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Torin vs Bobby © November 2006 Alls Rights Reserved
By Guy Smiley


Torin and Bobby

Gymnastics practice was quickly coming to a close for the day. Torin was really feeling good about the way he had carried through on some of the special instructions his coach had given him. Today, he had concentrated on the pummel horse and his extra instruction and practice were beginning to show. Even the coach had taken a moment to commend him on the excellent workout. Torin was pumped up, his body feeling on fire as he leaned against the horse, his body showing every muscle, especially his well-defined six pak. There weren't too many boys on the squad that could boast the same musculature as Torin, something else for him to be proud of. As he relaxed, another boy came strolling through the gym, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the gymnastics team wasn't done quite yet.

"Hey, stupid, can't you see we're still practicing here," Torin shouted at the boy? The boy kept walking as if he hadn't heard Torin address him. Torin had seen him around school but didn't really know him. As the boy walked, Torin could see that he was athletic though maybe not as muscular as himself, but he carried himself like he could handle himself. Torin decided to put him to the test. After all, he was always up to a good fight. He leaned forward and as the other boy approached, Torin moved in front of him, blocking his way. He added, "Are you deaf as well as stupid?

Bobby was just minding his own business, sent to the gym to begin setting up for kick boxing practice. The coach had told him to wait until the gymnastics team was finished but when Bobby had opened the door, he could see that most of the team, other than a few cleaning up, had already deserted the facility. He figured a few minutes gained in setting up were a few minutes gained for practice matches. He heard someone yelling but didn't really pay any attention as whoever it was wasn't calling his name. That is until he found his way blocked. Bobby looked up and swallowed hard for there in front of him stood a rather muscular looking boy, one whose face looked like he was cruising for a bruising. Bobby thought for a moment, and then captured the name.

"Excuse me, Torin, isn't it? I wasn't meaning to interrupt." Bobby started to walk to one side but Torin moved with him, continuing to block his path. Torin was a bit surprised that the boy knew him by name.

"Yeah, I'm Torin, but that's not the point. We're in practice here and you're interrupting." Other boys still in the gym stopped what they were doing, glancing around at each other, making sure the coach was out of earshot, and then they started moving toward the two boys. Of course, the only thing on any of their minds was that there was about to be a fight.

"I'm sorry. I really wasn't trying to interrupt. I'll just make my way the rest of the way through and then wait for you to finish, if that's all right with you." Bobby changed directions again as he spoke but Torin once again side-stepped, intending to block him. But as Torin moved, Bobby anticipated it and dodged back the other way, easily moving past Torin. A small gathering of whispered garbles filled the air as the other boys waited for Torin's response. Torin spun and grabbed Bobby by the arm, spinning him around as well so they were face to face again.

"And if I do mind?" Torin's face had definitely clouded over at being bested by this boy, his hands folding and unfolding into fists. Bobby stood still, meeting Torin's stare, eye to eye.

"Then I guess that's your problem," Bobby replied as he started to turn away yet again. Torin grabbed his arm but this time Bobby didn't just allow himself to be turned, or punched, or anything. Instead he met the motion with a powerful backward kick that caught Torin right in the gut. Torin was muscled, especially in the stomach, but the blow caught him unaware and managed to knock a good bit of his air right out of him in a great WHOOSHING sound. The blow also knocked him back several feet, the gymnast barely managing to keep his feet instead of falling on his ass. The rest of the gym was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop as the other's watched the scene unfolding before them.

Torin stood there, his stomach muscles expanding and contracting, the muscles seeming to grow ever larger as Torin sucked in air that fueled his anger. His hands were now permanently curled into fists and he charged forward, intent on making Bobby pay for his mistake. Bobby saw Torin's fists rising as he approached. Bobby moved into fighting stance. Torin charged, grabbing for him, but Bobby merely moved to the side, bringing his knee up sharply into Torin's gut a second time. Torin was ready this time, his musculature managing to stop most of the power behind the blow but that didn't mean he didn't feel it's intensity and strength. Torin threw a fist at Bobby's face, a blow that only met air as Bobby bobbed and weaved, then kicked Torin again, his heel coming up and around as he turned, catching Torin with another backward kick. Torin was knocked back again. His face was almost black with rage.

Now Bobby advanced, putting Torin on the defensive. Bobby kicked time and again, his feet catching Torin time after time, knocking him back until Torin's back came to rest against the pummel horse. Working with an almost captive audience, Bobby proceeded to pound away at Torin, his blows slowly having the desired effect, wearing Torin down, taking his breath away until it was almost impossible to get a new breath before another foot hit him. Everyone watching knew Torin was in trouble but no one stepped forward to join the fray for they knew it was a fair fight, one started by Torin but obviously going to be finished by Bobby. The observers watched as Torin slowly began to sink to his knees, his obvious muscled advantage taken away, wiped clean, and rearranged into a bruised and battered piece of flesh that couldn't even stand any longer.

Bobby pulled back, preparing his final blow, the blow that would end this fight once and for all when a booming voice filled the entire gymnasium.

"Just what is going on here, gentlemen?" All the boys whirled, guilt written all over their faces as they'd been caught by the coach. The big man strode over and grabbed both Bobby and Torin by the neck, Torin hauled to his feet like he was a rag doll. "You two want to fight, you do it in the ring. Now get out of here and get cleaned up. Report here tomorrow after school and you can get this aggression out in the open." The two boys starred at each other. When the coach finally let loose, Torin jumped for Bobby but was held back by a couple of his team mates.

"Tomorrow, it'll be you on the ground, punk," Torin shouted as Bobby walked away, his back absorbing the words as Torin continued to hurl insults after him until the large doors swung shut. It wasn't until then that Bobby allowed himself a smile. He was looking forward to the next day.