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Zeke gets his Comeuppance © October 2005 All Rights Reserved
Story by The Hit Man; Pictures by Admiral Luke

Dirk came into the break room straight from his workout with the high school chapter of the ROTC. Because of that, he was still in his camouflage uniform. He knew it was frowned on to go into such places with his cami's still on but he was dying of thirst and figured a quick trip in and back out wouldn't make any difference. Of course, he hadn't planned on running into Zeke either. Zeke was one of the jocks, a member of the wrestling team, and in Dirk's book, a real asshole. Zeke was always picking on other boys, showing off his physique and strength. Dirk did his best simply to avoid him but today, it looked like that just wasn't going to happen.

"Hey look," Zeke yelled out as soon as he saw Dirk. "It's one of our play soldiers." Several of the others in the room, both jocks and others, either tittered or laughed.

"Leave it alone, Zeke," Dirk replied. He did his best to keep his voice even, not showing his contempt. He dropped his change into the vending machine and pushed the button for an energy drink. He reached in to get it but was bumped out of the way. Zeke now stood with his drink in his hand. "Give it back."

"Or what," Zeke said as he popped the top? Dirk grabbed for it but Zeke tossed it to one of his cohorts. Dirk headed for it but someone tripped him and he went to his hands and knees. Suddenly someone was on his back. "Giddy-up little doggy," Zeke said as he spanked Dirk. Now the crowd in the room was really laughing/

"Get off me," Dirk said through gritted teeth.

"Or what," Zeke said again?

"Or this," Dirk said as he grabbed Zeke's ankles and rose up on this knees, dropping Zeke flat on his back on the floor. Both boys were up and it was obvious a fight was about to ensue. The crowds, like so many vultures, were already starting to gather.

"Take it outside," a deep masculine voice said as Principal Roberts stepped in-between the two warriors. "Not on school property either, you both got my meaning?"

"This isn't over," Zeke said to Dirk, poking a finger at Dirk around Principal Roberts's girth. Without another word, Dirk left the break room, sans his drink.
It was getting close to dusk by the time Zeke said goodbye to his chums and wrestling mates. He headed home, walking through some of the orchards as he always did. He was alone, about ¾'s of the way home when he heard a rustling sound from the side. He stopped, unafraid, to see just what was making the sound. A smile broke on his face as Dirk stepped out of the underbrush that surrounded some of the trees. This was much better than even he could have wished for.

"What do you want," Zeke asked?

"You said this wasn't over, so just thought I'd make it easier on you," Dirk replied. "Here I am. Come and get me." Zeke didn't hesitate but made a mad rush straight for Dirk who waited until the right moment, grabbed one of Zeke's arms, pulling him in and buried his knee in Zeke's gut.

Dirk in Cami's; Zeke in White

Unprepared for such an attack, Zeke had most of his wind knocked straight out of him by this one blow. Dirk finished by jumping in the air and bringing his elbow straight down on the back of Zeke's neck, driving him face first to the ground.

"Nice moves," a voice said from behind Dirk. He spun around, fists ready for an attack. He recognized Ed, one of the star basketball players who'd been in the room when Zeke had stolen his drink. He didn't lower his fists.

"I don't know if I can take both of you," Dirk said, "but I'm willing to give it a try." Ed smiled at him.

"I ain't here to fight you," Ed replied. "I'm here to help you with him. He's always giving us jocks a bad name and I figured it was time to put an end to it. You just beat me to the punch, no pun intended." Dirk stood looking at him, still distrustful. "Let me pick him up and you can finish the job you started," Ed added, leaning down and hauling Zeke to his feet. He didn't have to be asked twice. Dirk began throwing punches straight into Zeke's gut while Ed held him

Dirk in Cami's; Zeke in White; Ed in Grey

In spite of Zeke's washboard abs, the initial attack had left him woozy and as Dirk drove his fists in time and again, Zeke's muscles gave out, unable to withstand the beating. Dirk didn't spare the power either as he chose each place to land a blow, over and over, punishing Zeke as he'd never been punished before. Soon, Ed was the only thing holding Zeke up. Still Dirk didn't let up. His arms were like battering rams, striking hard, digging in deep into Zeke's musculature. Zeke was struggling to breath between blows but Dirk didn't let up until his own arms and hands felt somewhat like silly putty. To tell the truth, this was the first time Dirk had ever used his fists this way and frankly, it felt good. Finally, unable to withstand any more and unable to get a good breath, Zeke's head dropped as he lost consciousness.

"Wow, Ed said. "I've never seen anyone beaten into unconsciousness. You really handled him well. All I along I thought he was some kind of super stud but instead, he's just a regular guy like you and me."

"Yeah, except you and I don't go around pushing people around and playing the tough guy. That's the difference."

"I guess you're right," Ed said, weighing Dirk's words. "What are we going to do about him?"

"Leave him here, he'll come too eventually and I suspect he's going to be mighty sore."

"Oh yeah, I have something else for you. Think fast." Dirk caught the unopened container of a drink the same as he'd purchased.

"Thanks," he said, popping it open and taking a large swig.

"No, it's me who should be saying thanks to you. Maybe this will teach Zeke a lesson."

"I hope so too. But if not, I am willing to try and teach it to him again."

"Me, too," Ed replied. "Me, too."