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Gutbash in the Sauna by Michael

Eric 18 year old wrestler / Anderson 16 year old soccer player.

Wade 16 year old soccer player / Jeremy 16 year old soccer player.

Chapter: 1.

It was late in the afternoon one Friday, after practice when Eric walked into the locker room. He'd missed the crowd by about five minutes because he stopped to watch the coaches tape of the last practice. After stripping down out of his singlet and wearing only a rather scandalous speedo, Eric stepped into the school's sauna to relax. He'd only been sitting there for a few moments before hearing the sounds of other people entering the locker room. From the noise, he could tell it was one of the sophomore classes, probably the soccer team coming in after a late game.

Luckily the younger classmen weren't allowed in the sauna, a privilege only available to the seniors. Secure in that knowledge, Eric closed his eyes and relaxed, trying to block out the sounds from the locker room. Meanwhile, outside, three of the boys from the school soccer team waited for the rest to leave. Anderson and Wade had stripped off their shirts and were trying to convince Jeremy to tag along as they go primp themselves in front of the cheerleaders, however all Jeremy wanted was to sit down and rest after the game.

"No thanks guys, I'll catch you when you get back." He said, stripping off his own shirt.

"You sneaking into the sauna again? You know what coach'll say if he finds you." Anderson replied, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Relax, I saw him putting his camera away, he's already gone home." Jeremy said with a smirk and started off for the sauna.

Wade and Anderson simply shrugged and headed back out of the locker room as Jeremy moved towards the Sauna. Eric was just beginning to enjoy himself, lying back with a good film of sweat covering his tanned body when the cold rush of air marked the door opening. He turned a rather annoyed glare to Jeremy and barked:

"Shut the door! Don't you know freshmen aren't allowed in here?!"

Jeremy simply stepped all the way in and closed the door. He wasn't nearly as cocky at his two friends, thus didn't offer any retort to the insult about being a freshmen. But Eric wasn't going to let the interruption slide.

"Hey, I'm talking to you boy, get the hell out or I beat you like any other freshmen."

"I'm not a freshman." Jeremy blurted out, sounding a little more angry then he really was.

"Oh, big man. Come on you little bitch, try me." Eric growled, sitting up.

Jeremy shied away, stepping back towards the door, however Eric stood and moved in front of him. He stepped right up, virtually pressing his chest against the younger boys.

"Oh, no. You're not going anywhere. You wanted to start this, go ahead, hit me."

Jeremy clenched his fist and eyed Eric's impressive body up and down. Eric certainly made a wonderful target, but Jeremy wasn't really a fighter, he didn't know how to take advantage of getting a free shot and so hesitated. Eric on the other hand knew what he was doing and had read the boy since he came in. He knew he wasn't in much danger and so left himself open.

"Come on, punch me right in the gut, looks, I won't hit you back."

With that Eric folded his powerful arms behind his back and grinned. Jeremy took a moment longer but decided he didn't have anything to loose, after all, Eric said he wasn't going to hit him back. And so, Jeremy took his balled fist and rammed it right into Eric's hardened abs.

The punch bounced off without any effort on Eric's part. The tanned boy smiled and told Jeremy to try again. Again the young boy tried to plow his fist into Eric's stomach, and again the punch did next to nothing.

"Wait, wait, let me try this." Jeremy requested.

Before Eric could reply, Jeremy shot a hard left into his right pec. He hadn't flexed the muscle so the impact hurt more then he would have liked. So much so that he felt he'd humored Jeremy enough. Sounding almost friendly, Eric took his arms out from behind his back and rested his hands on Jeremy's shoulders.

"Here, you need to loosen up before you throw a punch kid."

Eric grinned, watching Jeremy's body, and as expected, Eric watched Jeremy's muscles loosen, relaxing under his friendly touch. Taking note of the now completely loose abs, Eric pulled poor Jeremy's shoulders down and forward as he rammed his knee upwards right into the boy's stomach.


Jeremy gulped for air as he dropped to his knees, clutching his stomach. Eric's knee had plowed deep into his trim gut, passing easily through his loose abs and driving much of the air from his body. While Eric stood above him, chuckling at the sight, Jeremy's mind was racing. Eric had lied to him about not hitting back, so obviously the guy couldn't be trusted. He needed some way to immobilize Eric while he beat him, otherwise this fight would be over way too quickly and he'd be the looser.

Lifting his head, Jeremy spotted his chance, the bulge in Eric's speedo. It only took an instant for the younger boy to reduce his attacker to a moaning wreck on the sauna floor. He'd rammed his fist cleanly into Eric's groins, bashing his nuts quite well and producing a scream from the bigger boy.

"Now who's the freshman?" Jeremy taunted as he hauled Eric to his feet and pushed him against the sauna wall.

Jeremy was all smiles as he started to pound his fists into Eric's stomach. At first the punches sank in, producing a few grunts from the suffering boy. However Eric's aching balls were recovering enough for him to fend off the blows. He's abs against steeled them selves and he grabbed Jeremy's fist in mid punch.

"Ok, time to have to real fun." he grunted as he rammed his free fist into Jeremy's gut.


Jeremy tried to double over but Eric pushed him back against the wall. Without delay, Eric started a heavy set of 1,2 punches into Jeremy's gut. The slim, toned boy tried to keep his abs tights, but he'd been punched twice, totally unprepared, the muscles refused to cooperate.

"Errr!… Ooooohhh!…. Ooooffff! Uuuuhhhhhhh!!…"

Each punch sank deep into the boy's stomach, bashing his liver and pounding his lungs to the point where he couldn't breath. The combination of lack of oxygen and the throbbing pain from his innards finally started to overwhelm poor Jeremy after only three minutes of the relentless punching and he started to go down.

"Oh no, you're staying up." Eric commanded and loosed a heavy knee into Jeremy's chest, standing the boy back up, just before slamming another fist into his soft gut.

He changed the direction of the punches, instead of throwing straits and hooks to Jeremy's body, he started throwing uppercuts. The punches dug even deeper into his stomach and held the boy up off his feet.

"Uuuuuhhhh!!!… Uuuuuhhhhh!!!… Uuuuhhhhhhh!!…"

Jeremy took another good two minutes of these devastating, killer punches before Eric finally let him slide down the wall and onto his knees. Eric stood back, watching Jeremy moan on the floor, not realizing that he was himself being watched from the window in the sauna door.

Chapter: 2.

Wade and Anderson had returned a bit earlier then planned from the cheerleaders, just in time to catch a glimpse of Jeremy trying to take down Eric. The two found the sight so interesting that they both went into the coach's office to borrow his video camera and had caught everything from Jeremy's fist to Eric's groin on tape.

Though they also found Jeremy getting his butt kicked a good show to, he was their friend and they had to help him. Luckily Eric wasn't facing them so Wade directed Anderson to sneak in first with the camera. The tall black boy easily slipped in, followed quietly by Wade, while Eric stood gloating over the still moaning Jeremy.

Taking full advantage of Eric's failure to notice them, Wade lined his foot up and took a good swing, kicking Eric right up between the legs, smashing his groin in a scream of pain. Eric fell to his knees moaning loudly and cupping his injured manhood while Anderson put the camera down on one of the seats. He made sure the camera could see most of the sauna before helping Jeremy up onto another.

Meanwhile Wade loosed a few punches into Eric's kidneys to straiten him up, then fired another foot into the boy's balls from the rear. He didn't want to use such cheap shots, but Anderson was still busy making sure Jeremy was ok and he couldn't take Eric on his own.

As Eric screamed in pain again and collapsed onto his side, Anderson finally left Jeremy's side, feeling the boy would be ok and went to help Wade. Wade was by far the best puncher on the bunch so Anderson happily took up his roll and dragged Eric back to his feet. The tanned boy only groaned as he was hauled up and pulled into a full nelson. Even if he were lucid enough to try, his abs were not working, the shots to the nuts had seen to that.

Holding Eric up and making sure the camera could see them, Anderson nodded to Wade and the buff 16 year old went into action. His fists crashed into Eric's soft abs, pounding the air out of his lungs. Each blow made the older boy shudder and groan with pain, his organs forced to endure the beating Wade was delivering to his defenseless stomach.

Wade kept the pace up for nearly five minutes, delivering a constant stream of 1,2's to Eric's gut, until finally Anderson couldn't hold the older boy up any longer. He dropped the groaning young man to the floor, but Wade wanted to continue.

"Lay him out." Wade commanded.

Anderson grinned and complied, sliding Eric around the slick flood by his arms, then kneeled down on his biceps, ensuring the older boy wouldn't be able to fight back. Eric groaned, not wanting any more of this torture and tried to pull his arms out from under Anderson, only succeeding in flexing his impressive chest. Wade chuckled at Eric's attempt to get free, but notted the bigger boy still had quite a bit left in him.

Still smiling, Wade stepped beside Eric and raised his leg, then stomped down into the young man's lower abs. The impact made Eric want to throw up, as did the next and the next. Wade stomped on Eric's gut about twenty times before he started to throw up. Wade backed off for as long as it took Eric to wretch, before Anderson pulled him back up to his feet.

"Oh god… No more…. You made your point…. Please…"

Wade grinned and gave Eric a stinging punch to his exposed right bicep, then another to his left.

"Arg! You can stop! I've had enough!" Eric protested, earning only another quick punch bellow the belt.

As he groaned from the shot to his lower abs Wade delivered a few more heavy punches to Eric's chest and biceps. Each punch to Eric's chest impacted with a nice hollow thud and was accompanied by another painful groan from the young man.

After Wade was pretty sure he'd taken out Eric's ability to fight back, he stepped back and moved next to Jeremy, who'd been watching the whole thing, along with the camera. Anderson meanwhile maneuvered Eric back against the wall, and held him up with a fist against his chest.

"Hey man, how are you feeling?" Wade asked.

"Better, still hurt like hell though." Jeremy replied, rubbing his stomach.

"Feel good enough to beat the rest of the crap out of this guy?" Wade offered with a grin.


Chapter: 3.

Jeremy smiled back and tried sitting up. His back hit the seat almost as fast as it had left. Wade knew Jeremy needed a bit of help with his wrecked stomach and helped him sit up. After a few more minutes, Jeremy was back on his feet. Wade and Anderson were kind enough to take Eric by the arms and hold them out to the sides, supporting the bigger boy's weight.

Taking a few breaths before Starting, Jeremy examined Eric's abs like a specimen under a microscope. In the twenty minutes he had known the older young man, he's developed a strong hatred for the muscled wrestler and fully intended to reduce him to a crying shell of what he once was.

Without any more hesitation, Jeremy started to throw a series of stiff left-right punches into Eric's upper abs, drawing grunts from the still dazed boy. Each punch sank right into Eric's solar plexus, reducing his already ragged breath. Though his chiseled abs could stand up to a lot, they were currently refusing to tighten, a result of the earlier ball busting.

Unfortunately, Jeremy wasn't in the greatest of shape after his beating and thus his punches, while hard enough to hurt Eric, weren't hard enough to cause any real damage. The older boy's abs were still in good shape, and soon began to respond to his attempts to tighten them.

"Hah, you are a freshman. You can't even punch me in the gut properly." Eric taunted.

He was about to try and shake Anderson and Wade off, instead he was answered with both of their fists plowing into his lower abs.


The blow from both of the boys was devastating as were the next punches. Each of the three took a turn, throwing a fist into Eric's abs, each punch pounding the muscled young man's back against the wall and air from his lungs.

"Uuuuuhhh!… Ooooohhhh!… Ooooooph!…"

After a few minutes of the constant barrage, Eric's breathing was again as ragged as ever and so Jeremy continued on his own, pounding fist after fist into the muscled young man's middle abs, targeting his liver to try and make the blows particularly painful.

"Ung!…. Errrrg!… Uuhhhhhhh!"

Eric took a fifteen more of these stiff punches to his liver before he started to sag in Wade and Anderson's grasp. Seeing this, Jeremy changed tactics.

"Let him fall." he ordered.

His friends complied and Eric collapsed to his hands and knees. The tanned boy's innards were throbbing with an ache he'd never felt and he knew it was only going to get worse. Stepping around to get a clear shot, Jeremy loosed a heavy soccer kick right into Eric's heaving torso. The teen's foot sank in to it's half as Eric was pushed up against the wall by the force of the blow. His eye nearly popped out of his head when Jeremy loosed another and then another into Eric's aching gut.

For another ten minutes, all that could be heard outside the sauna was the rhythmic dull thudding of soccer kicks impacting a soft stomach and the constant moans from Eric. When the kicking finally stopped Eric lay on the floor of the sauna, dazed out of his mind and in more pain then he could stand. The door of the sauna swung open and the three triumphant teens strode out, well almost. Wade and Anderson were kind enough to each take one of Jeremy's arms and help him out of the locker room, videotape in tow. The three boys climbed the stairs out of the room, leaving Eric to pass out to dreams of revenge.