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The Island

by Bill


Andrew opened his eyes. He was lying in sand. It was hot and moist and the heat caused his body to sweat. He was shirtless and the sand was sticking to his moist skin. He sat up and rubbed his head. He had no idea where he was. He looked around and saw nothing but environment. To his left was sand, to his right was sand, in front of him was the ocean, and behind him was a jungle. He was totally confused. His head hurt liked hell and he was super hot. He just didn't feel right. He leaned over and threw up. He wiped his mouth and walked over to the ocean. Smelling the air and looking at the water made him think back to his last memory. It was the freshest thing in his mind.

Andrew was walking down the stairs to get to the beach. He was always at the beach. He lived at the beach. He passed the same thing every day. There was a group of guys who played volley ball, a group of girls tanning, and then there were the swimmers, surfers, jet skiers, wake boarders, and Para sailors in the water. Andrew worked at the "Bayside Bar" in the beach. If he wasn't working, he was there for fun. On this day though, he was working. He wore an open shirt and he had a very sexy body. He was a very cut, lean, and handsome man. It was one of the reasons why he lived at the beach; to show off.
He punched in and went straight to bar tending. Throughout the day he would get all sorts of people. But the last customer he hade was Jenny. She was very pretty and had nice tan skin with long black hair. Her sunglasses were hot pink with purple shades and her teeth were a blinding white. She caught the eye of him, and he caught the eye of her. He bought her some drinks and when he got off work, they hung out at the beach.
"So, since you're so sexy I'll give you my number, but don't loose it!" she said as she pulled out a marker from her purse. She bent down and wrote her number on his ten pack abs. It tickled him and he giggled. And just like that, she walked away; gone in the wind. It was so cliché, but so true.

Andrew looked down at his stomach. He had sweated too much and the marker began to drip. The number was undistinguishable. He was pissed. He liked her, a lot. The ocean in front of him clashed and the waves crashed making a roaring sound. Andrew turned his head to the left and stared off into the distance. He saw a cloaked figure. The figure was standing there looking at him. He could not see its face and he couldn't even tell if it were male and female. The only thing that Andrew knew was that as soon as he started walking toward it, it walked into the jungle.
This struck Andre's curiosity even more. He wanted, no, he needed to know who or what this cloaked figure was. He decided to follow it. Stepping into the jungle brought immediate shade and it cooled Andrew off quickly. He could hear the cracking and breaking of branches and that's what he used to follow. He knew the figure had to be close. He caught a glimpse of it again right before it entered a cave. Andrew had second thoughts before entering the cave, but he needed to know what the figure was. He also wanted answers on how he came to be on this island. He entered the cave.
Water dripped from the cave's ceiling. It was made entirely out of rock. Andrew heard the tapping the water made as it dripped down into a little pool of water. He took a sip from the pool. All of a sudden a very ripped man made entirely out of muscle popped out from the water gasping for air. He grabbed Andre and pulled him into the water. He struggled to stay a float, but finally Andre helped him and held him. The man was convulsing and he seemed to be in loads of pain.
"Get out of here! Get out of here while you still can!" the man said as he stared into Andrew's eyes.
"What's wrong? Where am I?" Andrew asked.
"You're in the Super Villains headquarters!" he said as his grip got tighter. He began to get sucked back under water. It was hard for Andrew to hold on. "They're taking me again! Save yourself! Swim! Anything! Just get off of this island!" the man was sucked back into and under the water. Andrew dove under the water and tried to swim after the man, but the water was too dark to see in. He swam back up and leapt out of the water.
Scared and confused, Andrew bolted the way he came to exit the came. He stopped dead in his tracks as the cloaked figure blocked the exit. The cloaked figure raised his right arm out in front of him and pointed his finger at Andrew. Andrew took a few steps back and then shouted out to the cloaked man.
"I need help! Someone just got sucked under water!" he said as he pointed to the pool of water the man had just been trapped in.
"I see you took a dip as well," said the cloaked figure. It was a man's voice. It wasn't deep, it was like Andrew's. It was calm.
"I tried to save him, but he got pulled under!" Andrew said.
"Water conducts electricity, did you know that?" the cloaked man asked.
"Yes, but we need to help that man!"
"The only person you should worry about on this island is yourself Andrew!"
"How did you know my name?"
"Shocking, isn't it?" Electricity then shot out of the cloaked man's fingers and into Andrew's stomach. Andrew exploded into pain as electricity coursed through his midsection. He shot his head back and screamed as loud as he could. He finally blacked out.

Andrew walked down the street on another hot day. He had just gotten out from work and he was jogging home ot keep his cardio up when he saw two guys beating up another guy by only punching him in the stomach. It was horrible. Hit after hit this kid lost his breath. He couldn't catch it and was about to pass out. Andrew ran down in their direction yelling at them.
"Leave him alone guys! He can't take much more! Just call it quits!" he said as the two guys looked at him, laughed, and then kept on going.
"I said stop!" he said again, a little louder this time.
"What are you going to do tough guy? Should we break your gut?" one of the goons said as the other laughed. Andrew was angry and he raised his fist to throw a punch, but when he raised his hand, a garbage can near by flew up into the air and charged into the goon that was laughing, knocking him into a wall. The other goon just stared in disbelief and took off. Andrew didn't know what had happened. He then helped the boy up and walked him down the street.

When Andrew woke up he was tied down to a table and there were bright lights on him. The man had taken off his cloak and it was the first time Andrew saw him in his full integrity. He had a striped t-shirt on and spiky black hair. Andrew could tell he had some what of a body underneath the shirt, but it wasn't as cut as his. He figured he had nice Pecs and probably your average six pack. The man turned around and smiled at him.
"Rise and Shine Andrew! How's your stomach?" he asked, as he shot electricity into a lamp to turn it on.
"How the hell did you do that?!" asked Andrew as he tried to wiggle free.
"I wouldn't move if I were you!" said the man as he pointed the same finger as before at Andrew. "I can send electricity into your body and kill you if I want!"
"Then why didn't you?"
"Because, you can't kill off a hero that easily!"
"A hero?"
"Correct. A super hero I might add!"
"How am I a super hero?"
"That's what you need to tell me! Once we found out that you had hero blood in you, we had to bring you here."
"We? There's more of you?"
"Yes, but we all have different powers. I for instance, can cause electricity. But, you knew that already.
"That man in the water in the cave. What are you doing to him?"
"Interrogating him. Just like we will you."
"Is he a hero?"
"He calls himself Titanium."
"Because he's exactly what his name is. His muscles are so powerful not one thing could destroy him. If you punched him, your fist would shatter. If you shot him, the bullet would bounce off."
"So, he's a man of steel?"
"No Andrew! That's Superman."
"This is absolutely ridiculous!"
"I know, and all you have to do is cooperate and you wont end up like him."
"If he's so hard to kill, then why is he so hurt?"
"Because. Water seems to be his weakness. So, we submerged him underwater and he is being beaten for a half an hour every hour underwater, so we can break through his muscles!"
"Because once we rid the earth of all of its heroes, us villains can finally rule all!"
"So you're just going to beat them until they die?"
"Until we get something useful out of them, like their powers, and then they die!"
"That's horrible!"
"That's why we're called villains! Now," the man placed his hand on Andrew's stomach. Andrew could feel the warmth coming from the man's palm. "You will tell me what your powers are and how to defeat you, or we will just have to find out ourselves."
"I'm telling you man! I have no idea what you're talking about!"
"So be it!" the man then shot electricity from his hand directly into Andrew's stomach. Andrew screamed in pain and his cries could be herd throughout the entire island. All the villains herd the screaming and began to make their way to the cave.