opportunity - you know, the stuff kids do to each other and don't think about.
I was shorter and smaller in build then either of them.
Kenny was always taller than Jay or I.
He had a very big mouth. Jay was more quiet, but always worked out a little more, ran a little further, did more pushups and situps than his mouthy twin brother. Needleless to say, I always felt closer to Jay even though none of us were best friends.
Anyway, to get back to today and hearing that horrible word again, I turned around to see both brothers standing before me, soaked from being out on one of their runs, and looking as magnificent as ever. Jay actually came close first and gave me a half hug.
Kenny punched me in the shoulder, as usual, always a punch.
We exchanged a few words, got caught up on college, girls, our families and the neighborhood. They offered to "give me a call"
the next time they went out for a jog.
When they turned to leave, Jay half hugged me again, in a genuine "good to see you again" way. Kenny, being Kenny, punched me in the abs, commenting on how much more grown up and buff I am now.
I took the punch without much problem - even though I don't think my abs are as strong as either of their's. But that did it for me.
I went off on Kenny. "I have had it with being the point of your ridicule, and being your punching bag I screamed. Punch me again and I'll go off on your abs and not stop until you can't breathe!"
Jay stepped in to cool me down, but I said to him to step back - this was between me and his brother and had been for years.
To my surpise, Kenny said, "go ahead" see if you can hurt me - you can't, you're still smaller, "shrimpier" than both of us.
I took a deep breathe, and asked him if he was man enough to step back into our garage. Like the pompous guy he is, he was dumb enough to accept and do it. Once in the garage, I told him he could have 1 more punch on me, then, I would punch him for as long and as much as he could take as payback for the all the years growing up I had to endure his abuse. He said I could start with 3 punches, all to the front of his abs - and if my hand wasn't sore, maybe more.
I didn't need to wait for another invitation.
Before he could smile his nasty smirk, I punched him 3 times, hard, not full force, directly over his navel. The first one landed and the second followed and he started to step back, caught off guard my the speed more than the force of the punches. The third punch landed just as be went to take a breath and he wasn't totally flexed or prepared for it. Too bad for him. His middle abs were soft and he fell backwards. It felt great. I told him to stand up and take more, he needed more, I needed to give him more. He was angry.
So angry he was dumb enough to stand up, flex his abs, and tell me to punch him again. I did. 1 last big punch, just below his navel on the flatest part of his torso. He was solid, but not as solid as punching into his abs on either side or above his navel. He took it.
I was surprised - not only that he took it, but the feel of it also.
With that, he said, "enough is enough" no more punching, no more name calling. Let's get out of here 'bro he said to Jay.
Jay hesitated, then said, I'll meet you at home Ken.
Kenny left. I so wanted to follow him and see if he was holding his abs, if he was sore at all as he walked home.
Jay apologized for his part in abusing me growing up. He really didn't need to, he didn't verbally or physically abuse me like his brother did.
Besides, I told him, if he had, I'd have to punch his abs too.
Amazingly - he said to go ahead!!! I looked at him very confused.
He said, unlike my brother, I actually like to be punched in the abs.
It helps me to stay in shape and know how in shape I really am.
Problem is, there isn't anyone I know or trust to let punch me the way I like to be punched.
So I started on this brother. First, gentle taps to the middle abs.
Nothing to the upper abs over the diaphram. Nothing on the sides, to the outside of the abdominal wall. Gentle, then medium strength punches to the middle and lower abs. On, beside, above, below the navel.
What a dream come true. He must have taken 20 punches! Jay has nice middle abs, very defined, very solid. He is very flat and tight all around his navel and below - his "spot" to be punched so he said, and I really enjoyed punching him there, again and again.
I asked him when could I stop, not wanting to hurt him or redden his skin. He said, "keep going" or stop, it was up to me. I stopped.
Out of amazement I hugged him. I couldn't believe that this nice, quiet guy, with such a jerk for a brother, would let me punch on him like I just had. He said it was something he enjoyed, I had done a great job, and was welcome to do it again, whenever I wanted, just to let him know. With that, Jay left and said, "thanks again Mikey", call me. I can't remember the last time they called me by my real name.
I will call him for a repeat session, soon!