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Love to be gut punched. 3 Written By R.E.R.

This is me.Just before I got gut punched.And my gut punching budies

It had been a time since I had my abs really worked over.By six big heavy hitters.But I thought I was ready now.Because for the last six months.I have been working my abs.Very very hard and long.On day one I would do three sets of 250 sit ups.On day two I would do three sets of 250 crunches.And on day three I would do three sets of inverted sit ups. I would take a one day break between each day And some times I would add 25 to 50 pounds to the sets.I really liked the burn I got from it.Now after doing this routine for the last six months.I thought I was ready for a good gut punching.So I called up six of the hardest gut punchers I new.They all agreed to come over Friday night.Because my parents were going away for the weekend.I'd have the house to myself.It seamed like Friday would never come.But it did.And after the parents had left.I went to the basement to get it ready.When I get gut punched I like to be tied up spread eagle to the wall.So my abs are open to anything.But this time I thought I would try not eating for two days.I had heard that would make your abs twice as hard.Finely all the guys had arrived.And I was tied up the way I liked to be.Ok remember how it goes.Every one gets five minutes.Then the next one steps in for his turn.But this time you do not stop until I pass out.All I had on was a pair of boxers.So they could hit me low if they wanted to.For the first half hour I didn't feel a thing.The thud thud thud was like music.To my ears.I even started to get a little hard in my manhood.It had now been over an hour.And my abs still felt rock hard.The guys thought I should be showing some signs of breaking by now.But I was just getting warmed up.So they started to double team me.One would take one side and the other the other side.Then one would go low and one would go high.I had not planed on this.It had made it allot harder to keep my abs flexed.By now it had been over two hours.And I now could start to feel the punches sinking into my rock hard abs.And I was starting to get a little light headed.Each thud thud thud really started to hurt now. The pain was getting so bad now.I thought I would pass out at any time.But I wanted to see if I could last one more hour.Before I would pass out from the pain.When I had come to they told me I had lasted.Three and a half hours.I really liked how my abs were feeling.Nice and sore.It felt betterthen the burn I got from all those sit ups and crunches I did.We all liked doing it.So we would get together once a month.And we each would take turns being gut punched.