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Love to be gut punched 2 by Randy E. R.

We all meet at the same place again. And this time we picked names. To see who would be punched. My name was picked. I thought something was up. But I was up to it. My abs still a little sore from last week. I had been working my abs all week. So they were very hard and up to the challenge. So I assumed the position. Two of the guys stepped up. And I said what is the deal here? They said this time I was going to be double teamed. And then took there positions in front of me. One started on my upper abs. And the other on my lower abs. When they started punching. They hit at the same time. It was real hard to keep my abs hard all over. Then they started to punch a few seconds apart. That was really hard on my abs. The Thud---Thud thud. Was really starting to make me horny. But I had to concentrate on keeping my abs as hard as possible. I could feel some pain now. Now the second pair started in on me. They started on punching me on my side. I was what unprepared for this. I could feel the pain getting stronger. But I had to fight it off. I didn't want them to know I was weakening. The Thud Thud was really music to there ears. Now the third pair had stepped up. I could see it in there eyes that they wanted to make me go unconscious. But I was going to try and stay fully conscious. As long as I could. The Thud Thud Thud. Was sounding louder and louder to me. They all so got harder and harder to hold off. I could really feel my abs giving in to them now. Each punch was going in a little deeper. Into my hard abs. The pain was starting to get more and more unbearable. With each punch. They saw they all most had me where they wanted me. But some how I got my second wind. This really made them mad. They stepped a side and let the first two start in on me again. Then they were letting me have it with every thing they could muster.Thud Thud smack smack. There punches went. Now there punches were really sinking in deep to my softened abs. I new I did not have much more in me to keep going. I held out as long as I could. They did finally break me this time. What I didn't know. Was they set me up for this. They made sure my name was picked again. And the pair that broke me would get some money out of it. So that's why they were hitting on me so hard. I was so sore and exhausted that it took two of them to take me home. I was lucky my parents had gone on a trip for the week. And left me in charge of the house. I some how made it up to my room. And fell unconscious on to my bed. The next thing I new It was time to go back to the beach house again.