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Fight Club Guys

By Bill

Jack and Bobby

Jack and Bobby did everything together. They had been best friends since sixth grade. And now, they were attending the same college. Northern University! Home of the NIU Wolves! They liked the sound of that. They moved into their dorm room not too long ago, but that’s not what tonight was about. Tonight they were going to an underground wrestling match…a Fight club.

“It’s just like the movie!” said Bobby as they jumped into Jack’s car and drove out of their hall’s parking lot. The moon was bright, like a white eye shinning down on them from the sky. There wasn’t many stars, but some twinkled as they made a left turn onto the campus’ street.

“Yea! I’m sure that’s where they got the idea!” said Jake, making another left turn. It was at a fraternity house a few blocks from their hall. They held one every Saturday night. Jack and bobby never participated in them though. They were both well built, but had never gotten into a fight before. Jack kind of wanted to, but Bobby had no intentions. Jack thought it would be cool if the two of them fought their first fight together.

“Plan on getting in on this one this time?” Bobby asked.

“No, you?”

“No way! I like watching it! And for five bucks it aint a bad cause!”

“Yea, and the winner gets all the money!”

“That’s a lot, seeing as how there are a ton of us that go!”

“Tell me about it!” They pulled up to the curb and got out of the car. There were about thirty other cars parked along the street, and still people walked to get there. Tonight was going to be a big showdown.

“What’s the password?” the fraternity guard asked them as they walked up the steps.

“Gut,” said Bobby as the guard stepped aside. Each fight night was a different part of the body you can hit during the fight. Last weeks was groin.

“Whoa!” Jack said as they walked in. They could barely move it was so packed. Guys already had their shirts off and were heading downstairs. Jack and Bobby did the same, after all, it was a rule. They handed another fraternity boy ten bucks and he let them into the basement. They stepped into the circle that began to form. The two fighters stood in the center. Both of them built, and both of them senior men, in their twenties.

“No wonder why this was such a turn out, look at those guys!” Bobby said in almost a scream. There was so much noise going on.

“ALRIGHT!” yelled the host as he shoved his way into the middle of the ring. “Most of you know the rules, but for those of you who don’t, here they are! You CANNOT, I repeat, CANNOT wear a shirt or undershirt during a match! Even if you are watching, tops are not allowed. You cannot jump into a fight unless you are on the list, you will be kicked out if you try. And finally HAVE FUN!” the host shoved out of the ring and sounded the bell. All the guys around the ring cheered as the fight between the two upperclassmen began.

The two guys circled each other. One was in blue shorts, the other in jean shorts. Both of their bodies were oiled up to show off their musculature. The guy with the blue shorts swung a a fist to the guy in the jeans, but missed. The guy in the jeans took this chance and nailed blue in the face. Blue toppled back and into the wall. Jeans then started wailing on blue. Left and rights to the face and chest and then finally blue began to scream! He spat out blood into jeans’ face. Jeans covered his eyes and let out a cry. Blue then wiped off the blood on his fast and swung a fast hook into jeans’ jaw.

Jeans’ head cocked to the right and then blue threw another hook to jeans’ face. His head cocked the other way. Then blue tipped jeans and jeans fell onto his back on the floor. Jeans was seeing stars and he couldn’t breathe. Landing on the floor that hard knocked the wind out of him. Then he stared at blue who was sitting on jeans’ legs. Blue raised his fists and began throwing painful punches into jeans’ stomach. He hit all over the midsection. Five to the solar plexus, ten to the lower abs, fifteen to the middle! There was three minutes of this and then blue stood up and raised his hands. He had won.

“My god!” said Bobby. “Can you imagine taking all that in the gut?”

“Yea, tell me about it! Now I know why that was the password!” Jack said as they left.

The next day was Sunday and both of them didn’t have class Monday, so they decided to go into town. They took Jack’s car and exited the campus, looking for a night to club it up. What they happened to them that night, they will never forget. The bruises on their stomachs will always be a reminder of that night they went into that mansion.

Their car sped down the road as their music blasted. It wasn’t even music, it was a guy screaming into his microphone, but the boys liked it, so they played it loud. They passed up a giant black mansion just as their two back tires popped and their car spun out of control.

“Shit!” said Jack as he crawled out of the car. “Bobby, are you okay?” He ran over to the passenger side where Bobby was trapped inside the car.

“Jack, get me out of this damn car!” Bobby cried with anger. Jack pried the door open with his strong biceps and pulled his friend out of the car. He wasn’t hurt, at least not on the outside.

“What the fuck did I run over?” Jack asked as they walked toward the mansion. Bobby was the one who knocked on the door. It made a hollow banging sound that they could hear echo through the whole house. A man entered. He was shirtless.

“Hello boys. We weren’t expecting company!” said the man as he welcomed them into the mansion.

“We don’t plan on staying sir. Our car broke down and we were wondering if we could use a phone or something to call a cab and a tow truck?” Jack asked.

“Sure, sure, come one in!” the man shut the door behind them and walked through a hallway. “My name is Conner,” he stated as the boys followed him. He too, was very buff. They walked into a room.

“Please, sit down,” he said as he pulled two chairs out from the table. “It isn’t usual that we get two visitors, especially fine specimens like yourselves!”

“Like I said before sir,” Jack began.

“No, no, call me Conner!”

“Conner, we are not staying long! Just enough to call for a tow truck!” Jack said.

“Well, now, now, now. What do we have here?” said a voice behind them. Jack and Bobby turned around to see a shirtless man stepping out from the curtain behind him. He was the most muscular of them all.

“Hello. My name is Jack, and this is my friend Bobby,” said Jack standing up and extending his hand.

“How do you do,” said the man shaking Jack’s hand. “My name is Kraig. Welcome to my humble home.”

“Hi Kraig!” said Bobby extending his hand for a shake.

“Hello,” said Kraig as he shook Bobby’s hand. With Kraig’s other hand, he balled it into a fist and trew it into Bobby’s unprepared stomach.

“OOOOMPH!” Bobby sounded as he hunched forward.

“HEY!” shouted Jakck as he ran towards Kraig. Kraig ducked and avoided Jack’s punch, but landed his own fist also into Jack’s stomach.

“OOOOOOOOO!” Jack moaned as he hunched forward as well.

“As I said, welcome to my humble home!” Kraig said. He glanced at Conner. “Tie Jack up, and then hold the other one. We’re going to have fun tonight!”

Conner tied Jack’s arms up in ropes on the rafters from the ceiling. Jack was yelling at him as he did this, but Conner kept the biggest smile on his face and listened to all of Jack’s nasty words.

“What are you doing you little fucker! I’ll fuck you up bastard! Let me down!” Jack screamed as the roped tore at his wrists.

“I’d watch what you say!” said Kraig as he pushed Bobby into the room. Bobby’s shoulder hit the wall with a thud and he slid to the ground.

“What are you gonna do about, you pussy!” shouted Jack.

“Worse than what we’re gonna do to your little friend here!” Kraig said s he nodded to Conner. Conner walked over to Bobby and pulled his hands behind his back, holding them in place.

“I don’t wanna fight!” yelled Bobby.

“Bobby, you gotta take it like a man dude!” Jack yelled as he tried to wriggle free from his restraints.

“Yes Bobby. Take it like a man!” said Kraig as he threw his first punch into Bobby’s abs. They were hard, solid like a rock. “Damn dude! With your shirt on you don’t look all that ripped!” Kraig grabbed Bobby’s shirt by the collar and tore it off into shreds revealing the amazing abs Bobby had. “This is what I’m talking about!” Kraig smiled and jabbed two more fast punches into Bobby’s flexed stomach.

“There ya go budd! Hold on! Take whatever the fuck they do to you!” Jack yelled.

Kraig continued on with is his fast punches. He circled Bobby’s stomach and punched each individual mound of abdomin muscle for about ten minutes, then, Bobby began to slouch.

“Hold on dude! Hold on!” shouted Jack. He was into this fight.

Kraig pounded into Bobby’s middle gut and that’s when Bobby felt it.

“OOOOOOOO!” Bobby lost all concentration and his shoulders sank. They had him now. Kraig threw two hard punches into Bobby’s lower abs, forcing th intestines deep into his stomach. “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

“That one sounded like it hurt!” said Conner with a huge smile on his face. Jack felt the need to say something, but couldn’t. He was too amused by his friends misfortune.

“One two three four! Two two three four!” Kraig counted as he threw punches into Bobby’s middle gut. He did this all the way to ten. And then, he stopped. Bobby’s head hung on his chest as he moaned and slouched. “Wake up Bobby!” said Kraig as he forced an amazing uppercut into the boy’s solar plexus. Bobby’s eyes bulged from his head and his body thrusted upward.

“OOOOOOOMPH!” Drool dripped from Bobby’s chin as Kraig delivered fifteen more amazing solar plexus uppercuts.

“OOOOOOMPH! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMPH! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMPH!” Bobby yelped as each upper cut drew more air and pain from his body. Finally Kraig stopped.

“Fucking weakling!” Kraig shouted as Conner let Bobby go. His body hit the floor and Bobby was in too much pain to even curl up into a ball. He just laid there on his back moaning.

“Look at this kid!” said Conner as he pointed to Jack. “He liked it!” Jack was still staring at Bobby. Jack had a grin on his face.

“Is it my turn next?” Jack asked with a smile.

“Yea kid, it is,” Kraig said as he balled his fists. He slammed four upper cuts into Jack’s solar plexus.


“What’s a matter with you kid! Your abs are better than his and you didn’t even give em a chance!” said Kraig cracking his knuckles.

“I wanted…… to….. know what it……..feels like,” said Jack through gulps of air.

“And?” Kraig asked.

“Do it……harder!” said Jack.

“Conner, untie him from the ropes!” Conner did what he was told and Jack landed onto the ground on all fours. Kraig immediately threw his foot into the middle of Jack’s stomach.

“OOOOO!” Jack flopped onto his back and then rolled back onto his hands and knees. Kraig kicked the middle of Jack’s stomach again and Jack rolled back onto his knees. This process continued for about five minutes and on the last one Jack couldn’t roll over any more, so he just lay on the floor on his back.

Kraig sat on Jack’s croch and lifted his balled fists and slammed them into Jack’s middle abs. He did this ten times. Then Kraig turned around and sat on Jack’s amazing chest. He then began a series of ten minute lower abs punching. These punches were lightning fast. One right after the other. The only thing that could be herd throughout the entire mansion were the thuds followed by the constant moaning. After the ten minutes were up Kraig looked at Jack and rubbed his hands down the kid’s stomach.

“Shall we go on?” Kraig asked. It took about a minute, but Jack finally shook his head yes. “Good!”

Kraig picked up Jack by the shoulders and thrusted his knee into the kids lean gut. After the twentieth knee he shoved Jack into the wall. Jack began to slide down but then Kraig began to uppercut Jack’s solar plexus and middle gut. Every upper cut pushed Jack into the air and off of his feet. Jack felt like the upper cuts would never end. Kraig stopped and let Jack fall to his back on the floor.

Kraig wasn’t ready to stop, and leapt into the air, landing with both his feet into Jack’s stomach. Jack let out a painful moan as Kraig id this for the next ten mintues. He then made Conner hold Jack up and Kraig beat Jack like he beat Bobby for twenty minutes. Kraig was amazed that Jack could withstand more that an hours worth of pure gut torture.

Finally Jack passed out. He dreamed that night of gut punching Kraig. Kraig’s abs were amazing and he now had so much respect for them. He hoped that maybe tomorrow, he could return the favor