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Bob's Gym was located in a tough part of town. Not a real bad part or really
run down, but everyone was used to looking out for themselves. Bob's Gym,
favored by the locals, was a reflection of its community. There were at least a
couple of fights a week. Bob long ago figured out that he couldn't prevent the
fights, but he had a few strict rules about them. He kept an empty room with
pads on the floor in the back where the combatants had to take the fight.
There had to be a referee, who had to be big enough to control the fight. No
spectators were allowed, because Bob didn't want the fight spilling over to the
other members.

Most of the fights were over very quickly, as one guy knocked out another, but a few fights had lasted extended periods of time, either because both guys were skilled and careful fighters, or because neither could fight well and finish
off the other opponent, or sometimes because one guy simply wouldn't give up
under the torture from his opponent. The winner was the one to walk out of the
room under his own power. The loser usually needed help.

Brad was a young tough guy that recently moved to the neighborhood from New York and he felt he had something to prove and he'd picked on Keith to prove it on. Keith was a bit bigger, but he looked more like a gentle giant than a street fighter.

After the ref closed and locked the room door, he told them the simple rules of
the fight (mainly that there were none) to the two anxious opponents. He
motioned for them to start!

Keith moved in quickly, using his longer arms to reach in and grab Brad by the
throat. He pushed Brad back and rammed him against the wall. He stepped in and punched his other fist hard into Brad's exposed abs. Brad was stunned by the powerful moves and uselessly tried to protect himself with his arms. Next,
Keith took a boxing stance in front of Brad and started laying hard punches
into Brad's pecs and abs. BAM, BAM, WHAM, UGH. Brad was pretty tough, but the barrage of punches caused him to fall to his knees.

Seeing his downed opponent, Keith immediately slammed a forearm across the back of Brad's neck. Keith hammered down two more forearms and then watched his fallen opponent writh in pain on the floor. Brad's smaller size was a definite disadvantage now!

Keith stepped behind Brad, sat down on his back, picked up his arms, and put
Brad into a Camel Clutch. Keith decided to go for the finish early in the match
and applied the painful hold this soon. He leaned back to arch Brad's back
into a more painful position and Brad's face contorted into pain. The ref
stepped forward and asked Brad if he wanted to quit. Brad spat out "Never!"
Despite the gruesome pain of the hold, Brad was able to move his right arm
forward bit by bit to unlock it from the Keith's knee. Immediately after, Brad
was also able to slide his left arm forward to stop the agony in his back.

Keith stepped away and watched as Brad attempted to get up from his
belly. He moved back in to take control of his victim. However, as Keith got close, Brad slipped his forearm between Keith's legs and rammed it up. Keith let out a hoarse scream and collapsed to his knees from the shot to his balls. But Brad was still so sore and exhausted that he could not take advantage
immediately. He rested and watched Keith doubled over in agony.

After a minute, Brad reached over with a fist and landed a weak right to
Keith's jaw. Keith was so intent on the pain in his groin that he barely
noticed the additional punishment. Brad landed two more fists to Keith's jaw
that barely snapped his head to the side. Brad was surprised by his own
weakness and Keith's toughness. He knew he probably had only a few momentsbefore Keith recovered enough to fight back.

Quickly, Brad removed the shoe lace from one of his shoes. It was almost a half meter long. He stepped behind Keith and wrapped it around Keith's throat to choke him. As a second measure, Brad wrapped his legs around Keith. The
grapevine would help hold him in place during Keith's struggles, which started
almost immediately. The bigger man tried to grab the rope encircling his
throat, but the thin shoe laces had dug into the flesh of the neck. Keith
vainly tried to push his fingers under the restraining string, but it was too
deep in his neck muscles.

Both men were lying on their sides on the floor, with Brad having a solid
position behind Keith. Keith was still able to draw in gasps of breath, but he
was starting to panic from the lack of oxygen. Brad had not had time to tie
loops at the ends of the laces, so he could not get a strong enough grip on the
laces to pull them tight enough to get a full choke. He pulled as hard as
he could, while Keith desperately tried to dislodge the choking string.

After a minute had passed, Keith had become noticably weaker and the referee was carefully checking him for unconsciousness, but Keith remained awake. Full realization of his predicament had hit him and he was desperately trying to dislodge Brad off his back. Keith tried to sit up, but Brad's leg grapevine was strong enough to continue his hold. The ref now had a clear view of Keith and could see his face slowly turn purple. While he remained conscious, Brad could feel that Keith's hands and arms had weakened and Keith no longer had the strength to tear the string away from his own throat.

As the minutes past, Keith face turned more purple. Due to lack of strength,
Keith was reduced to sitting still with his tormenter on his back. Keith was
too weak from oxygen deprivation to struggle very much. His muscular arms hung almost limply by his side, yet he would not give up! The referee checked him and found that Keith was still able to draw shallow breaths even though it took a lot of effort. Physically, the hold took its toll on Keith's muscular body.
Keith's legs were twitching and flailing involuntarily as the body reacted to
the lack of oxygen. The ref continued to watch closely as Keith was now
unresisting in the choke hold and obviously continued to be more and more
weakened by the brutal hold.

Meanwhile, Brad's hands were getting sweaty and stiff from the exertion of
pulling on the shoe lace. He couldn't believe that Keith wouldn't choke
out. Brad knew he had gotten a good wrap of the shoe lace around Keith's throat and pulled it tight. However, his victim hadn't passed out or begged for him to stop. He wondered if Keith had lapsed into semi-unconsciousness, where Keith appeared to be awake, but couldn't fight on.

Either way, Brad realized that soon his hands would slip and he would have to
continue to work on Keith in other ways.

Brad released the choke hold and leg grapevine. Keith fell back to lay prone
on the floor, his head coming to rest in Brad's lap. Keith's eyes were closed
in his apparently near-unconscious state. Brad briefly watched the motionless
form of his big opponent before he decided what to do next.

Brad made a hard fist and punched into Keith's forehead which was conveniently laying in his lap. Brad wound up another fist and struck it into the
forehead. Another hard strike snapped the head back and brought a mild groan from Keith. Two more hard punches into Keith's forehead brought more groans.

Slowly, Brad stood up and Keith flopped completely prone onto the floor. Here, he remained still and unmoving, though Brad could hear and see Keith drawing in deep breaths. Brad carefully aimed and executed a perfect knee drop into Keith's exposed forehead. Keith's eyes snapped open and his back arched up, but he made no move to get up or defend himself.

The referee watched Keith carefully in his apparently defenseless state. He would stop the fight immediately if one man was unable to defend himself, but Brad was clearly in no hurry to take too much advantage of Keith's condition. If one man wanted to slowly torture another, that was ok. As long as no serious injuries occurred, anything was allowed. It was Keith's problem if he got into this fight and wouldn't give up even though he was clearly losing.

Brad was still hurting from the initial beating he took from Keith, so he moved
slowly and carefully. He watched and stalked Keith, waiting for the head to
stop moving. As soon as it did, he lined up and performed another hard
knee drop into the forehead. Keith's back arched up again and a loud groan
escaped from his lips. This time, Brad stayed in position and ground his knee
into the forehead. Then he stood up and ground his heel into the
forehead. Keith continued to groan in agony and he balled his hands into fists
to resist the excruciating pain.

As soon as Brad lifted his foot off the head, he started to aim for the next
drop. Keith's eyes were now open, so he vaguely saw the next knee drop arrive painfully on his head! Keith again let out a groan, but was now able to roll to the side and sit upright.

Brad grabbed a handful of hair and hauled Keith to his feet. He landed a good
swinging right to Keith's jaw! Keith swung around, but did not go down. "Damn, that guy is tough," thought Brad. He swung another fist to the side of Keith's jaw. Keith's head snapped around and he almost but not quite lost his footing.

Brad stepped behind Keith, knelt down, and again rammed up a forearm between Keith's legs to strike at his balls. Keith screamed loudly and doubled over in pain. His knees buckled, but he did not quite go down to the ground.
Brad was determined to come out of this fight as the winner and he would do
whatever was necessary!

Brad stepped back in front and clamped Keith's lowered head between his
knees. Then Brad knelt down with as much force as he could, ramming Keith's
head into the ground. The floor was padded, but Keith still absorbed the full
force of the downward motion on his forehead. Still clutching his aching balls,
he remained in the kneeling position.

Brad carried an evil smile as he grabbed Keith's hair from behind to pull him
to an upright kneeling position. He wrapped his arm around Keith's face and
made him face the referee. Brad shouted at Keith, "And now you're going to tell the ref that you want to give up!" The referee closely watched Keith, but he
gave no response.

"Tell the ref you want to quit or I'll bust your balls again!" yelled Brad.

Brad swung his foot in front of Keith and when he swung it back, landed his
heel in Keith's groin. Keith's whole body jerked and he whimpered in
pain. Brad continued to clamp down hard on the rear face lock and yelled, "Give it up guy!" Keith bravely shook his head in denial! The referee stepped back, convinced that Keith wasn't ready to give up yet.

Disgusted, Brad dumped Keith forward onto his belly. Keith continued to cup his aching groin with his hands.

Brad walked to Keith and dragged him up by his hair. Keith's face still showed
the agony he was feeling, but he knew he had to fight back. As Brad stood in
front of him, Keith headbutted Brad into the groin. "ARGH!" yelled the surprised Brad. He doubled over, lost this balance, and fell back on his ass. Keith was still in so much pain that at first he could not move. Eventually, he was able to get up and he placed a hard kick into the back of Brad, who was also trying to rise up.

Keith rolled Brad onto his back and dropped a hard knee into Brad's
chest. Seeing the satisfying result, he dropped another knee into the exposed
chest. Keith stood up and dropped a third knee into the chest. Brad's
chest was well trained, but not overly thick and muscular. The blows were
causing him a great deal of agony and driving his breath out.

Keith quickly pulled Brad into a standing position and rammed a solid fist into
Brad's abs, pressing all the air out. He slammed another fist into the midsection. Brad had washboard abs on a slim and trim waist, but he had no real thickness in the abs to serve as armor against these hard blows. Keith knew it and was determined to make Brad pay for brutalizing him. Methodically, Keith worked over Brad's abs. Miraculously, Brad remained standing, partly due to his toughness, but also due to Keith's weakness from the choke hold and the groin strikes. Keith continued placing fists above and below the navel, at times concentrating into the extreme lower abs to make Brad feel brutal pain.

Eventually, Brad sagged to his knees and doubled over from the pain.

Keith stepped behind Brad and wrapped his arms around Brad's face, reversing the position Brad had put him in earlier. Keith said to Brad, "Now it's time for you to tell the ref you give up!"

Brad just shook his head as the referee watched him. The ref was actually very
amazed that Keith had recovered (at least partly) from Brad's beating. He
figured there must be one tough son of a bitch behind that pretty face.

Keith kept the painful face lock on, twisting Brad's head, trying to get a
submission. However, Brad wouldn't give up, so Keith threw him down onto his belly.

Keith picked up Brad to a standing position, listed him up and dropped him into a brutal back breaker across his knee. Brad lay draped over Keith's knee and let out a loud groan of pain. Keith pressed down on Brad's face and legs to increase the pressure on the back. Brad was in agony! His upper body was being arched back in a maneuver so painful that he could hardly breath.

Next, Keith punched a fist into Brad's exposed abdominals! It was an awkward
punch due to Brad's position, but Brad felt the pain. Keith punched again and
Brad whimpered in pain. Keith continued a barrage of punches to the exposed
and stretched abs of his victim. Brad was moaning in pain continuously and
struggled hard until he was able to slide off Keith's knee.

Brad curled up in a fetal position from the pain to his abs. Despite the pain,
he wouldn't given up!

Keith watches as Brad was nearly out on the floor from the pain. He lets Brad
catch his breath. Keith waits several minutes to let Brad recover. As Brad
slowly regains some strength, Keith pushes Brad down flat on his back. Then
Keith steps onto Brad's washboard abs! Brad immediately tries to push Keith
off, but Keith is way too heavy. He just stands on the abs and keeps Brad under
control. Brad's abs are being pressed down and the weight settles on his
midsection, but there is nothing he can do about it. After a couple of minutes,
Keith steps off and Brad works hard to regain his breath. He attempts to get
up, but Keith immediately steps back onto the abs. This time Brad is more
prepared and is able to keep the abs flexed so the midsection is not as
depressed. He has less trouble breathing, but he's still trapped under the heavy

Suddenly Keith jumps up and lands heavily with both knees in Brad's
midsection. Brad is in too much pain to even scream! He rolls onto his side
and curls up in the fetal position, holding his abs in pain. Keith has scored a
big hit and knows it!

To add insult to injury, Keith starts slapping Brad's head with his open hand.
Keith repeatedly slaps Brad on the face, on the cheeks, on the back of the
head, everywhere on the head. He yells out, "Come on you punk, get up! Get up
or I'll slap the shit out of you!" He continues to aggravate Brad with
stinging slaps to the head. Keith grabs him by the hair to expose the face and
lands a couple of mean slaps right to Brad's cheeks. Again and again, Keith
slaps Brad about the head!

Brad is breathing really hard in anger now. He has a hard time protecting his
head, because his midsection is still aching. Keith pulls harder on the hair
and gets Brad into a standing position. Then he just lays into Brad with face
slaps. He's bitchslapping the hell out of Brad. Left, right, left, right,
... Brad is too stunned to react. Left, right, left, right ... Tears actually
come into Brad's eyes from the stinging pain. The absolute humiliation is
driving Brad into a mad frenzy, but the face slaps are so painful he can't
fight back. Keith is enjoying himself!!! He can see the pain and anger in
Brad's face and just keeps laying into the boy! SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. Each slap
whips Brad's head around, but Brad heroically remains standing on his wobbly legs.

After more than two dozen slaps, Brad finally fell straight forward like a
piece of timber. Keith watched his victim with glee in his eyes. However,
Brad was quite awake and pissed off! He immediately started struggling to
raise himself up. Keith could now see that Brad's face was bright red from the
hard slaps. Brad kept shaking his head to clear the cobwebs and get himself

Keith slowly picked up Brad, but carelessly left himself open. Brad punched
directly into Keith's balls again! For the fourth time, Keith's balls were
bashed. He doubled over from the pain and gave off a hoarse scream of
pain. Bard was so weak that Keith did not go down from the punch.

Brad rolled away from Keith's reach, because he was still so weak he could
not take advantage of his opportunity. Brad rememberd that he had only attacked
Keith on the head and balls and also choked him. He realized that Keith was
much tougher than he looked. He knew he could only win the fight by continuing
the cheap shots he had been using.

Brad's abs and face were still burning with pain from the prolonged beating,
but he struggled hard to collect himself and stand back on his two feet. He
slowly but surely made his way back to Keith, who was still doubled over in

From Brad's viewpoint, Keith was just standing there and sticking out his face
waiting to have it punched. Brad followed up and clipped Keith on the jaw, but
the punch was weak due to Brad's exhaustion. Brad again landed a weak fist to
Keith's jaw. Finally on the third right hook, Keith's head actually spun
around and he straightened up. Brad moved in quickly and slapped Keith in the
groin. The blow drove the air out of Keith's lungs: "AHHH". Keith again
doubled over in agony. Brad was beginning to wonder how much abuse Keith could
take. The guy kept absorbing more and more excruciating pain. Brad stepped in
close and landed yet another punch into Keith's balls, causing Keith to yell in
pain and finally drop to his knees.

How much ball bashing could the big guy take? Brad intended to find out and
make sure Keith would submit along the way.

Brad pounded a double forearm to Keith's big back. The second blow had no
effect either. The third double forearm still had little effect. Keith
remained in agony from the shots to his groin and his strong back was
sufficiently armored to absorb the beating. Brad kept hammering on his
opponent's back, landing forearms and hard elbows to the back. Keith remained
in a kneeling position, still clutching his groin. His face showed the
additional pain he was now experiencing.

Brad was being careful to always remain behind Keith so Keith could not
suddenly lash out with a fist. Brad could tell that his punches and blows were
having an effect on Keith, because more and more groans came from Keith. Every
hard forearm and elbow into the back produced groans of agony. Brad added a
barrage of fists and kicks that brought Keith down flat on the floor, with his
back exposed to Brad's blows.

To add more pain, Brad executed a knee drop across Keith's lower back! Keith
yelled out in pain and arched his back in agony.

The referee watched with concern while Brad smirked with delight. Keith was
obviously in a lot of agony without being able to defend himself. The ref
squatted down by Keith's head and asked him if he wanted to quit, but Keith
just shook his head in denial! "That's one tough guy," thought the ref.

Again, Brad executed a knee drop into Keith's lower back. Keith cryed out in
pain and hammered his fist on the floor in frustration and agony. Liking what
he saw, Brad dropped another knee across the lower back. His victim reared up
in pain. Tears of pain were now running down Keith's face, as he continued to
hammer his fist on the floor from the agony. But at the question from the ref,
Keith again shook his head!

Brad meant to finish the fight now. He rolled Keith onto his back. It was
obvious that Keith was in a lot of pain. Brad slowly pulled Keith up by the
hair. Once he was standing, Brad drove a fist into Keith's groin! Oh, the
agony! Keith collapsed to the floor with a loud groan.

The referee saw Keith's devastated and helpless condition now and moved in to
stop the fight. He stepped in and pushed Brad away from Keith, telling him,
"That's enough, guy. You've won this fight. Keith is finished."