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Superior Officer © April 2005 All Rights Reserved
By The Hit Man

Corporal Rodriguez had just about had all of Private First Class (PFC) Riley he could stand. As a trainer at the School of Infantry at Camp Pendleton, CA, it was his job to get the men to the point where they followed command without hesitation. A least twice during the Physical Training (PT), Riley had disobeyed orders. That just wasn't something the Marine Corp was going to stomach. The squad had just finished chow and Rodriguez gave them instructions to be in the gym by 1400 hours. He already had a plan formulated that was going to put PFC Riley in his place. Being the middle of summer, the squad came in all hot and sweaty.

"This afternoon, we're going to practice self-defense," the Corporal shouted out as the marines fell into formation. "May I have a volunteer for a demonstration?" The squad looked straight ahead, not daring to look either way up or down the line but none of them volunteered. "How about you, Riley?"

PFC Riley looked at the Corporal like he must be out of his mind. The two men were about the same height but Riley was pretty sure he carried about 20 extra pounds of muscle over the Corporal. Seeing it wasn't a joke, he stepped forward.

"If that's the way you want it Corporal," Riley said cockily. "Just hope I don't embarrass you here in front of your own men."

"You let me worry about that," Rodriguez replied as the other men formed a circle around the two combatants as they moved onto a large rubber mat that filled the center of the gym floor. The two men dropped into crouching positions. Rodriguez smiled and said, "Let's do this."

Riley went on the offensive, trying to drop in low to take the Corporal's legs out from under him. Rodriguez countered, placing his hands on Riley's shoulders, driving him hard to the mat. He then backed away. Riley came at him again, only this time in a standup position. He managed to get in close enough to grab Rodriguez in a bear hug, the two men chest to chest, the sweat dripping down the clefts that ran between each of their pectorals. Somehow, Rodriguez used his feet to kick the back of Riley's knees. The two men went down together in a heap. Riley tried to roll away but Rodriguez had other plans which he was just about to implement. Swinging through with his legs, he caught Riley in a scissor hold on his neck. He grabbed Riley's leg that was closest as well, pulling it up like a cradle. Riley now lay totally trapped by Rodriguez but the match wasn't over yet for it was at that moment that the first punch caught Riley in the gut.

As he was being choked, Riley was also being systematically punished with repeated punches to his abs. Rodriguez didn't hold back as he punished the marine. His blows were solid and well directed. Traveling up and down the trapped man's upper torso, Rodriguez punished Riley until his entire torso was turning a bright red from the blows. Still Rodriguez didn't let go.

Riley tried to loosen the hold that was on his neck but it was of no use. Rodriguez was applying such pressure that Riley was pretty sure he was going to pass out. Still the punches continued. At first, Riley had concentrated on keeping his abs tight. He was proud of his musculature but Rodriguez was slowly destroying any ability Riley had to keep them tight. It was plain too hard to breath, let alone keep the muscles tight at the same time. Riley was definitely sorry he'd been suckered into this match by the Corporal but he wasn't one for giving up. At least until he had too. Riley wasn't so sure that moment was too far away.

Rodriguez knew he had Riley right where he wanted him. There was something hot about punishing the man with continued punches. He could feel Riley's musculature collapsing and he felt his closed fist sinking in deeper and deeper with each punch. Riley wasn't going to last much longer.

"All you have to do is give in or tap out," Rodriguez said to Riley.

"Fuck you," Riley grunted out, his words hampered by his lack of oxygen. Rodriguez responded by putting more oomph into his punches. Each one was like an atom bomb exploding in Riley's gut but he was determined not to give in.

"Like I said, have it your way," Rodriguez said. "No more screw ups during PT." It was time for this demonstration to come to an end. While punching, the Corporal tightened down his muscled legs around Riley's neck. Quick enough, Riley went limp. The Corporal held the hold a few seconds longer, and then released his grip.

"Anyone else need a demonstration of what happens to screw ups?"

"Sir, no Sir,' the gym echoed back and forth as the entire squad, sans one unconscious PFC Riley, indicated their ability to understand.

"Get him out of here."