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Mick walked into the dinning room. Alan, Alex, Noah, and Camble were all sitting there patiently. Everyone had their shirts off except Alan. He was the newest member of the group. He was still a little shaky on all the rules and regs of being apart of their group. For example, you CANNOT wear your shirt at all whenever you are in the building, instead of high fives or handshakes, there was uppercuts to the solar plexus, and you had to show up for a beating once a week.
"Alan," Mick began as he placed his hand on the boy's shoulder. "I'm disappointed in you! You know the rules! No shirts! Now you have to pay the price!"
"Shit, forgot about the no shirt rule!" said Alan as he stood up. The price to pay for not having your shirt off was to get slugged three times by each member present, without flexing your abs. If you flexed, then you HAD to suffer a weeks long of gut torture. Alan wasn't going to have to do that, so he simply left his belly unprotected. Noah stepped up first. Being Alex's older brother, he's known Alan for quite some time, and always enjoyed beating him down
"And this is why I didn't remind you!" said Noah as he drove a powerful slug into Alan's lower abs, followed by and uppercut to his solar plexus and a knee to his mid gut. Alan staggered a bit, but regained his stance. Camble walked up to him next. Camble was big and strong. He wasted no time. He gave Alan two uppercuts into the mid gut and one powerful one to the solar plexus, forcing Alan into the air. Alan crashed down to his knees and clutched his gut in pain.
Alex was next and he walked up to his friend. He helped him up and then let Alan lean against him as he drove three amazing uppercuts into Alan's middle stomach. When he walked away, Alan fell to the floor moaning. Alex's punching had gotten a lot better. Mick was last and walked up to Alan.
"Don't fight it, embrace it!" he said as he slammed his massive foot into Alan's lower gut three straight times. Alan "OOOOMMPPPHED!" so loud it echoed through the building. And then Mick helped the kid up. He sat him at the table. "Now look and see what we have done, gentlemen!" Mick said as he tore the shirt Alan was wearing to threads. Alan's mouth hung open as moans still poured from him. His now bare stomach was red. Mick served their lunch, but Alan didn't eat. That was a shame.

Alan caught on fast though within the next two weeks. He always remembered to take off his shirt the second he walked in the door, and kept it off till the second he walked out. Instead of giving high fives or hand shakes he would throw uppercuts into guts. He winded Noah and Once winded Alex, but he never could Camble. Camble would always wind him in one thrust. He would always keep trying and trying and never get discouraged. It was tonight, Friday night, that Alan's plan was going to unfold. He had trained all summer long with Alex. It was a summer he'd never forget.

"UH!" Alan shouted once again as Alex drove his fist into his friend's gut. Alan dropped to the floor and rolled around like a fish. The grass stuck to his sweaty, bare back as he coughed for air, his mouth hung open. Alex sat down on a bench and placed his hands on his head and his elbows resting on his knees. He looked down at the ground and sighed. This was getting no where. They had been training for three days now, and Alan still couldn't withstand much. Yea, his abs were perfect, but it meant nothing if you couldn't hold the pain in!
"Listen Alan, you need to start concentrating!" said Alex as he kneeled down and started rubbing Alan's abs.
"I know, I know. I'm trying, but it hurts so much," said Alan as his best friend rubbed his stomach. It made him feel real good.
"If you keep showing you're in so much pain, your attacker is going to keep giving it to you! If you show less pain, then they will stop sooner. Mick taught me all of this!"
"Fuck him! I hate that bastard!" Alex rose both fists in the air and slammed them down into Alan's middle gut. "ARRGGG!" Alan arched his head back and gritted his teeth.
"He taught me everything I know, and I will not let you speak of him like that."
"I'm sorry. I just really wanna fuck him up!"
"And you will, once you learn how to take the pain."
"Will you teach me how to be good at gp?"
"I will teach you everything Mick taught me."
So, Alex pounded away at Alan's stomach every week, until finally Alan could stand most of what Alex had to offer. And come mid July, Alan was beating on Alex. This lasted for a week, and then it was Saturday when Alan brought up something Alex would soon regret.
"Hey Alex?" Alan asked as he took of his shirt and threw it to the side. They were at their usual spot, in the woods where no one could see them.
"What?" asked Alex as he too took of his shirt and threw it to the side. He lowered his pants so Alan could punch his lower abs with great sight.
"That day, when Mick held me captive and you beat me, you said you promised me I could do far worse than what you did to me."
"I do remem-" Alex stopped after loosing his breath. Alan's fist was wedged deep into his solar plexus. Alex was totally off guard. Alan then slammed his fists into Alex's solar plexus for a good fifteen minutes, with no breaks. Alex was "OOOMPHIN" and "UUHHHING" all over the place. When Alan stopped, Alex fell to the floor and rolled onto his back trying to catch some air. Alan grabbed Alex and dragged him across the ground. He leaned Alex on his side, his back against a tree and his bare stomach facing him.
"Damn, you're fine," said Alan as he arched his leg back and swung. His foot connected deep into Alex's middle stomach.
"OOOMPH!" yelled Alex as his eyes popped out of his head. His moans got louder and louder with each connection Alan's foot made into Alex's belly. Alan's kicks went on for another fifteen minutes. By now Alex was drooling all over the place, but Mick had taught him to take a lot, and that was what he was going to do, even though he felt like he wanted to die.
Alan stood Alex up and leaned him against the tree and did fast one two's into Alex's lowar gut. Alex's moans got louder and louder, until his head rested on his chest and he didn't even have enough energy to moan any more. That was when Alan grabbed Alex by the shoulders and thrusted knee after knee into his middle stomach. After ten minutes, Alan stopped. Alex started to slouch to the ground, but Alan caught him and laid him softly on the grass and began to massage Alex's abs.
"You're ready," said Alex through long periods of breath.

Alan took off his shirt the second he walked into their hideout. The moon was out and the crickets chirped in the distance. He hung his shirt up on the "Shirt Rack" located near him. He caught a glimpse of Noah and slammed him hard in his solar plexus. Noah hit the ground gulping for air. It was such a hard hit, he didn't even return the favor, and he couldn't. Alan didn't care. He had one thing on his mind, Mick's stomach.
He walked down the hallway to Mick's sleeping chamber. It was Mick's hideout, and he spent most of his time there. Alan looked over his shoulders, no one was there. He adjusted his glasses, and then walked in. The door made a soft creek, but it wasn't enough noise to wake up the sleeping Mick.
Of course, he slept in only his boxers. Alan clicked on the desk lamp and saw Mick's body was under the blanket. He grabbed the blanket and pulled it off slowly, revealing Mick's stomach. Alan raised his balled fists over his head and slammed them down into Mick's middle gut. Mick awoke with a start and a loud "OOOOOO" was sounded, but that was the only noise Mick made.
Alan grabbed Mick out of his bed and threw him into the wall. He started jabbing as many punches as he could into Mick. Fists were being slammed into his solar plexus, jabs were being buried into his middle and lowar gut, but Mick still made no sound. His mouth gapped open though, but nothing came out. Alan then started kneeing the shit out of Mick's lower and middle abs. Mick drooled a little, but never shut or clenched his eyes in pain. He took everything that Alan gave him.
Alan let go of Mick, expecting him to fall to the floor, but he didn't. Mick stumbled for a second, but caught his balance and swayed in place. Alan stood there shocked. Mick took his hand and slid it down Alan's stomach. Alan then balled his fist and upper cut Mick in the solar Plexus. It made Mick raise of the ground and yell "OOMPH!" Mick still stood when Alan took out his hand.
Mick then balled his fists and slammed them into Alan's abs. It hurt Alan more than it should have. Mick had a lot of power in his punch for someone that was just gut tortured. Allan grabbed Mick and threw him onto the ground. Mick landed on his back and Allan started stomping on his gut. He raised his foot and pounded it into Mick's stomach so many times, with so much force and fast pace, that Mick wouldn't have even been able to make a sound, if he ever wanted to. Then, finally, Alan stopped.
He dropped his knees down into Mick's gut and then rubbed his hands down Mick's stomach. "I decided to return the favor," Alan said as he stood up and walked away, leaving a very proud and happy Mick on the floor chocking for air.