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The first session by BILL

It was on a Wednesday that he contacted me, at the gym. He walked up to my stuff after seeing where my locker was, and placed a note with his contact info and a pic inside it. I was shocked to see how amazingly good looking this gp seeker was. Of course, I called him that night…

“Eric, is this you?” I asked into my cell phone.

“Yes, who is this?” he asked on the other end.

“It’s Bill. I am the guy who’s backpack you put your note and picture in.”

“Oh hey Bill! I take it you’re interested.”

“Very much! It has been so hard to find a gp partner!”

“I know, me too. I picked you because I really like your stomach.”

“Thank you, yours is amazing too.”

“So, when and where did you wanna do this?”

“Can we do it at your house?”

“Of course, name the date and time and I’ll be waiting for you!”

“How about Saturday at one o’ clock in the afternoon?”

“Sounds like a plan my partner! See ya there!” Eric clicked off his phone. I stood there with a smile on my face, connected from ear to ear. I was going to have my first gp session. No more reading stories online, no more watching movies. This was going to be real. Two guys, two sets of abs, one real session. I couldn’t wait for Saturday.

Saturday took forever to come. I think it was because of all my anticipation, but finally, it arrived. I pulled into his apartment and the rang his bell. He came out with his button up shirt unbuttoned half way, bearing his chest and his upper abs.

“Hey Bill!” he said with a smile. “I’ll show you my home!” His house was pretty good for a 21 year old’s apartment. He had your ordinary kitchen and living room, but then he showed me his gp room. He designed it for a day like this. There were handcuffs and bats, mats, and a corner with a sign above it saying “Slug him!” I thought it was funny.

“This is hott,” I said to him as he leaned against the wall.

“Yea, I made it for sessions like these,” he replied grinning almost as big as I was.

“Well, it’s a nice little room.”

“Thanks. How many sessions have you done?”

“This will be my honest to god first.”

“Wow. I have a rule about first timers. And that is they always have to go first.”

“Woah.” I had never thought about taking on an actual punch. I wanted to punch him. “You have to punch me first?”

“Yes.” His grin was even bigger than before. “Or you will never get to beat these.” He unbuttoned his shirt the rest of the way slowly, and folded it back. His stomach was even more beautiful in person than in the pic. He buttoned it all the way up again. “What do ya say?” I stared at him, blank in expression. I wanted this, I knew I wanted it. It was what I dreamt about for a long, long time and how could I pass it up? It may have never came again.

“Ok,” I said taking off my shirt. He bit his lips in excitement. “But it is my first time, so take it easy, okay?”

“Don’t worry. I will stop when you cannot handle it anymore.”

His first ten punches were slow and not that hard. My abs could block every single blow, but it was when he got to his fifteenth and twentieth punches when they started to sink in. I’ll admit it. I only lasted about ten to fifteen minutes. He stopped after I let out a moan of pain.

“You okay?” he asked.

“A little…… bit,” I said through gulps of breath.

“You wanna stop?”

“Yes…. Please.” He moved back and rubbed my stomach while I recovered. He was very generous and nice about it being my first time. After ten minutes, I was fine.

“You did good for your first time.”

“Thanks. How far you want me to go with you?”

“As far as you want.”


“Yea. This is your first time, and I want to make it a day you’ll never forget.” He started to take off his shirt.

“Wait!” I stopped him at the second button. “Allow me.” I grabbed both sides of his shirt and tore them in both directions. His buttons pinged against the walls and rolled onto the floor. I dropped his shirt to the ground and smiled. “I have always wanted to do that.”

“I was hoping you would.” He stood against the wall and tightened his abs. I threw good punches. At least that’s what he would tell me later. I kept on throwing punches. Into his middle gut and solar plexus they flew, but nothing would break him. He was as hard as a brick wall. A half hour later, I broke threw that wall of bricks. It was the first “UUUH!” I heard. It was the hottest sound to my ears.

After I hit his solar plexus to make him loose his breath, I did it again, and again, and again. He kept on “OOOOMPHING” and “UUUUUHHHHHING” with each and every hit. I started to then go to his middle gut and threw fast punches. One right after the other they connected my fists to his abs. He tried to bend over and clutch his gut, but I would move his arms and pin them to the wall. He let me do it without and resistance. I then started to knee him.

One, Two Three, Four, five knees into his middle gut. The “OOOOOOOOOMPHS” and “UUUUUHHHHHS” were getting a lot louder now as my knees drove themselves into Eric’s solar plexus. After about an hour of straight gut torture I had to rest. Eric fell to the ground.

“Do you want to call it quits?” I asked him, rubbing my knuckles.

“I--- Want---- You---- T---- Keep---- Going!” he said through large breath pauses. I was amazed.

“You clearly cannot take any more Eric!”

“Like--- I--- Said before--- I want you to------- have an----- amazing----- first---- time!” Eric’s chest and stomach rose high and sank low with each intake of breath he took. I shrugged my shoulders and st on his crotch as he nodded for me to continue.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” he moaned and moaned as my fists pounded into his stomach. This lasted for fifteen minutes and he could barely move. I picked his arms up and watched them crash to the floor. I had to use all my strength to stand him back up and lean him in the corner under the sign that read “Slug Him!” After I got him standing I began upper cutting his solar plexus gain, using both fists this time. Each slam stood him up again before he could fall to the floor. I was getting very tired, but I wanted this to last as long as possible, in case it never happened again. Drool dropped from his mouth. He was actually drooling!

After a great uppercut, his chest came forward and he hung onto my body. Wow, I wrote about this stuff and it was actually about to happen to me! It was the hottest effing thing that ever happened to me. I then, slammed deep upper cuts, deeper and deeper into his solar plexus and middle abs. His moans got louder and the “OOOOOMPHS” and “UUUUUUHHHHS” were amazing. Finally, after one last thrusting punch, I loward him to the floor.

His moans were long and filled with pain, I could tell. I sat there, rubbing his stomach like he did mine. His hands lay lifeless next to him, his legs sprawled out. It took me twenty minutes to recover him. And even then he needed to lean on me as I walked him to his car. He grabbed my hand and placed them on his buff stomach and smiled. Too bad he had his shirt back on.

“I should have never told my friend I would meet with him today. You put me through hell and back!”

“Yes, but it was hott,” I replied. Before he got into his car he grabbed my wrist and slid my hand under his shirt. He put my hand at the very tip top of his stomachly buffness and slid them down the lumps of greatness.

“These abs of mine are begging to be yours again,” he said, letting my hand go. I didn’t take it out from under his shirt. I rubbed his stomach once again and said, “And this hand of mine is begging to punch them again!”

He smiled and got into his car and drove off to his friends. I couldn’t wait to talk to him again.