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Part one: The placements

by Bill

Before you read, I strongly encourage you to read all my stories before reading this one. Because this story involves almost ALL my characters from other stories, you may get lost or find it confusing at some points. If you have read all my other stories, then great! Sit back relax, and enjoy, probably my best work yet… -Bill-

Brad and Dominique

Brad was sitting on his chair as he gulped down some water. He leaned back and put his arms behind his head and watched Dominique run on the treadmill. His amazing pecks bounced up and down as he ran. Then Dominique got off the treadmill, wiped the sweat from his brow and walked over to the “pull up” bar. He did his normal amount of reps. He walked over to the arm curlers and did those, the leg lifts, and his sit ups. He sat next to Brad and smiled. He was done with his workout.

“Who would have thought that after all of this we’d still be best friends,” Dominique said as he slammed his fist into Brad’s unsuspecting gut.

“Ooomph!” yelped Brad, but quickly shook it off. “I know, when that cop found you beaten on the street in the rain that night, I thought for sure you were gonna rat on me,” replied Brad, sitting up in his chair. They were both shirtless, and looking amazing.

“I really was thinking about it. I mean, I had never dealt with any amount of pain that even came close to what you did to me, but deep down inside, I liked it. That’s why I couldn’t say anything to the cop. He asked me what happened, and I said that I got into a fist fight and that I would be alright. I got home and threw up a lot though you bastard!” They both laughed and then Brad’s phone rang. He picked it up.

“Hello?” There was dead silence. “Hello?” There was still nothing. Brad could hear the air passing through the phone line and he was about to click the phone off when a voice spoke to him.

“Answer your doorbell and take the letter, but say nothing,” the voice said quickly and quietly.

“What?” asked Brad, but the other line clicked off and there was no one there.

“Who was that?” asked Dominique.

“I don’t know. Wait here a moment, will ya?” Brad got up and answered his door. There was a letter in an envelope sitting on his step. He walked outside and looked to his left and right, but no one was there. He bent over, picked up the letter, and walked inside. He sat next to Dominique before he opened it.

“What is that?” Dominique asked.

“A letter,” replied Brad.

“Well I know that, but what kind of letter?”

“Hold on and let me open it!” Brad flipped the letter back and tore open the seal. It was a card and on the fron of the card was a wrestling ring. They both shrugged their shoulders and Brad opened the card. This is what it read:

“Brad, we have noticed your interest in the fighting style called gut punching. We are delighted to inform you that there will be a tournament held in this fighting style’s honor. We would like you to be apart of this. This is very secretive, so show no one. You are allowed to bring on friend that fights the same way, but only one. If we find out you talk about this to more than that one friend, we will find you and bad things will happen. Think about the tournament and if you want to be apart of it then be at this address in one week: 16352 sycamore lane. There will be a shuttle that leaves by noon. If you miss it, you’re out of luck.”

“Well, that was a little weird,” said Dominique as Brad put the letter in his pocket after he had folded it up.

“You wanna do it?” asked Brad.

“I dunno… UUUH!” Brad slammed his elbow into Dominique’s gut. “UUUUUUH!” Brad slammed another. “OOOOMPH! UUUUH! OOOOOOOOOOOO!” Brad delivered three slugs to Dominique’s solar plexus.

“Okay!” said Dominique as he panted. “Okay, let’s do it!”

“That’s what I like to hear!” said Brad as he felt his way down Dominique’s muscular gut and then laid a punch in his lowers.

Jake, Chris, and Craig

Jake sat at the table in his new apartment. Boxes were still stacked on top of each other from when he moved in two days ago. He sipped his coffee and read the newspaper. He was wearing his pajama bottoms and no shirt. That’s how he slept. He read for about a half hour when his doorbell rang. He put the paper down, scratched his head, and got up and walked to the door. He looked around, but no one was there. He looked to the ground and there was a letter. He picked it up and looked around once more. He sighed and walked inside to open a letter.

“Chris, Chris!!! Open the damn door!” yelled Jake as he pounded and pounded and pounded, but no one was answering. “Where the hell is he?” Jake looked around and then his eye got caught on Chris’ big shed in the back. That was when he heard a loud grunt. Jake bolted to the shed. Jake opened the doors, and there was Chris. He was chained to the wall and he was moaning wildly. Josh looked to his right and there was a machine on and running. Jake watched as it spat out softball sized balls and shot them directly into Chris’ middle gut. Jake went to go turn it off but Chris yelled at him.

“No… UHHHHH! Leave it I have four more… OOOOOOOOO! Ball’s to go!” Chris moaned as each of the last four balls socked him in his gut and then the machine shut off. Jake undid Chris’ chains and then Chris fell into his buddies arms.

“I just got that shit the other day. Still trying to get used to it,” Chris said as Jake massaged his abs. They were beat red.

“Chris, I got an invite to a gp tournament,” Jake said.

“Me too, bud, me too!”

“You got one as well?”

“Uh huh, this morning. Are you gonna enter?”

“Of course! You’re gonna give me some of those pills you have, right?”

“Yea buddy… we’re gonna rule!” They high-fived eachother and then walked into Chris’ house.

Leo’s door was loud as it got pounded and pounded on for five minutes before someone answered it. A very strong and muscular man was at the other end, and he was looking angry.

“Where’s Leo?” the man asked.

“You got an appointment fuck ass?” asked the doorman. Leo just looked at him and rammed his fist so far into the man’s solar plexus it was about to poke out of his back. The man fell to the ground and flopped around for air.


“That’s my appointment fucker!” said the man as he walked in. He followed the smell of cigar smoke until he reached a room. A man sitting at the end of the table surrounded by goons looked up at him and snapped. His goons all bolted to a standing position ready to fight. The man sitting had to be Leo.

“Leo, I presume. My name is Craig,” the man said.

“Well Craig, what brings you to my humble hideout?” Leo asked.

“I have a vermin to kill.”

“Ooo, a vermin! It’s always good when someone says that! Please, sit. “ Leo snapped and one of his goons pulled a chair out and when Craig sat in it, the same goon pushed it in. “Tell me about this Vermin.”

“Well, about a year ago my brother Matt was killed. He was beaten and stabbed multiple times in the stomach. I am determined for revenge and I think I know who did this to my brother.”

“And who might this killer be?”

“His name is Jake. Him and my brother were friends. I have a picture.” Craig pulled out a picture of Jake from his pocket.

“I definitely remember this kid! Quite the fighter. I gave him some supplies because he came to me the same way you did, looking fro revenge… Killed your brother did he? Well now, what do you want me to give to you?”

“What is the most painful thing you got?”

“Heh, heh, heh. I like you already.” Leo snapped and one of his goons ran out of the room. Five minutes later he ran back in. The goon handed Leo two things. One was an invitation letter, and the other was a dart gun.

“In this invitation is a letter granting you permission to enter a gut torture tournament. This means most if not all of your blows go to your opponent’s stomach. This dart gun, if shot at in the stomach will inject a toxin that will make the other person feel like they are getting punched when they real aren’t. It is very, very painful and lasts for how ever long you are willing to pay for.”

“Like I said, I want Jake dead…whatever it takes.”

“So be it. Than it will be one thousand dollars and a show.”

“A show?”

“If you can beat all my goons in under a half an hour, than I will give it to you for free, but… if they beat you, it’s one thousand dollars.”

“I think I got this no problem.”

“And remember, that tournament is stomach punching only, so, why don’t you practice it out right now?” Leo snapped and seven more of his goons came running into the room and added themselves to the eight that were already there. Craig was surrounded by fifteen guys ready and eager to destroy him.

“And take off your tank top why don’t ya?” said Leo. Craig nodded and tore it off, he didn’t even care if it ripped. He just watched it fall to the side.

The first couple of guys came after him, Craig beat them with ease. He ducked and then landed uppercuts into the goons stomachs like he was a god. They all fell under his fists. He did good against the next couple of goons, making some of them cry after beating on the so hard. He was twenty minutes in when he finished off all but four of them. Craig’s stomach was bruised from taking somewhat of a beating, and his nose and lip was bleeding. He was very tired.

Two of the goons grabbed Craig’s arms and one grabbed his ankles. Craig looked down trying to shake them off, when all his breath left him and he let out a loud “OOOOMPH!” The one guy he forgot about got him hard in the stomach. It was the doorman. The doorman wailed on Craig’s unsuspecting stomach, landing one twos and uppercuts, giving Craig no time to breathe. The doorman did this for the last ten minutes and then Leo snapped. The goons let go ofCraig and he dropped to the floor. He was gulping for air and in so much pain. He also had to pay the thousand dollars.

“That was interesting,” said Leo. “Listen, You’ll catch on quick, but it seems to me that if you’re caught off guard once it throws you off for the whole fight. Now, you’re still going to have to pay the thousand dollars, but since I like you, I’m going to give you a tip for free.” Craig looked up at Leo and then sat in a chair.

“Go to this house,” Leo gave an address. “In it you will find a box of pills. They are blue pills labeled ‘Tolerance’. Steel them.” The house Leo gave Craig, was Chris’ house. And those were the only pills Chris had.

Alex, Alan

Mick , Noah, and Camble

Alan had earned his respect in the house, after delivering an amazing gut slugging to Mick, their so called “leader.” Everyone in the house wanted Alan to slug them. Alex and Alan traded off beatings almost every other night, and this club of theirs made their friendship even stronger. The house received a letter that was entitled to all of them. It was a letter about a gut punching tournament.

“Boys, this is perfect! All of our work will finally pay off!” said Mick as he held the letter in his hand. This was the moment he had been waiting for his whole life.

“Too bad we can’t enter as a team, huh?” asked Alan.

“Yea, that is too bad,” replied Alex.

“All of you will enter, but one of us MUST win!” said Mick with a grin.

“What do we get if we do?” asked Noah.

“You will get to gut punch everyone in the house for an hour or more, depending on how well you do in the tournament!” replied Mick.

“No,” said Camble as he flexed. His torso bulged out and his biceps screamed. “More.” Those two words were the most words Alan had ever heard the man speak.

“What do you mean, Camble?” asked Mick.

“Whoever wins the tournament, not only gets to gut punch everyone in this house for an hour or more, but is named the new leader,” Camble said with a smirky grin on his face. An evil, smirky grin.

“Camble, I don’t think so,” said Mick through almost a laugh.

“I think it’s a great idea!” said Noah.

“To tell you the truth Mick, I do too,” said Alex. Alan agreed as well by shaking his head “yes”

“Fine, but you will all be disappointed when I win the tournament and gut punch you all for two hours! And I will still be your leader! Now line up, all of you!” Mick pounded on their guts for five minutes each, and then dismissed them. He had to win this tournament. He could take a lot in his gut, but he didn’t know if he could take a lot form the house. Especially from Alex and Camble…

The house on on Sycamore Lane was packed. There were a lot of guys, actually, it was all guys. There wasn’t one single girl. After about ten minutes of waiting, a coach buss pulled up into the house’s drive way and the driver stepped out.

“No one get’s on with their invitation letter! If you were dumb enough to not bring it then you will not be entered. Go home now! The rest of you, line up and get on the bus!” the driver said as he entered back onto the bus. Some men bowed their heads in disappointment as they walked to their cars and drove home, but most of the men got in a single filed line to enter the tournament. Dan and Kevin were in line as well.

“Do you think we’ll win?” asked Dan tightening his abs.

“Ssh! If anyone finds out there’s a ‘we’ then it won’t happen!” said Keving under his breath. Dan nodded and kept his mouth shut. They got on the bus and sat quietly until they arrived at a deserted land with a wrestling ring. They all pilled out of the bus.

“Hello boys!” said a man dressed in military pants and boots, but wore no shirt. “I am your host for this tournament. My name is Rick! Now, all of you have been chosen to be apart of this wonderful gut wrenching fight, but not all of you will be chosen. There will be a series of tests before you even can get your name on a waiting list! You fail the tests, you go home. You pass them, you move onto the tournament. Agreed?” there was a satisfying cheer when Rick smiled and began to speak again. “Then let the tests begin!”

The tests ranged anywhere from dropping weights from a high distance onto the fighters gut, to getting tied to a wall and beaten until the fighter gave in, thus, sending him home. Luckily, everyone mentioned in the above pages made it to the tournament.

“Now, let’s line up and randomly pick letters. Here’s how this works. If you were pick the letter ‘A’ than the person who picks letter ‘B’ will be your opponent. It’s the same way for ‘C’ and ‘D’. If they go together in the alphabet, than you fight each other. Got it?” Another satisfying cheer was sounded and then Rick began to let everyone pick.

Alex walked up to the bowl and picked the letter “T”, Chris went in and picked the letter “M”, Brad went in and picked the letter “Y”, Camble went in and picked the letter “V”, Kevin walked up, without Dan, and picked the letter “J”, Noah picked the letter “F”, Dominique picked the letter “U”, Alan picked the letter “S”, Craig picked the letter “E”, Mick picked the letter “I”, Jake picked the letter “Z”, and a man who looked tough and who’s name was Kyle picked the letter “N”.

“Okay, okay, okay everybody! The moment you’ve all been waiting for! It is time to see who’s versus who!” said Rick through his megaphone. After your name is called can you please stand next to your opponent!” Rick built up the suspense by giving a long pause. “For round one we have Craig vs Noah! Round Two is Chris vs Kyle! Round three is Kevin vs Mick! Round four is Camble vs Dominique! Round five is Alex vs Alan! And the final round for the first part of the tournament is Brad vs Jake!”

All the opponents walked and stood next to each other. Alex and Alan were excited they were fighting each other, but they were also very determined to win. All the other fighters looked ready and tough as well. They stood there until Rick announced his final words.

“Alright men!” he began, “Take off your shirts and let’s get started!” All the fighters took their shirts off their bodies and followed Rick into a building. They were all ready to fight. The tournament was set. The brutal beatings were about to begin. And Mick had no idea his match was going to be the two on one match, and Craig had the pills in his body and the dart gun in his hand. Chris and Jake were shocked the morning before when they woke up to no “Tolerance” pills. But there was nothing anyone could do to stop them from their fate, wether it be win…..or loose…………………………………


(To Be Continued)


Part two: Rounds 1-3

Craig walked into his locker room, pacing back and forth. He cracked his knuckles. He had to admit, he was a little nervous. Okay, he lied to himself. He was really nervous. All these guys enjoyed gp, he had merely first started to get used to it. He couldn’t lose the first round, not if he ever wanted to repay Jake for all the suffering he had caused him. Craig loved his brother very much, and that night when he came home, was the worst night of his life…………………………………

Craig placed his keys on the counter and through his gym bag on the ground next to the door. He was dripping wet in sweat from just working out and took off his tang top. He grabbed a glass from the counter and placed some ice chunks in it. He filled it to the top with water, downed it, and filled it to the top again. He gulped the water down his hot throat and listened to the nothingness that filled his house. He looked at the key rack and he noticed Matt’s keys hanging there, but where was his brother?

Craig ran up the stairs and peeked into Matt’s bedroom, not there. Nor was Matt in Craig’s own bedroom, the bathroom, or the living room or kitchen! There was only one more place, the basement. Craig walked back through the kitchen into the dinning room and opened the shut door to the basement. The light was on and he heard noises. They were “Ooomphing” noises. Craig sighed with relief. It was Matt. He was downstairs playing those damn fighting games he liked on the tv so much. Craig was never able to get into Street Fighter, and Mortal Combat, but Matt loved them. Craig shut the door again and walked upstairs to his room. He placed his headphones in his ears and turned on his cd player. He took a nap.

When Craig woke up, night had just began. He rubbed his eyes, and still noticed the quietness of the house. He knew his parents were away, but why was it still so quiet? Craig checked his brother’s room and there was no sign of him sleeping, so he went back to the basement. The door was open, and the light was still on. Craig got a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach as he walked down the stairs. As he entered the basement, he noticed the place was trashed. He then saw his brother laying on the floor. It wasn’t until Craig stood over him, couild he see that Matt’s stomach was covered in blood. Matt was crying. Craig began to cry to. He bent down at his brothers side and looked at him in the face.

“Matt, Buddy,” Craig began, “I’m going to get you some help man. You’re gonna be okay!”

“No,” whispered Matt, death taking it’s toll. “My gut hurts so bad man. I deserved the beating, but not this. I didn’t deserve this.” Matt closed his eyes and died right next to his brother. Craig cried on the phone with his parents, telling them that they may need to come home sooner than expected.

Craig wiped a tear from his eye, sniffled and slammed his locker shut. He was in pants that fell to his ankles and bore no shirt. Most of the other guys had shorts on, but Craig liked these pants. They were his lucky pants. He turned around and stared at Noah. Noah stared back. They both nodded and walked out of the locker room together, just in time for Rick to announce the beginning of round one.

Craig enter the ring on the right side, and Noah entered the ring on the left. They circled each other until Rick yelled “GP!” and sounded the bell that sounded like a guy gulping for breath. Noah and Craig looked at each other. Noah was very worried because Craig was outstandingly buff, and Craig was worried because he has never really gped before. It was Noah who made the first move.

“Ooo!” yelled Rick over the microphone to his large audience. “That had to hurt!” Craig cuffed his balls and winced in pain. Was that against the rules? It was too late now. Noah’s fist uppercut Craig in the solar plexus. He lost all his air and “OOOMPHED” Loud enough for the crowd ten rows up to hear. Noah then started pounding on Craig’s middle stomach. Craig still hadn’t gulped in any air and he started to feel very weak until, all of a sudden, he felt no pain at all. He could breathe with the slightest of ease. It wasn’t because Noah stopped, no, Noah was still going, harder than ever. It had to have been the pills Craig stole from that house. They must have finally kicked in. He smiled. Noah looked up at him astound at what he saw.

Craig hoisted Noah up in his arms and threw him into the corner of the ring. Noah shook off the pain and rain after Craig. Craig ducked down and slammed his fist into Noah’s stomach so hard it lifted Noah off the ground, over Craig’s head, and onto his back behind Craig. The crowd went nuts. The last thing Noah remembered was Craig standing with his foot into Noah’s stomach, the pressure was amazing. Craig had one his first Gut Punching Match.

“Okay! Great! That’s Craig who is our winner!” said Rick over the microphone as two guards took Noah off the ring. Craig walked off and back into the locker room. “He’ll be moving on to fight in the next part of the tournament! Next up, is Chris and Kyle!” Rick smiled as the two men walked on stage. Chris looked amazing, and so did Kyle. It was the first perfect match they had. Chris cracked his knuckles and got into the fighters stance. He was amazed to see Kyle laughing. LAUGHING! He stood at the end of the ring and extended his arms out, signifying “free shots”. The crowd, once again, went nuts.

Chris walked up to Kyle and drove a massive punch into the guys lower abs. Kyle winced, but still extended his arms, ready for more. So, Chris moved up a little higher and did it again. Kyle still stood there, arms out and abs flexed. Chris did this all the way till he got to Kyle’s solar plexus. Kyle was breathing deep, but stil standing. Then Kyle winked and drove a fist into Chris’s eye. Chris didn’t ever see it coming. Chris stumbled back a little and that’s when Kyle tripped him, sending Chris onto his back. The air rushed from his lungs. Kyle sat on Chris, raise his fists, and started pounding on the man’s perfect pecs.

The pain was enormous as Chris lay there, taking it in. He flexed his pecs and biceps, but it didn’t do anything. Finally, Kyle got off him and raise his hands as the crowd cheered in amazement. Who was this guy? Chris rolled over and attempted to get up, but Kyle thrusted his foot into Chris’s stomach. Chris let out an “Oomph!” and fell back onto his chest. He rolled over gasping for breath. Kyle then slammed his foot into Christ stomach and Chris’s whole body arched upward in the stomp. He moaned loudly as he lay back down. He didn’t wanna roll over for the fear of being kicked again, so He tried to sit up, but Kyle kicked Chris in the head, sending him back onto his back.

Then, Kyle leapt into the air, flipped, and landed directly onto Chris’s stomach. Chris’s body arched up again as he screamed in pain. Then Kyle just stood there, marching in place. Each time Kyle landed his foot in Chris’s gut, a loud groan would arise from his mouth. After ten minutes Kyle stepped off. He knew he had the match, but Chris wasn’t ready to lose. He rolled over, this time succeeding in standing on his feet. He breathed in a few times until he caught his breath. When Kyle was throwing his arms into the air in his victory, or so he thought, Chris ran up behind him, and punched him right in the middle of his back. Kyle’s body arched forward and his face scrunched in pain. Chris ran around Kyle quickly, driving his fist into he exposed and stretched out midsection. Kyle arched forward, holding his gut, but Chris grabbed him by the hair and pulled him up, driving fist after fist into his stomach. Drool started to pour down Kyle’s neck and that was when Chris let him go. Kyle fell to the ground.

“And Chris came back to the top!” said Rick again. “In the next part of our tournament it will be Chris versus Craig! That ought to be a great match huh folks?” Rick gave Chris thumbs up as he held his stomach and walked off stage. “And In our third match it will be Kevin Versus Mick!” The two walked on stage and Kevin smiled very wide. He knew he had this match pinned. First of all, he was facing a kid, and second of all, it was going to be a two on one!

Mick moved in first, and swung. Kevin blocked the punch, and kneed Mick in the face. Mick stumbled back and then threw another punch. Kevin blocked that one too and punched Mick in the chest. Mick got angry. He threw a fake to Kevin’s face, and Kevin went to it, and then uppercut Kevin in the solar plexus. Kevin’s face was perfect. Not only was he not expecting a gutpunch this early, but the blow was perfect beyond every way shape or form. And to think, a mere boy had driven it. He drove it again, and again, and again. Kevin fell back into the corner of the ring, his arms in the ropes. Mick smiled and continued to beat him. There was a slug to his middle gut there, and a punch to his low guts there, and then a jab to his solar plexus there. It happened so fast. Kevin was in pain, and gulping for air. He needed help now, and that’s where Dan entered the ring. He punched Mick in the temple and Mick flew down. The crowd went so crazy some were even jumping up and down. Dan shoved kicks into Mick’s stomach as he la on his side. Mick was confused and in pain. How could this happen to him? He did this for what seemed like forever until Kevin regained his strength.

“You want him?” asked Dan over the whoops and hollers of the crowd.

“You bet I do!” said Kevin as Dan stood behind Mick, holding him in place. Kevin waisted no time and started wailing on Mick. His fists went everywhere. The boy was in so much pain he started to sag out of Dan’s hands. He didn’t want to loose. He had his leadership of the house on the line, but he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t hold on. He had to cal it quits.

“Please,” he managed to get out. “Please, my stomach!” Kevin stopped and Dan let go of Mick. He dropped to the floor cupping his stomach. He gulped in air and rolled out of the ring.

“What’s this?” said Rick. “Mick has just quit the match! Couldn’t take a two on one buddy eh? Oh well. Now Kevin and Dan must battle it out to see who proceeds forward!” The crowd went wild.

“What!” screamed Dan as he heard this. “We never agreed to that!”

“No we didn’t, but I have been dying for this so bad, since the first time I pounded you,” said Kevin.

“Shut up Kevin!”

“No, you shut up! Listen, “ Kevin got quiet as he moved in forward. “You don’t like getting pounded in the gut, I don’t mind it. Let me pound you and get you out now because I can take more! Then I’ll split the prize money with you fifty fifty!”

“I don’t kno-” Dan stopped and leaned forward. Kevin’s fist was buried into his solar plexus.

“Good. I knew you’d see it my way!” said Kevin as he shoved Dan into the corner and gut punched him till Dan could take absolutely no more. Kevin was victorious, and would move on. The house was now open to anyone that wanted it, besides Noah. It was either Alex’s, Camble’s, or Alans….


Part Three: Rounds 7-9

Alan ran into the locker room and over to Alex. He was laying down on a bench and his body was convolsing. Drool was dripping from his mouth and he was shaking and trembling. Alan beat him good. He felt regret for doing it and taking the win, but he also thought it was extremely hot. It was the fight Alan had always been waiting for. It was the fight he finally got.
"I'm sorry!" he said as he placed his hand on Alex's stomach. Alex shot his head back in pain. Even the slightest touch made his friend tear from the eyes.
"It's…ok! Just…beat Camble!" said Alex in almost a whisper as Alan stood up.
"I will, for you! I promise!" he said as he went to go get cleaned up and ready.

Jake stood there in the ring for a while waiting for Brad to come. He never showed up. A man ran out from the locker room and into the ring. He walked up to Rick and whispered something in his ear. Rick seemed shocked and disappointed. He got up and walked to the middle of the ring where he put the microphone up to his lips.
"It looks like we have to make a few cancellations!" he announced as the crowed came to a crush. "It appears two fighters have fought behind the scenes. Chris and Brad got into a duel and none of them will be able to fight in the tournament anymore. They are disqualified for fighting behind everyone's backs! So, Jake is our winner of this round!"
"What?" asked Jake who stepped up to Rick. "You've got it all wrong! Chris would never do that!"
"Well he did! They both mast out next to each other with bright red stomachs! They're out man!" Rick explained as he pulled the microphone away from his face.
"This is absurd!"
"Why are you so pissed off? That's one last fight you have to have!" Rick turned back to the crowd. "We're gonna switch it up a little bit. The first match will be Craig against Kevin!" The ground went nuts to hear both of these men's names. Craig was super hot, and Kevin was in the two on one battle. It was going to be an exciting match.