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The Beach Bully By R.E.R

It was a hot day at the beach.And I was just looking around. And I saw that there were two sets of twins on the beach today.And I saw what I dreaded the most. I saw mark.The beach bully.He would pick on any one.On the beach.It didn't matter how big you were.He'd pick a fight with you.Nick and Nate.The Asian twins liked to come to the beach and show off there very hard abs.You could tell they put allot of hours in the gym.Then I saw Jimmy and Jeremy.You could tell that they also did allot of hours in the gym to.But it was for more strength.They would do fake fights.Just to show off.They would go at it just to see if some one would come and try to them.Nick and nate were watching.Then the four of them just happened to see Todd.He was picking on some one half his size. The two sets of twins new each other.So the four of them went over to Todd.And stopped him.Todd said who are you four to tell me what I can or can not do.The four of them looked at each other. And could not believe Todd said that.One of the twins said.There are four of us.And only one of you.But Todd was still being the bully he was.So another said.Do you want to make a bet.Todd was always up to a bet.Ok here it is.The four of us.Take turns gut punching you.Each one of us gets four ten minute rounds.And if you are still standing at the end.We will never bother you again.But if you fall to your knees at any time.You have to leave the beach for good.Todd said ok.He was so confident in him self an his very hard abs.That he could easily out last all of us.Todd then said lets go to the pier.There is no one there this time of day.And go underneath.Right in the middle.Then tie my arms around one of the posts.So I can't back down from the bet.The twins all agreed.To it all.First Nick would go.Then Jimmy.Then Nate. Then Jeremy.Nick started on Todd's upper abs.Thud Thud.Nick could not believe how very hard Todd was.Then Jimmy started on the lower abs.Thud Thud.He to could not believe how hard Todd's abs were.Then Nate started on the solar plexus on the left side.Then Jeremy did the right side.Todd was not even breathing hard at all.He even had a little smile on his face.So they started again.And again.Now it was down to the last round for each one of them. Todd was breathing a little harder now.The twins couldn't believe what they were seeing.Nick was convinced they had to keep Todd off the beach.So he said to him self.That he was going to let Todd have everything he had in side him self.And let loose with his hardest punches he had ever done.It started to work.You could see some pain in Todd's face now.The other three could see what Nick was up to.So they followed his lead.Todd now was letting out loud groans.When Jeremy started in he could feel Todd's abs turning to mush.His time was just about up.So he let loose with some very hard blows.The last two blows made Todd drop to his knees.Ok then they all said we won the bet.Now you have to leave the beach for good.Todd was untied.And it took him some time before he could walk.As he left.The twins heard him mumble something as he walked off.They all hoped that was the last they saw of Todd.



Todd had been beaten. So he left the beach as he said he would. This was not the only beach in the area though. He new of a beach just down the road. So he went there. The twins didn't know that was where he was headed. I asked Todd why he liked to bully people on the beach. He went on to tell me the reason for it. He said just doing the site ups and crunches was not good enough any more. He just couldn't get the burn he liked from them any more. Even with holding weights on his chest. He said he liked the pain he got from doing them. he told me what he would do was. To do allot of sit ups and crunches. Until he got the best burn going he could. Then he would do to the beach. And bully some one. Hopping that one or more guys would stop him. And challenge him to be gut punched. Because every time he got punched. The burning pain he felt would be that much more intense. And that's what he really wanted. He really loved to feel the pain of his abs hurting that way. He also said he even had tried doing two to three days with out eating. To see if he could get a better burning feeling in his abs. Some time it would fell real good he said. And some times it got so intense he thought he was going to pass out. So I asked him if he would like to be got punched here and now. I said I could get three or four guys together. And we would do it. He said why not. Go and get the tow sets of twins.I'm sure they would be over joyed to beat on me again. It had been two weeks ago they beat on him. I said sure ok. Because I knew where they hung out. And I knew they would not pass on something like this. I found them and brought them back to where Todd was. And by the time we got there they all were so pumped up. I had all I could do to hold them back. Ok are you ready Todd. He said yes with a smile on his face. Then he told me to hold him so he could not move. Then he told the twins to hit him with there hardest shots. The THUD THUD THUD. Was almost unbearable I was sure you could hear it half way down the beach. An hour and a half had gone by. And Todd was not even breathing hard at all. I ask him if he wanted a brake. He said no way man. He said he could keep this up longer then the five of us could.This just got the twins more pumped up then they all ready where. I couldn't believe it. That Todd would piss them off that much more. So Nick and Nat each took to one side of Todd's abs and started to punch as hard as they could. Todd just smiled again. The THUD THUD THUDDING. Just became as one ling sound. And Todd's abs were so bright red. They looked like a firetruck. By this time three hours had gone by. And the twins said they had had enough. They could not keep it up any longer. Todd asked them if they would like to do this in two or three weeks from now. Because we are one for one now. The twins really liked the ideal And Said sure thing.