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Zeke gets his Comeuppance © October 2005 All Rights Reserved
Part II
Story by The Hit Man; Pictures by Admiral Luke

It had been several months since the run-in with Zeke at the high school. In fact, it was Spring Break and Dirk was hosting a swim party at his house for some of his ROTC buddies. One other attendee was Ed, the basketball star that had happened upon him and Zeke when they had last fought. The two had become pretty fast friends since then, hanging around together, Ed teaching Dirk to shoot hoops, Dirk showing Ed how to handle a rifle at the shooting range. It was sort of a mutual admiration society.

Dirk realized the cooler was running out of soda and headed out to his truck parked in the front where several flats of cola lay in the back. As he came around the side of the house alone, out of the corner of his eye, he caught the sight of someone in the front yard. Looking up, he was surprised to see Zeke standing there.

"What the fuck do you want," Dirk growled? "A repeat of the last time we met in the orchard maybe?" Dirk couldn't see Zeke's eyes for he wore dark sunglasses but there was no mistaking the grin that spread over the wrestlers face.

"Bring it, tough guy," Zeke replied. Dirk struck out with his foot, intending a leg kick to Zeke's muscular midsection but Zeke seemed to read his intent and reached out, grabbing Dirk's leg, almost taking him straight to the ground.

Zeke in blue flowered shorts Dirk in red spotted shorts

Dirk managed to yank his leg free but Zeke seemed ready for that move as well as he plowed a hard left upper cut into Dirk's midsection. The blow was effective, cutting straight through Dirk's abdominal wall, knocking a good portion of his air out. Dirk struggled to tighten his abs and get some breath back in before Zeke could do any real damage.

Zeke pounded him, throwing fist after fist that dug in deep. Dirk was starting to feel a bit light headed, his defenses totally thrown to the wind. Zeke definitely had the upper hand at this point. It was at about this time that the cavalry arrived, saving Dirk's ass. Yep, his friend, Ed, wondering what was taking so long, had finally followed Dirk into the front yard where he came upon Zeke beating the crap out of his friend Dirk.

"Enough of that, old buddy," Ed said as he came up behind Zeke, throwing his arms up underneath Zeke's, going for a full nelson. Dirk didn't wait around to take advantage of any rest, but instead, immediately began returning the punishment Zeke had been meting out on him, a right upper cut straight into Zeke's breadbasket. He was more than pleased to hear the OOMPH sound that accompanied the moist air that coated his own face, a result of his punch. Dirk planned many more of the same for Zeke before he was through.

Ed in red shorts/black shirt Zeke in blue flowered shorts Dirk in red spotted shorts

Concentrating on the area just below Zeke's sternum, Dirk put as much strength as he could muster behind each shot, each blow digging in a little deeper as Zeke's musculature began to collapse under the constant barrage of blows. It took just about all of what Dirk had to bring to the table but eventually, Zeke was again being held up only by Ed, his own legs collapsing.

"You know, I wouldn't mind in on the fun this time," Ed said. Dirk looked up at him, glad to take a little break.

"Let him go then," Dirk replied. As Zeke slid to the ground, his chest heaving as he tried to get a good breath, Dirk switched places with Ed, yanking Zeke back to his feet by the arms. As Ed stood infront of him, Zeke hocked a pile of spit straight into Ed's face.

"You little piece of shit," Ed said, gritting his teeth as he wiped the wetness from his cheek. Without another word, he struck out delivering a right cross to Zeke's cheek, driving his head almost around to touch Dirk's shoulder.

Ed followed up the right cross with an extremely powerful left upper cut that caught Zeke right in the abdomen again, bending him completely over.

"You hit like a girl," Zeke managed to grunt out between blows from Ed. Ed returned the favor with another strike, an equally hard right upper cut to the abs.

It was obvious that Zeke had little left and as Ed delivered a final upper cut to the chin, Zeke completely folded, once again being left in the dust by Dirk and Ed.

To Dirk and Ed's surprise, there was a smattering of loud clapping from behind them. Both boys whirled, thinking that maybe Zeke had brought the entire wrestling squad along. How relieved there were to find it was the other fellows from Dirk's ROTC group instead. Obviously, they had witnessed almost the entire affair.

"Mind if we get in on this," one of them asked?

"The more the merrier," Dirk and Ed said at the same time, grinning at each other and slapping a high five as the five other boys advanced.