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Markus against the football guys BY GP25


Summertime is normal the best time, if you are muscled, to show off, what you have under your shirt.
This was most the perfect time for Markus, a young lean muscular man. He was start into bodybuilding for about two years ago and he have make lot of good results.

He was proud about his biceps, because they are hard and very good definite and even under his pullover, it is now winter time, his arms looks great but most proud he was about his perfect trained sixpack and till summer he want to try to get a 8pack!

This evening he had with his football team a friendly match. It start to rain, as the enter the field and soon Markus football clothes are complete wet, but he did not realized that.

After two goals, he Markus become exchange, he have played 40 min. He feel great, he take off his shirt, flex short for the fans, then is coach give him a slap on his back, real happy about Markus two goals and then Markus enter the locker room areas, follow from two dissentient players, both shitless too.

The are bigger then Markus and both very frustrated and it was the young mans guilt, who was just disappear in one of the locker rooms. The look to each other, count till 10, open the door to the young mans locker room.

The young man was just into his pants, ready to hit the shower, as the two guys come in.

"Hey, can I help you ?" The two guys still use the time to check the young guys body up.

"Yeah, you play very good, you are fast and looks like you are into muscles, and we just like to see you flex again, and ask for a revenge ?"

"A revenge ? Ah you want to test my strength?"

"Yeah your right, but should you have fear, we will leave you" the other guy taunt.

"Fear ? My muscles hard hard enough for both of you, I dare you to beat them, my biceps and abs, come one.

The two guys could not know, that Markus often are into armwrestling or into taking few hard punches into his sixpack, but what the young man not know was, that the two guys often work over sixpack like that in front of them …

With the hands behind his back, flexed biceps and abs, he was ready and waiting what the guys in front of him would do.

Both guys wear white trousers, and Markus only his blue short pants. So Marek, one of the guys name, stand now close to the waiting muscle guy and grab the right bicep and squeeze that muscle hard, that a dent was slowly visible.

Then he put his arm on the guys left shoulder and make sure, Markus see the punch coming, and so he flex his abs muscles to the maximum, knowing that the punch would not hurt him but ….

"HHMMPFFF" Marek uppercut the guys lower abs, right below the waistband, where you could read "unno" and his punch was sink in there and make Markus sag.

"ARRRGHH" a harder second uppercut into his real lower abs make him more sag and hurt and now Marek grab the waistband of Markus pants and move them down with one of his hands holding, and he still could see the pit of Markus manhood but more interesting for him to see was that there are no muscles to see and harder then before, right above the guys manhood he set his punch!

"UUUUUUHHHHMMMPFFF" Markus arms comes down and protect with his hands his now hurting lower area, he was unable to take there anymore, but as his hands come down and Marek let the pants free, he set a real hard punch right between the two arms form Markus right into the unflex muscles !

"OOOOOUUUFFFFFFF" Markus double over and go to his kness. With a smile on his face, Marek stand now behind the easy beaten muscle guy, grab those muscular arms, and put Markus back on his feet.

Easy Mareak fingers dig in, into Markus soft biceps and hold now the arms back, so that the young mans abs, exposed for Milosh!

"Now its my turn, weakling!"

"HMPF HMPF HMFP" Markus felx his weaken abs, as good as he can, but his muscles soften up, rapidly.

"Come on wimp, I can´t hear your" Milsoh taunt Markus.

"HMPF, HMPF, UUUFFF, OOOOOOOOOOOOOUFFFFFFFFF!!!" now the boys sixpack was lost all his hardness"

"AAAAAAAAAARGHHHHH" a punch now right above his manhood and Markus was swimming in pain! OOOOOOOOUUFFF; OOOOUUFFF; AAAAAARRRGHHMMPFOOOUF! A very hard punch right again into his sixpack. Markus could not double over, he could only rise up his leg, helpless.

With his football shoes on, Milosh stand now at Markus barefooted foot and make him real hurt and come close to his face.

"You are a weakling, aren't you ?" He could see fear and lot of pain in Markus face, but he get no answer, so he rise up his knee right into Markus big pants.

"AAAAAAHHHHH" and then he grab Markus by his hair at his head, and ask him again

"You are a weakling, aren't you ?"

"Yes, your right, your RIGHT, im a weakling"

"Louder or i kill you" and as Markus see the fist he scream and beg


Milosh laugh Markus out, and Marek tount him, then it looks like Milosh would go away but he send a last powerfull punch, right into Markus unflex sixpack and Markus was now dazed.

The full action was maybe about 10 minutes, enough time for the guys, to leave Markus alone, but before they go, they bring him into the showers, put the blue pants away and leave the dazed Markus beaten and naked now.

After one minute Markus come back into life because cold water was running round his beaten up body. His abs, most his lower abs hurt very much, and he need lot of minutes to recover, before he could stand up. He know that the guys was cheating him and he start to get frustrated that they able to force him to say, that he is a weakling, he know he was not, he want revenge.


Markus against the football guys Part 2 - Shower action -

Part II

Markus have need some minutes till he was okay. He was still in pain, as he turn the cold water off. Then he could hear Mareak and Milsoh from the other side at a other shower area, how they make jokes about him.

This makes him very angry and frustrated. He look at his watch and he know the football game would be going on till 30 minutes, enough time for him to visit Marek and Milosh.

Markus have in mind to beat them up. Complete nude, he come back into the locker room, he don´t know what with his pant was happen, so he take a short towel round his stomach and then barefooted he leave his locker room to enter the "enemy" locker room area.

He found the bags from guys, take them and put all clothes he found to a big washbasin and turn the water on, then he put some soap to the clothes , knowing that they would still need other clothes, oh yeah, he start to feel good.

Now it was time for the boys, time for the next two versus one action. With all his frustration inside, he enter the shower area, that was full with lot of steam, so he could not see them right, and they him so too.

Markus touching at the shower wall along slowly, because it was there slithery barefooted he was.

At the same way, Milosh want to be outside the shower area, he was still laugh about Marek and all the steam inside and of course, they are laughing about the beating up fun, with that "Muscleboy"

Again and again, Milsoh think about his fist sink in, into that fantastic looking sixpack and again he hear in his mind, the weakening boy. Milosh start to get hard right now and then before he know what happen, from the steam a fist connect with his chin.

"ARGH" he slide along the wall, find his balance and taste some blood on his lips, then he realised, that Markus was here, but …

"How feel that you freak ?"

"OOOOOOOOOUUFFFFHMPF!!" Markus right was like a Hammer land into Milsoh soft stomach.

"He Milsoh whats up?" Marek ask into the steam, because he had hear something, but his friend was now at his kness, he feel so bad inside.

With all his power, Markus lift that guy up, back to his feet, press him against the wall and then he rise his knee up, directly into Milsoh naked balls.

"AAARGHHH, Mar UUUUUUFFFFFFF" he try to cry for his friend but a second punch to his soft abs, he was not well trained there, send him down again, swimming in pain and Markus could see the fear into the guys eyes, as he want to give him a kick, so he did not and leave the very easy beaten Milosh.

Now it was time for Marek, and this guy get the feeling, that something must be wrong, he call for his buddy but get now answer.

Then in the middle of the shower room, he could see someone stand and waiting, but it looks not like Milsosh because this guy, was with a shot towel round.

Fuck, it is him, Marek think.

"Time for revenge"

But the young muscle boy move to fast to Marek and the shower floor was to slithery and he was very close to lose his balance, so the waiting guy, use the moment and drive a uppercut right into the full exposed and unflex sixpack from Markus and drive all the air out of him and double him over!

"OOOOOOOOUUFFFFFFFFF" still moving forward, Marek easy lift up his right knee, and have also a good hold position against the shower wall, and hit Markus balls under the towel !

"ARRRRRGHHHHHH" bend over Markus stud there, his legs shaking, he was swimming in pain, he hold his hurting balls.

"Now its my turn, time to play, weakling"

"UGGHH" a uppercut right on his chin, let his head snap bag and let Markus hit the floor, he was dazed, but he take all the power he have, to stand up, but he could not stop Marek, taken away his towel.

Then as the young boy was with surprise lose his towel, Marek use the moment and put the towel right over Markus head. The now bare muscle boy rise his arms up, to put away his own towel as a knee hit him right into his of course again, unflex abs!

"OOOUUFFFF" he cough for air right now, as a hard elbow to his back, let him hit the floor again, right in front of Marek.

As he lay down on his back, he could see how Marek step on Markus unflex stomach and sink in deep and let Markus rips stick out very much. The young boy feels now very bad and weak, and then he could see at the ground a shadow crawl to him, it was Milosh!

Marek see him too, but this time, Markus use the right moment and he press his tooth together, try to come up, to flex his abs, and the battered abs, come up to full force and flex and put the big dent close out, but not all, but enough that Marek get problems with his balance and then Markus fist come up, right into Mareks balls, full force.

So that guy collapse and hit hard the floor, he was dazed and close to out. As Markus would stand up, he was roll away from Marek he forget Milsoh, this guy was beaten yes, but for now, he come at the floor over Markus, sit at his stomach and try to press Markus arms down, like at a schoolboypin !

"Fucking weakling, give up!"

Markus moan and fight against the strength and weight from Milosh as his arms connect with the floor, he was pinned now !!

He could see what the guy have in mind, because they all naked and with fear and disgust and for Milsoh surprise, Markus get the chance to get his arms a bit from the floor and use his head to hit Milsohs nose, and with a hard uppercut to milsoh chin, Markus was able to get this heavy boy from his body, and with disgust he give him a kick right into the unflex stomach and get Milosh dazed like Marek.

Then he turn on one shower for him and let cold water running down his battered body, everywhere he feel pain, then he put his towel round and leave the shower, knowing that this tow guys, maybe never try to beat him or if yes, he must be very carefully but for now, he was the winner.