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Love to be gut punched by Randy E. R.

Punched and the punchers

It was another beautiful day at the beach. And there were allot of muscular looking guys on the beach. And I had been looking for a few hours. For four to six muscular guys. And I found six. That I thought would fit my purpose. So I approached each one. And explained to each one what I wanted from them. And to meet me at the old beach house. at a certain time. Then I went to the old beach house and did my abs work out. So I'd be ready for them. Before they all got there. Soon they all arrived as they said they would. Ok guys here's what I want you to do again. I want you to tie me up spread eagle on this wall. So I can't move. Then gut punch me. One at a time. Taking a five minute round at punching my abs. I want to see how long I can hold the six of you from breaking my abs. The longest I've been able to go is one hour. I want the six of you to gut punch me up to two hours. The first one came forward. And really started to pound on my abs all over. I really liked the thud thud noise that was coming off my hard abs. Then the forth one came forward. it was his last turn. So he really let go with some hard punches. I could feel my abs starting to give in. My abs were really starting to hurt now. But I wanted to see if I could hold off the last two. When the sixth and final puncher came forward. My abs where now hurting allot. But I couldn't let him or them know how much my abs were really hurting. Then I couldn't believe I told him to hit me with his hardest shot's. At the end of his five minutes I couldn't believe I lasted the two hours. To be continued.