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Story contributed as a copy from another site by The Hit Man
A Message to All Readers on Admiral Luke's Gut Punch Site:
This story is one I found on a site by another author who uses the screen name, "BustMyAbs'. While I wish I had written it, I didn't, but thought it was worth sharing with all of you here. Enjoy this true 'Drillin' for Oil' experience from BUSTMYABS journal. The Hit Man

Drillin' for Oil © All Rights Reserved by BUSTMYABS

This is a recap from my journal.....I like to recap all of my fights with words. This particular BOUT is my "Holy Grail Bout". I have never had anything this good since!
Drillin' for oil"...I learned this expression 2 years ago and had the pleasure of a first hand introduction by a 28 year old Camp Lejune Marine (June 2002). "Drillin' for Oil" has to be the pinnacle of ab abuse. We met on Topsail Island and started shooting the bull about stuff in general ... terrorism, environment, and some how, the conversation drifted to the topic of fighting.
Marine * author*

* pictures are only used for effect and are not the actual characters represented

He was into boxing, martial arts and wrestling; I was into kick boxing, but when I mentioned gut punching and ab abuse, well he asked me to tell him more. Turns out, he thought beating the shit out of a man's mid section or "torturing" a man's abs' was the best way to finish a fight!!! He agreed that someday he and I should tangle, and he promised he was able and willing to open up a can of whoop ass and punish my gut like no other!!!! He swore to kick my Fucking ass and afterwards punish my gut 'til I cried or passed out one. He said, "he'd keep digging, punching, and driving into my GUT 'til my muscles failed and he could feel my fucking spine" ("Drillin' for oil," he called it). He said I'm gonna whoop you up and drill for oil!! ... and He did!!

I called him the following weekend and we hooked up in Bladin County, NC and drove 'til we got to a dirt road I knew, a real remote dirt trail winding down into a Wildlife Preserve (Isolated, Quiet, Hot and Humid, and 100% Natural!!) We parked and found a clearing with deep soft sand and threw out some sheets. First we wrestled around with basic holds and light weight shit. He was a tough S.O.B. and shortly after the "playin' around", he quickly wore me down with an arsenal of hard blunt punches, painful chops, muscle bruising kicks, and cheap shots to my body ... (and when I say cheap shots, I mean he was hardcore ... he targeted my lower back with punches and chops repeatedly, pounded me between the shoulder blades, placed a few chops to my kidney area, planted his fists deep into my sides and obliques and even bruised my ribs pretty good with a kick).
After the punching & pummeling, he used holds --- arm bars, scissor holds, head locks, bear hugs, claw holds, choke holds, camel clutches, but he really liked holds where he could impose the most punishment on my torso either by stretching, pulling or punching. He would put me in a hold and quickly free a hand to make a fist and punch the shit out of me ... he kept them coming ... punches and holds. I would submit to one hold only to be thrown down and placed in another hold. All the time he kept whispering, I ain't even gotten to fuck with your belly yet "BOY"!! Come on "COWBOY", he'd yell out ... show me you got some fight in you!!
He put me in an armbar and flung me around ... painful torsion ... I finally broke free (or maybe he just let me loose to fuck with me); I stood up and faced him. We kind of walked around squarin' off ... and out of the blue, he sucker punched me in the ribs, slapped my face hard and then "clothes-lined" my ass. I flew up in the air and hit the ground flat on my back ... I banged my head & it knocked me senseless. The impact with the ground also took my wind. Needless to say it was hard to catch a breath ... hard to even think!! He swiftly took advantage of my situation. He jumped up and dropped a knee to the pit of my gut! He stayed there on top of me ... pinning me down by the wrists all the while pushing his knee in deeper and deeper ... crushing my gut ... using his shin like a saw and rasping his sand covered hairy leg across my belly. It burned my skin and made my gut red from the friction. Even though it hurt like fuck, I was so stunned from the initial clothes line and limp from the knee drop to the gut I didn't even resist. I was awake ... but stunned and kind of out of it. I still couldn't breathe. He firmly and repeatedly slapped me on both sides of the face and kept saying, "look at me, look at me, look at ME!! ... Hey fucker ... Look at ME!!"
He finally got my attention with the slaps to my face, and he gave me a chance to recharge with oxygen. After I could focus on his face and hands, he held up his hand and asked me, "how many fingers?" I started to answer and say three, but all I got out was "Thr--". With a firm downward thrust, he placed one hand palm down against my chest right between my pec's. A hard blow to the sternum … I pulsed and thought I was going to die. All I heard/sensed was a deep hollow thump. I could feel the sharp scratching of his fingernails drag across my skin as he dug his fingertips into my chest, locking his fingers firmly to my chest using a hand full of my sweat drenched chest hair. He now had a point of control and leverage. He pulled up a little and then pushed me back into the sand. He used my chest hair as a handle and continued to forcefully drive my shoulders and upper body deep into the sand. With the other hand, he made a fist and with tremendous speed and force drove it against the upper part of my stomach, the "bread basket", just below my ribs. I lost all ability to breathe; I thought I was going to puke. That fist of his slammed into my body pulsing every organ in me. I gasped!! I moaned!! Tears welled up in my eyes!! He slapped my face and said, "You call yourself "TOUGH", think you're STRONG? So how do you like that ... COWBOY ... HUH???"
I was paralyzed from the assault. I watched him make another fist ... It came down against my gut like an atom bomb. His fist was perfectly aligned with the midline of my stomach; his middle knuckle was quickly and deeply sinking into my belly button. He continued to press, twist, and drive that fist deep down into the pit of my gut. He started putting his total weight of 200 pounds into a single point on my gut. He would almost do a hand stand on me with one hand clenching and yanking my chest hairs and the other driving into my weakening abdominals. "I feel your belly button", he exclaimed ... It's time to DRILL FOR OIL!! He whispered to me, "The belly button is my favorite place on a man's stomach and one of the weakest on a man's body".
He whispered in my ear again ... "Now ... I'm gonna gut fuck you ... Hell, I'm gonna Hernia Fuck YOU COWBOY!!!" ... and you're gonna love it!!!" He kept calling me names, humiliating me was his goal, but I was focused on the physical pain. He called me his little GUT Fuck, his Bitch, his Cowboy, his Punk, but worst was SPORT ... all the while promising to tear my gut up, tear it open ..."once I'm in through your belly button SPORT, you'll never be the same - SPORT." He kept talking of a "point"... telling me how he was teaching me the real meaning of "belly button" ... He whispered against my skin and into my ear, "There is a "button", a "point", a "place", call it a NERVE, deep in the core of a man's gut, behind the belly button waiting to be pressed!" He pushed and wrenched my naval, he threatened to keep on 'til he tore it out! He said, he could and would punish my gut - punching my belly button all day and all night. He'd dig it, press it, harass it, DRILL IT and lick it, until he had forced "multiple jets of HOT GISM" right out of me ..."currents of CUM" … He promised me that I had enough CUM in me to fill my drawers ... and he wouldn't let off 'til he'd proven it!!
He kept asking me over and over, "Want me to push harder, SPORT, deeper, SPORT? Do you feel anything, SPORT? I'm pushing a little deeper into your belly button, SPORT? How much deeper can you take, SPORT? ... cum on, SPORT, I'm dead set on fucking up this fur covered Cowboy gut. Look, SPORT, I done ripped a handful of your belly hair right out!! You better fucking squirm, SPORT, move, SPORT, shoot off, SPORT, do something ...SPORT ... or I'll rip every hair off your body and bleed you! Tell me when you feel it! …'cause I wanna feel you when you fucking explode ... I wanna feel my fingers tear a fucking hole through your ab muscles COWBOY!" ... "drillin' the depths of your REBEL GUT" ... "I'm going deeper" .... "can I possibly go any deeper ... HUH SPORT?" .... "can I go a little more ... HUH SPORT?" ... "can you take a little more ... HUH SPORT?" ... "does that hurt ... SPORT?" ... "Don't you like the pain I cause you ... SPORT? You told me you like pain, and I wanna make fucking sure you're fucking feeling the pain ... COWBOY!!"... "tell me when it HURTS Cowboy ... LET ME KNOW SO I CAN GUT FUCK YOU MORE ... I'm gonna choke you with this hand and gut fuck you with the other. I wanna see all the veins in your body, arms, and neck stand up. I wanna watch your face go red and your tongue go purple ... I wanna feel your last breath in and out right before you EXPLODE!!"
He threatened to keep on "fingering" & "torturing" my belly button 'til he had forced those supposed ropy jets of gism, "proverbial currents of CUM" out of me ... and he did!!!! He let go of my neck/shoulder and placed both thumbs in my belly button; he then directed his weight and force to his hands, thumbs digging into my belly button and fingertips ripping into my obliques. As he mentioned, there was something deep in my gut … behind the belly button just as he said, perhaps almost against my spine ... I don't know if the naval is a portal to a nerve ... but it was HOT as hell! Suddenly, my whole body was trembling, my already hard and erect cock grew instantly rock hard, got even harder, swelled more and more, pulsed rhythmically, then vibrated ever so violently, as he pushed into my gut it pulsed a hell of a lot more and violently ... it swelled 'til the veins of my cock stood out and could be seen through my boxers. the head of my cock tickled like hell, the whole thing throbbed to the point of pain, it kicked a few times more and then EXPLODED ... I kept on exploding ... It shot out jet after jet and kept on trickling the rest of the evening. It was the longest continuous cum session I have ever had … it was WILD!! What ever it was he did, it set me off with a raging pulsing woody and multiple jets of CUM that controlled me and I have as of yet to re-live it!!
After the fireworks of my CUM session, I finally gasped and flinched a little ... he must have finally reached my spine, because I had the sensation of being electrocuted. Every muscle in my body seized up, I was frozen ... It was like having your leg fall asleep and a bad Charlie Horse Cramp, but I was experiencing it from head to toe!! It was like a severe electrical shock that ran through my whole body. I could feel his fingers pushing against the skin of my belly, but it felt as though he was inside my body caressing my spine. I started to moan and he grabbed my throat firmly and then whispered in my ear, "Shut the fuck up you little shit!!! You told me you were tuff??? ... are you??? ... you told me you can take it ... can you? .... I want you to be ... NO--I need you to be tuff for me "PUNK!! I'm not done with you COWBOY!!" He wouldn't lay off 'til he knew my ab muscles had not only been punished, but been tormented to the point of exhaustion. After all I invited him to do it and told him not to take my begging or pleading to heart, but to do as he pleased.
He knew he reached his goal when he couldn't even get my belly muscles to twitch. He tried thumping them, he laid into my abs with hard open handed slaps across my stomach ... and across my exposed gut he continued to place those open handed slaps over and over ... Hard forceful slaps, the sound alone was intense ... he slapped my gut 'til it was tomato red. I lost count after the first few ... All I could do was lay there on my back with my arms pinned beneath me and my abs arched up and exposed. My belly was wide open to his assault and his choice of torture. He hollered out "HELL YEAH ... YEHAAAAAHHH ... HELL YEAH!!! and continued to beat my gut some more. It was hard to even breathe. He used his open hand and slapped my gut again, again, and again ... then there was silence.
I freed my hands from beneath me and slowly ran my fingers across my stomach feeling its surface for the first time since the abuse commenced; with my own hands and finger tips I could feel the heat escaping through the skin. I flinched at my own gentle touch. I could see him moving next to the jeep, I then realized he was removing his leather belt from his jeans. What the fuck, I thought. He placed the belt across my belly slowly letting it touch my skin, then out of no where with a firm swing he tore into my belly ... pec's and abs ... then abs and pec's. He put his foot on me and told me to chill out. He then targeted my nipples and popped them good with the belt. I flinched and tried to get away. He caught me across the back (that shit--the belt-- left marks ... each lick hurt like nothing I've ever endured-----but after a while the pain and marks it left were kinda nice!!??!!) and finally he succeeded, his slaps couldn't even make me twitch ... my gut was fucking numb inside and out. He put his boots back on and stepped up onto my gut and started grinding his shoe against my skin ... a couple quick jabbing stomps and he sat next to me.
He ran his fingers through the hair of my chest and stomach … He would take a handful of man hair and pull, but I couldn't do anything but let him. He then leaned in and sniffed my stomach ... then yanked out another handful of hair from just above my belly button.
I tried to sit up, but my gut muscles were still doubled over from the boot assault. I tried to relax and catch a breath - but then his firm hands clenched my trap muscles and he wrestled to lay me out flat on my back again. I stayed stretched out on the ground for a while, arms once again pinned under me, my abs once again arched up. All I could do was watch helplessly as bugs bit me and the mosquitoes feasted on my blood. When I regained my senses ... My ears were ringing, I was seeing stars and it was damn near impossible to breathe. I wasn't unconscious, never lost consciousness, but I had escaped the pain by going deep into my own mind. Once I was aware the storm had passed, I looked around and my eyes began to focus ... OH SHIT!!!---there he was hovering above me, waiting for me to open my eyes! He dropped down onto my chest and there he sat ... looking me in the eyes. Gently touching my face, goatee, and lips with his finger tips, he asked me, "Had enough, COWBOY? ... Think we're done for the day?" I said "HELL YEAH!" He quickly replied, "NOooooo, not so fast, COWBOY, not so fast, SPORT ... MY COWBOY!! ... I still wanna play with you a little more, big guy.
I closed my eyes again and tried to rest for a couple more minutes ... all the while my mind raced ... what the FUCK? What else can he do to me ... I'm shot ... I'm beat ... I'm done ... What have I gotten myself into?? All the while he seemed to get heavier just sitting there on my chest. He started to feel like a stack of bricks. He gently pulled at the hairs on my chest and touched my nipples, pinching them, twisting them, asking if I liked it. He kept sitting there, waiting on me to open my eyes again, waiting on me to see ... waiting on me to focus on his raised fist. The second I saw it was a fist, I flinched!! AND He planted the hardest blow of all ... It hit with a sound like thunder against my other wise "defeated-relaxed" abs ... it was like heaven and hell colliding and I saw fucking stars and colors I had never seen before! ... Well he did it twice more before he pulled me up with one hand around my neck and the other sunk into my arm pit/pec. I began to gag and water streamed from my mouth onto the ground. Believe it or not, once again my raging cock grew angry and full of cum, and exploded again ... sticky HOT cum all over myself, it shot up above my boxers into the hair below my bellybutton ... a mass of sticky cum and matted belly hair.
He dragged me around for a few moments now with both hands painfully gripping and tearing at the junction of my arm pits and pec's. He shoved me back against the jeep; my legs buckled a little, but I didn't drop. I just stood there resting against the Jeep all the while wanting to run ... seeing that he was ready to pounce again at the slightest move on my part. He raised my arms up one at a time and lashed each one to the "Roll Cage" with wide Velcro straps. There I was, sprawled out and wide open, tied out across the back of a jeep, arms suspended and spread out and 100% unable to free myself. He took his personal Cowboy Hat from the passenger seat and placed it on my head; now you can be a "Real Cowboy" SPORT. Hell boy, you even look good enough to fuck around with some more. He stuck his face up against my chest and slowly moved towards my arm pits. I could feel him as he started to sniff my pits with deep breaths. I was relaxed as he rubbed his face against my arm pits and slowly began licking them forcefully. He then proceeded to bite and chew on my nipples rubbing his stubble forcefully against my chest and nipples as if his face was sandpaper against them. He stepped back and then lunged forward damn near tackling me, grabbing the back of my neck he planted his knee deep into my already fucked over gut. He flung me against the jeep's tail gate and a sharp pain raced through my back muscles -- He stepped back, and shoulder first collided with my gut several times. He then gently began massaging me … rubbing my chest, neck, shoulders and gut working his hand across my crotch touching my cum matted belly hair … all the while allowing me to catch my breath. He then raised his foot up, and placed his foot firmly and deeply into my lower abs (below my naval) ever pressing and grinding his foot into my body ... He again massaged my shoulders and neck, and again my tortured gut was introduced to his knee with a hollow thud ... knee to gut … again, and again. I swear I didn't even feel the pain in my gut anymore at all, but rather in my back, neck, shoulders and pelvis (my gut, the whole of my mid-section was Jell-O). Once again water ran out of my mouth, I gagged and choked! I was laid out against the jeep's tailgate area hanging by my arms and my knees bent and feet dragging on the ground …I was crucified on the roll cage of his jeep. He jumped up into the jeep and dragged me in a little. There he sank his knee into the softened flesh of my gut and my body folded to fit his leg like a piece of clothing. I was limp and had I not been tied, I would have slid out of the jeep and hit the ground with a thud. He slapped my face, pulled me up and once more assaulted me ... he buried his knee into my sternum, then into my gut, called out FUCK YOU SPORT---He spit on my chest, stomach and arm pits and them rubbed it in. Grabbing my jaw, he leaned in and whispered into my ear, "FUCK YOU COWBOY" and said he'd LUV to FUCK me up and over anytime ... said it was good for him to have a human punching bag willing to take it and that I was the best gut fuck he'd ever had.
He released me from the Velcro and I tumbled towards the ground … he broke the fall of my collapsing body with a choke hold and knee to the small of my back. He then let me collapse to the sand onto my belly. He quickly sat on my back and grabbed me under the chin ... camel clutch torture. He stretched my body 'til I cried. He dropped me down and then grabbed me by the wrists and started dragged me across the sand. I kicked and tried to work free, but I was toast and my body fucked over bad. As I was dragged, I tumbled from back to belly and belly to back. He lifted me up again by the junction of the arm pits and pec's. He flung me back first against a pine tree and proceeded to hold me up against the tree. He let go and I started to fall ... he grabbed me up and flung me down across his thigh and my belly again was pierced by his knee. My body folded once more around his leg; he put one hand on my head and the other on my rib cage and with a violent shove, pushed me off his leg back to the ground.
Impressed that I survived it, He said he wasn't sure if I was really tough or just fucking stupid. I lay there gasping for a while and he stretched out next to me.
He leaned in and said, "Hurry up COWBOY ... breathe. It's your turn to punish me!"